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Together, we make an impact.

Jessica Morris ’15 and Adam Lyford ’15, interns at Community Harvest Project in North Grafton, show fresh peppers and tomatillos that will be distributed to low-income Worcester residents as part of a program to improve health.

At SBS, we pride ourselves on having a community of faculty, students, and alumni who continually leave a positive mark on the world.

“The scope for original and creative thinking within economics at UMass Amherst is much bigger than you will find in any other place.” 

James Heintz, Andrew Glyn Professor of Economics

Our faculty of experts, scholars, researchers, and practitioners are renowned for their innovative and inspiration teaching skills. Outside of the classroom, they conduct research that helps us to understand and respond to the challenges and opportunities facing our society, producing essential studies and research that offer real-world, tangible outcomes.

Our students are passionate learners who are driven to be a force for good in the world. From aspiring political scientists and economists with goals of positively impacting society, to budding landscape architects who are preparing for a life of creating beautiful, sustainable, community oriented public spaces, their skills are vast.

As a college, we also collectively strive to bring pressing societal issues to the forefront of the community's mind. Every year, SBS sponsors a speaker series with the theme of 'Social Science Matters', exploring themes such as inequality, immigration, and resistance.

We also constantly strive for improvement when it comes to serving our students and preparing them for life beyond UMass. Our advisors and program directors never cease thinking of ways to create the best educational and experiential environment for our students, working tirelessly to provide them with all the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.

This impact update provides just a taste of all of the incredible work to come out of the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences in the past few months. Let us know what you think!

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