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Connect to SBS Alumni

Have you ever wondered what happened to a classmate from your anthropology class, or wished you could reminisce with your first year roommate? Or are you looking to connect with someone you may have never met, but shares your professional interests? With over 253,000 UMass alumni and over 45,000 of those coming from the SBS community, our family is quite large.

We encourage you to use our Alumni Networks with contacts from around the world to connect, share career experiences, mentor, and volunteer. Finding fellow alumni in your area or with a similar interest is easy. Use the UMass Alumni Association's resources for Regional Networks, Affinity Networks and International Contacts to get started. 

Alumni Networks span the country, keeping you connected with fellow alumni through social, professional development, volunteer, athletic and family events. 

Sharing similar interests is what Affinity Networks are all about. Whether professional, cultural or social, Affinity Networks bring together like-minded alumni to support common ideals, professional development and camaraderie.

Connect UMass

A dynamic platform for personal and professional conversations and growth, Connect UMass links alumni with one another and with current students, creating a richer and more connected UMass community. Connect UMass offers enhanced features, including: an alumni directory, discussion boards, job listings, interest groups, events, resources and more.

Whether traveling abroad for work, study or pleasure, our International Contacts are a wonderful information resource. Connect with these volunteers to learn more about the country or specific region.

Share your Story with SBS

We're always looking for ways to highlight our amazing alumni. If you've accomplished something you're proud of, working on something that is making an impact on our world, etc., contact us so we can share your story with our network of alumni and students.