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Alumni at the UMass College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Recipients of the 2016 UMass Alumni Awards

Welcome to the SBS alumni circle. You’re part of a distinguished group of people who are using their SBS degrees to make waves in the world. Some of you are producing groundbreaking television shows, or writing illuminating books about the advertising industry, or conducting policy research that will influence Congress or founding organizations that educate homeless youth.   Let us tell your story.

In every corner of the globe, you and your fellow SBS alumni are making an impact. We’re proud of your work, and we invite you to stay connected to where it all started. 

Alumni Benefits  

As an SBS alum, you benefit from being a part of a powerful, large, and collaborative alumni network. You’ll find that faculty and peer support will extend far beyond your days on campus. You can tap into this network for career opportunities, advice, and inspiration, drawing from the experience of talented and successful alumni and professors. 

For questions about connecting to the UMass Amherst network of alumni, student, and faculty, please contact Nicki Hendrix, Assistant Dean for Alumni Relations and Development, UMass Amherst College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 413-577-1204. 

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