Career Services

As a student in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, you have a wide range of career resources available to you through the University's Career Services office and special SBS programs, all designed to support you wherever you are on your career planning path. 

Meet Rebecca Bell!

Rebecca Bell is Assistant Director of Career Planning in the UMass Career Services Office. She works primarily with SBS students, helping them make connections between their academic interests and concrete practical experiences to expand their opportunities for the future.  In addition to her office in Goodell, Rebecca also takes appointments a few afternoons a week in the SBS Advising Center (128 Thompson Hall). You can make an appointment to see her there.

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Career Services (Goodell, room 511)

Career development support includes individual advising, self-discovery exercises, online job postings, industry information, and interactive workshops. Rebecca Bell, the Assistant Director of Career Planning, is the career counselor assigned specifically to SBS students and programs, and trained peer advisors can meet with you on a walk-in basis. You can meet individually with Rebecca to talk about your own aspirations, a potential change in major, or to practice your interview skills. In addition, Career Services hosts graduate school fairs and employer fairs, and most events at any of the Five Colleges are open to all students. Skills workshops offer instruction in resumé writing, effective interviewing, and job search strategies. Don't miss the many resources available through Career Services

Field Experience, Internships, and Co-ops

We strongly encourage you to complete at minimum a 3-credit internship or a non-credit cooperative education program. Many students complete two or three before they reach graduation and the world of full-time employment. These experiences help you explore academic and personal interests, acquire new skills, make professional contacts, and learn more about the world at large. Opportunities exist throughout the U.S. and even internationally. Some offer salaries which can partially offset the cost of attending the University. Your major department or Career Services can help you explore your options and find the right fit for you.

Campus Opportunities

As soon as you arrive on campus, you'll meet student leaders, hear about clubs, and see posters for civic engagement and service learning opportunities. Our residential university provides many ways to gain the skills employers seek and that will serve you throughout your adulthood; build your leadership and teamwork skills, practice public speaking and problem-solving, and bring your own unique talents to groups or causes. Dig in! If you'd like assistance thinking about your options, stop by the SBS Advising Center for a conversation.

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