The University of Massachusetts Amherst

SBS Academic Deans

Academic Deans assist undergraduate students, instructors, and advisors with issues pertaining to academic policy, progress toward degree, and academic standing.

The SBS Academic Dean can help you with the following petitions and processes:

  • Petition for a Late Withdrawal from a course after the mid-term date
  • Course additions after the Add-Drop period (Late Add)
  • Petition for a Pass/Fail designation after the mid-term date (Late Pass/Fail)
  • Credit Overload Petition
  • Internship credits approval for a student with less than 45 credits
  • Requests for Immediate Reinstatement (for students facing Academic Suspension or Dismissal)
  • University Withdrawals, non-medical
  • Review of Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal for Financial Aid requests (SAPA)
  • Third Repeat Requests

Petitions forms for several of these actions can be found on our Academic Forms page.

Dean Jackie Brousseau-Pereira serves as the Academic Dean for SBS students, and Dean Kelly Gray and Dean Vanessa Blais serve as the secondary contacts for Academic Dean’s actions.

To inquire about a meeting with Dean Brousseau-Pereira, contact or call (413) 577-1057 during business hours. If your primary major is not in SBS, you can find your academic dean on the UMass Academic Dean's webpage.