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How to Declare a Major

Some students come to UMass with a major already declared, and some explore for a semester or two before they declare. Others decide to change majors or add a secondary or dual degree major as they learn more about their interests and opportunities. Committing to a major provides focus and direction for your academic decisions. All UMass undergraduate students are required to have a declared major before the registration period of their third full-time semester. There is plenty to consider, and the SBS advising team is here to help!

If you are still exploring possible majors, check out our guidance on how to choose a major, or make an appointment with an Exploratory Track advisor in our SBS Pathways Center (Thompson 128) to talk about the possibilities. Our staff is here to help you think about your strengths, goals, and options, so feel free to come in if you have any questions! 

Take a look at Choosing a Major in SBS - What You Need to Know for four common myths & the facts about choosing a major.

To declare or change a major, you should follow the procedures laid out by the department you are interested in joining since each department has slightly different methods for declaring their major. This is true for majors outside of SBS as well, so if you have questions about declaring a major in a different college, contact the department directly or come into the SBS Pathways Center and we can help direct you.

For procedures on declaring a major in SBS, choose from the links below:

If you entered UMass Amherst before Fall 2018 and are pursuing a B.A. degree in SBS, be sure you have a plan for your Global Ed Requirements.

Stop by the SBS Pathways Center in 128 Thompson Hall if you have any other questions!