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Sales & Marketing

Matthew DuganAlumnus Matthew Dugan’15, Enterprise Account Manager at Oracle

Matthew graduated from UMass with a degree in Resource Economics. Matthew’s role at Oracle is as an Enterprise Account Manager, selling Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Big Data solutions to organizations ranging from $100M to about $20Billion in Annual revenue.  Matthew maintains customer relationships within these large organizations, consults with them on technological needs based on their roadmap and industry trends, and negotiates pricing for large complex sales cycles.  In addition to maintaining relationships with customers, he works with internal counterparts from different product lines to ensure that they are providing customers with the best solutions for their organization’s unique needs. 

During his time at UMass, Matthew worked as a Sales Associate for Valley Tent Rental, and as a Bookkeeper for Worthington Assembly, Inc.  He was also an IT intern for Amherst Media.  While at UMass, Matthew was a member of the Outing Club, the Economics Club and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

About the Industry

Sales and Marketing are two distinct areas of business that compliment each other and are integrally connected.  Marketing has to do with all of the messaging that prepares the target audience for the sale.  This includes all types of messaging including advertising, PR, brand marketing, social media marketing and direct mail marketing.  Sales is more of an interpersonal interaction, which could come in the form of cold calling, one-on-one meetings and networking.  You are engaging the customer on a personal level, rather than from a distance.  Often, the prospect or potential customer has been driven to you via marketing campaigns.

Sample Classes

Below are a few examples, but we urge you to talk to your major/departmental advisor and explore available courses in SPIRE. Remember not to constrain yourself to classes within your major.


COMM 310: Social Influence and Persuasion: This course examines theories and key research findings in the field of persuasion and social influence through the lens of communication.


COMM 287: Advertising as Social Communication: This course looks at advertising from the viewpoint of social theory (that is, of how we can understand advertising's broad political, economic, social, and cultural role in modern society).  


ECON  397: The Economics of Cooperative Enterprise: This course introduces the economic analysis of cooperative management. The final project is a business plan for a cooperative enterprise.


JOURNAL 335 - Principals of Public Relations: This course addresses the principles and practices of public relations and strategic communication in the public, private, for-profit and non-profit arenas.

Co-Curricular Activities

Being involved in on and off campus activities and organizations will give you experience and help you hone in on what you really love doing. Consider joining organizations that will provide you with a deeper understanding of the professional areas you’re considering. You’ll learn more about the field, meet people who share your interests, and have something to include on your resume to show your dedication. Below are a few examples, but we encourage you to go to the RSO webpage and start searching!


  • HerCampus
  • Residence Life - RA
  • Peer Advisor
  • Dean’s Advisory Board
  • LocalGreens Community Outreach
  • Student Caller
  • Athletics
Internships and Experience

Explore the different aspects of sales & marketing through internships, co-ops, job shadowing, and other experiential opportunities. This will help you hone in on your interests while building an impressive knowledge base and resume for when you enter the job market. Most companies, both public and private, engage in marketing, so you will find work in a vast variety of places. SBS students and alumni have completed sales and marketing-oriented internships at places like:


  • PureWow
  • PorterHouse Media
  • UBS Financial Services
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Regan Communications
  • Reebok
  • Black Duck Software
Sample Job Titles
  • Sales Associate
  • Marketing & Sales Associate
  • Account Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Business Development Representative
  • Sales & Marketing Strategist
  • Sales Manager