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At SBS, we believe that a major doesn’t make the student. We want you to ask "Who will I be?" rather than, "What will I do with my major?"

The power of the interdisciplinary education you receive here is that you develop the core skills employers look for: critical thinking, the ability to express complex ideas clearly, communication skills, and leadership abilities, just to name a few. As a graduate, you might found a new non-profit, create a landscape design that facilitates better human interaction, or translate your talent to the business world on Wall Street or in Silicon Valley. The possibilities are endless!

Picture what you want to do in the future. In what industry do you want to work? How can you go from point A to point B? Our SBS Career Explorer guide will help you prepare for the next chapter of your life.

Communication, Arts, and Media

Advertising, Marketing, & Public Relations
Journalism, Publishing, & Media
Museums & Historic Preservation
Audio, Visual & Media Arts


Banking, Finance, & Investment
Entrepreneurship & Social Entrepreneurship
Operations Management
Sales & Marketing


Higher Education (Teaching, Advising, Administration, etc)
K–12 Education


Energy Conservation
Wildlife & Nature Conservation
Landscape Architecture & Planning

Government, Law, & Activism

Advocacy, Activism, & Human Rights
Government, Politics, & Public Policy
Law & Criminal Justice

Health & Wellness

Counseling & Social Services
Public Health


Global Careers