The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Develop Your Skills and Your Strategy

Once you have a better understanding of yourself and your options, you can begin to develop a strategy for getting from where you are to where you'd like to be.  From creating documents that will help you market your skills and attributes, to understanding and practicing your interviewing and networking skills, we can help you prepare to be a superb applicant.  Take what you've learned and develop a strategy for where you will apply and how you can best position yourself for a job or internship.

  1. Review your four year plan with our Career Checklist
  2. Create targeted resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles
  3. Practice interviewing to perfect your responses and build confidence. Hone your skills with Big Interview. Big Interview is free for you to use as frequently as you'd like.  Set up an account and get started today! To practice interviewing, you can also sign up for an in-person mock interview with our office
  4. Network, whether it's through a pre-planned meeting or an impromptu conversation at a conference, career fair, information session, or anywhere else. This can help you find your first job and also be crucial as you advance in your career. Networking works!
  5. Come to our events! Check our student calendar for upcoming professional development events geared towards improving your resume, helping you connect with employers, and more.



Cover Letters

Informational Interviewing