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Prepare for life after UMass

Wherever you are in your pathways thinking and planning, we're here to help!  To find work that is meaningful and enjoyable, it is vital to engage fully in the career exploration process. The areas below are the four parts of your continuous career development cycle.  Dive right in - you are on your way!

Know Yourself

Self-discovery is the first step in finding your career path.  Assessing your strengths and weaknesses, interests, values, skills and abilities will help you narrow the path of your career exploration. Reflect on your values and how they impact your decisions.

Explore Your Options

Information gathering is an important step in your career development process.  The more you know about various majors, career fields, industries and specific jobs and companies, the more confidence you will have moving toward a career path.  That confidence will allow you to find the job, internship, or volunteer opportunity that is right for you.

Develop Your Skills and Strategy

Once you have a better understanding of yourself and your options, you can begin to develop a strategy for getting from where you are to where you'd like to be.  From creating documents that will help you market your skills and attributes, to understanding and practicing your interviewing and networking skills, we can help you prepare to be a superb applicant.  Take what you've learned and develop a strategy for where you will apply and how you can best position yourself for the job or internship.

Take Action! Search for Opportunities

Now that you’ve done some exploring, experimenting and reflecting, it’s time to kick your job search into gear.  You don’t need to know exactly what you want to do at this point, but narrowing down your areas of interest will give you a great starting point.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule career advising appointments, log in to Handshake with your UMass login info. You already have a profile. At the top of your page, click the Career Center dropdown, and choose Appointments. 

Find Events

Check our student calendar for upcoming professional development events geared towards improving your resume, helping you connect with employers, and more.