• Include letters, numbers, and special characters or an acronym you can remember.
  • Don't leave devices unattended and logged in, secure your devices with a password-protected screen saver or PIN. 

  • If you are using the same password for other accounts and one account is hacked, all others are at risk. SATSeducates


SATS ["sayts"] provides Student Affairs and Campus Life staff with training, support, and resources to help them effectively incorporate technological tools into the workplace. Workshops and trainings focus on assisting staff to make the best use of available software, database systems, and web-based tools, as well as helping them to incorporate new technology tools into their daily operations and navigate the expanding world of potential technological solutions.

How can we help you?

• Contact the Help Desk
• Residential Card Access 
• Request a SATS Training
• Handouts and Training Documentation
• Request Support for a SACL Web Based Application

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