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Alex Gilbert

I’m Adopted is a global online community created and run by Russian – New Zealand adoptee Alex Gilbert. I’m Adopted established in July 2015. I’m Adopted shares stories, resources and topics for adoptees. Alex was born in Arkhangelsk, Russia in 1992 and placed in the Orphanage until he was adopted when he was two years old to his New Zealand family. He managed to find his birth parents in 2013 with social media. He has since been back to Russia four times. His story and I’m Adopted work has widely been shared in media in New Zealand and Russia. He created I’m Adopted to help others adopted around the world connect. He has released two books My Russian Side and I’m Adopted in 2014 and 2018. Alex spoke to Government Ministers at the New Zealand Beehive at the start of 2017 as well as speaking in Moscow in 2017 to the Children’s Rights Commissioner of the Russian Federation, Anna Kuznetsova. Outside of I’m Adopted, Alex works in Television and creates his own videos for adoptees. He also started his own initiative to send supplies to his orphanage in Russia. Since we started we have shared over 900 stories worldwide for adoptees worldwide. Many stories that have been shared have helped many find their birth families with the help of others in the community. I’m Adopted is not only available in English, but also in Spanish and Russian.