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C.A.S. E. Educational Trainings for Parent Groups and Professionals

  • For parents, child welfare and mental health professionals, and teachers

  • Teacher relevant training: Adopted or in Foster Care: Educators and Adoption Professionals in Partnership

    • A critical component of counseling and parent support programs at C.A.S.E. is the need to ensure success for children at school. This training addresses working with teachers to ensure sensitivity and understanding of adoption-related experiences and issues and how they may manifest themselves at school — including 1) understanding the emotional overlay of adoption for children with learning differences (e.g. ADHD, learning disabilities) and other special needs; 2) understanding how mental health challenges resulting from early life traumatic experiences including loss and grief may impact school performance and 3) very critically, ensuring that parents and school personnel are able to work together to support the needs of foster and adoptive students. Special attention is given to the creation of collaborative relationships between adoption professionals and school counselors. This workshop outlines ways to connect these important systems for adoptees, particularly those with special needs. Material from C.A.S.E.’s signature S.A.F.E. at School in-service training is included.


Adoptions from the Heart (AFTH)

  • Adoption agency that offers trainings for teachers re: adoption.
  • Teacher relevant training: Adoption and Family Diversity in the Classroom:          
    • How educators and students perceive adoption and family diversity can make all the difference for your child. When teachers are aware of the family diversity in their classrooms they are able to teach and monitor behavior that minimizes teasing and well meaning but awkward questions. Informed teachers are also more likely to use class materials, texts, and assignments that meet learning objectives with sensitivity to all children regardless of family structure.  If you feel that your school could benefit from training please contact us. We offer full and half day sessions for teachers.