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Registration and Continental Breakfast

Campus Center Auditorium (Level 1) - University of Massachusetts Amherst


Welcome and Introductions

Campus Center Auditorium (Level 1)



"Ordinary Magic on the Developmental Road to Resilience"
Presenter: Dr. Ann Masten, University of Minnesota




Panel Discussion

"Adopted Adults: Intersecting Personal and Professional Worlds"


  • Astrid (Castro) Dabbeni, Executive Director of Adoption Mosaic, Portland, OR
  • Judith Eckerle, M.D., Pediatrician and Director of the Adoption Medicine Program at the University of Minnesota 
  • Quade French, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Clinical Fellow, Counseling Center, University of California Santa Cruz


Lunch, Announcements, Award Presentations


Poster Session, Book Sale


Breakout Session One

Breakout Session topics are listed below. Read the presentations descriptionsRead presenter biographies.

  • Campus Center Auditorium (Level 1):
    Talking to Young Adults About Being Adopted | by Joyce Maguire Pavao
  • Room 162 (Level 1): 
    Adoption Disclosure: The Impact of Late Discovery of Adoption on Adult Adoptees | by Amanda Baden, Elliotte Harrington, Doug Shadel, Ron Morgan, Lauren Spinella & Nicole Christian
  • Room 165 (Level 1): 
    Are You Still My Family?: Policy and Practice Around Post-Adoption Sibling Visitation | by Dawn Post & Sarah McCarthy
  • Room 908 (Level 9):
    Emerging Adulthood in Open Adoption | by Deborah Siegel 
    Predictors of Adoptive Family Relationships During Emerging Adulthood | by Amy Walkner
  • Room 917 (Level 9): 
    African American Adopted Children Launching Into Adulthood: Experiences in a Rural Faith-Based Community Setting | by Ruth McRoy & Kathleen Belanger


Break/Walk to Next Session


Breakout Session Two

  • Campus Center Auditorium (Level 1):
    Emerging Adult Adopted Persons and Their Families: Counseling a Diverse and Underserved Group | by Susan Branco Alvarado & Joy Lieberthal Rho
  • Room 162 (Level 1): 
    Genetic Testing: What are the Risks, Potential Gains, and Continued Unknowns in the Context of Medical Decision Making for Adult Adoptees? | by Thomas May and Samantha Wilson
  • Room 165 (Level 1):
    Early Adversity, Challenging Behaviors, and Learning Difficulties: What Can Your Friendly MD Do To Help? | by Judith Eckerle
  • Room 908 (Level 9):
    The Role of Siblings in Adoptive Family Dynamics -- Adoption Communication, Adoptive Identity, and Developmental Outcomes | by Rachel Farr
  • Room 917 (Level 9):
    Navigating Access to Higher Education | by Chris Langelier & Katy Andres


Break/Walk to Next Session


Breakout Session Three

  • Campus Center Auditorium (Level 1):
    Transitioning from Adolescence to Young Adulthood: Experiences with Racial and Adoption Microaggressions | by Amanda Baden, Ellen Pinderhughes, Lauren Spinella & Andrew Kitchen
  • Room 162 (Level 1):
    Speak Out Team Development and Youth Advocacy | by Kim Stevens 
  • Room 165 (Level 1):
    Breaking Bread with the ENTIRE Adoption Constellation | by Astrid (Castro) Dabbeni
  • Room 908 (Level 9):
    Are we Adequately Preparing Adoption Professionals to Work with Young Adult Adoptees? | by Bibiana Koh, Ruth McRoy & JaeRan Kim. 
  • Room 917 (Level 9):
    The Adoption Mentoring Partnership: Mentors Speak Out about Getting to College and What They've Learned as Mentors | Moderator: Karin Garber. Panelists: Michael Abbate, Samantha Calabrese, Tim Dillon & Elena Faltas.


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