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Conference 2013

NEW WORLDS OF ADOPTION: Contact Between Adoptive and Birth Families: What Works?

April 11th &12th, 2013



  • Marla Allisan
  • Susan Ayers-Lopez
  • Amanda Baden
  • Mary Beek
  • ​Judy Cockerton
  • Janie Cravens
  • Rachel Farr
  • Janice Goldwater
  • Harold Grotevant
  • ​Christopher Langelier
  • ​Ruth McRoy
  • ​Jenae Neiderhiser
  • ​Elsbeth Neil
  • Susan Ogden
  • Adam Pertman
  • ​Susan Livingston Smith
  • Emma Ward
  • Gretchen Miller Wrobel


  • Contact issues in domestic infant, child welfare, and intercountry adoptions

  • Clinical practice issues and mediation relating to contact

  • Legal aspects of communication agreements between adoptive and birth parents

  • Research perspectives and findings relating to contact

  • The role of social media in searching and contact

  • First-hand accounts of young adults, adoptive parents, and birth parents involved in contact