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The Outstanding Poster Presenter Award this year went to Irene Tung from the University of California, Los Angeles.  Her co-authors were Allison S. Christian-Brandt, Audra Langley and Jill M. Waterman.  The title of their poster was; "Predictive Associations between Prenatal and Postnatal Risk Factors and Developmental and Temperamental Outcomes Among Infants in Foster Care.  Ms. Tung was recognized at the conference with a framed certificate.


                             2016 Conference Posters

1.  Predictive Associations between Prenatal and Postnatal Risk Factors and Developmental and Temperamental Outcomes Among Infants in Foster Care Irene Tung (University of California, Los Angeles), Allison S. Christian-Brandt, Audra Langley, Jill M. Waterman

2. Trends in U.S. Adoptions: 2008—12 Matthew Shuman (Child Welfare Information Gateway)

3. Unique Features of Identity Development in Transnational Adoptions Minori Haga Stefon (University of New Hampshire), Erin Hiley Sharp

4. “We’re All Different… We’re All the Same”: Lesbian, Gay, and Heterosexual Adoptive Parents’ Socialization Approaches to their Children’s Minority Statuses Kaitlin A. Black (Clark University), Abbie E. Goldberg, Kristin K. Sweeney, April M. Moyer

5. Longitudinal Trajectories of Mental Health in Youth Adopted from Foster Care Austin Blake (University of California, Los Angeles), Jill M. Waterman

6. Becoming an Adoptive Family of Four: An Exploration of How Adoptive Families Prepare their Children for the Transition to Siblinghood Reihonna Frost (Clark University), Abbie E. Goldberg

7. Birth Mothers as Grandmothers: Examining Contact, Relationship Quality, and the Role of Technology Addie Wyman Battalen (Boston College), Christina Wigglesworth, Kat Nielson, Ruth McRoy

8. Adoption-Related Topic Avoidance: The Role of Structure and Communication Processes in Adoptive Families Shane Kavanaugh (Iowa State University), Diana Lang

9. Ethnic Racial Socialization Among Inracial International Placements Jessica Matthews (Tufts University), Ellen Pinderhughes

10. As Good As It Gets; Parent-Child Relationship Quality and Cultural Socialization Adrienne R. Washington (Morgan State University), Charlene E. Chester

11. Safe Place Sarah Sawyer  (OTA The Koomar Center), Teresa May-Benson

12. Contextual Diversity and Microaggressions in the Lives of Transracially-Adopted Children from China Emily Zhang (Tufts University), Xian Zhang, Ellen Pinderhughes

13. Out of the Mouths of Babes: Developmental Differences in Young Children’s Microaggressions and Relations with Parent-Child Discussions Xian Zhang (Tufts University), Alexandria Cinney, Anthony DeBenedetto, Cecelia Nealon-Shapiro, Hae Rham Shin, Emily Zhang, Ellen Pinderhughes

14. The Role of Developmental Comprehension in Understanding Microaggressions in Transracially-Adopted Children Anthony DeBenedetto (Tufts University), Ellen Pinderhughes

15. Intraracial and Intraethnic Microaggressions Experienced by Korean-American Internationally- and Transracially- Adopted Persons Karin J. Garber (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Krystal Cashen

16. Adoption Related Curiosity in Emerging Adulthood Gretchen Miller Wrobel (Bethel University), Harold Grotevant

17. Privacy and Confidentiality in Adoption Research: Perspectives from the Minnesota/Texas Adoption Research Project Albert Lo (University of Massachusetts Amherst), Harold Grotevant