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The UMass Anime & Manga Club maintains a library of anime, manga, and related items, which has been donated by members or purchased by the club itself. A catalogue of library items is available on the website and is updated on a regular basis. In addition, there are borrowing guidelines, and information on donating anime to the library.

The UMass Anime & Manga Club library works much like any other. The policy detailed below is designed to offer fair access to all members while at the same time protecting the library's assets:

  • Since the Library contains more than just tapes, one "item" will be used to refer to one of a tape, CD, DVD or other medium which might later be introduced.

  • Only members may borrow items from the library. To become a member for free, you must join us on Campus Pulse. In addition, we charge $3 for access to the library for the entire year.

  • Each member may have a maximum of two items on loan at any time. An item must be returned before another may be taken out in it's place.

  • Each item may be kept for up to two weeks, after which it must be returned.

  • Each item not returned on time will incur in the borrower a late fee of 25 cents per day, up to a maximum of $10 after which the item will be declared lost.

  • Any lost or damaged item will incur in the borrower a fee of the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price of the item + 15% in the case that it is commercially available, or $20 otherwise.

  • Any outstanding fees must be paid before more items may be borrowed.

  • Members acknowledge responsibility for borrowed items and agree to follow the above rules.


If you don't obey the policies, this will happen: