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4/2/06--- I added more parts of the documentary --- they are with the other ones below. The ones added today are Parts 12, 13, 14

UMass vs. UNH Hockey Game - 1/20/06

**Everyone must arrive at the practice rink at 4:00 p.m.

Arrive at the rink in:
-UMass Figure Skating jacket
-UMass Figure Skating pants
-Maroon Old Navy shirt

**Make sure your skates are painted & your laces are dyed.

Make sure you bring:
-Hairnets that match your haircolor
-Black LIQUID eyeliner
-Black mascara
-Tights with NO HOLES
-Stuff for practice the following day.

I made a webpage with tons of info about Duluth... so go check it out and GET EXCITED!!!! There's also a link on there to the Easterns website

Videos & Pictures
I put up a couple of the videos from the documentary & some pictures. If you have pictures to put on the website, email them to me. Also, parts of the documentary (for obvious reasons ;)) won't be put on the website, but I will make the whole thing available on here, on the members only part, because I know a few of you have been asking for it. So just keep checking back here, I'll add them as I get time.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17: Nationals 2005: Official Ice
Part 18: Nationals 2005
Part 19: Nationals 2005: Collegiate Qualifying Round

We will be leaving for Easterns on Wednesday, January 25. We will be meeting at Logan Airport at 11:00 a.m. We will be competing on Saturday, January 28. We will be returning on Sunday, January 29. Our flight leaves at 12:45 p.m., and we should arrive in Boston at 3:16 p.m.

50/50 Raffle
Caite won the 50/50 raffle, and is donating her winnings back to the team!! With her money back, we raised $568.00!! Thanks Caite!

Attendance & Attitude
Okay girls, if we really want to make it to Nationals, then we have to get serious.
...First, DON'T MISS PRACTICE unless you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO... this means, you're REALLY sick, a death in the family, your leg got cut off, I don't know, the point is... Don't miss practice just because it's inconvenient to go. Remember, you missing practice doesn't only leave you behind in the program, but it screws EVERYBODY else up too. And we can't practice with half the team anymore. So everybody make an effort to make every single practice from here on.
...Second, even when we have everyone at practice, we waste A LOT of time standing around and chit-chatting. Yes, this should be fun, but we REALLY want to WIN so everybody try really hard to keep all gossip/personal conversations off the ice and in the locker room. We need to try and focus more on PRACTICING than SOCIALIZING. Also, if Caite is trying to figure out steps, or working with half the team, then everyone ELSE should be practicing SOMETHING -- we all have a few things we need to work on, so this is a perfect opportunity to practice them.
...Lastly, if Caite or someone else on the team gives you constructive criticism, DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. You should be thankful that they are letting you know so you aren't messing everything up! None of us is perfect, and we are all going to do some things wrong... if someone corrects you, its because we want to skate the best possible program at Easterns -- It's nothing personal, it doesn't mean you suck, or that you're doing everything completely wrong, it just means that you need to do something a little bit different in order for it to work better with the team. I think last year one of our problems was we were afraid to speak up when someone was doing something wrong, so things never got fixed. Let's not make that mistake this year --- thankfully take constructive criticism, and don't be afraid to help someone else if they're doing something slightly wrong.
...That being said, lets work hard and make it to Nationals this year girls!!!! :)

Remember to get your birth certificates & usfsa cards... and to go to the usfsa website and fill out the medical form (for details ask christina)

New Website
You've probably noticed by now, if you're looking at this, that I switched the webpage to the umass server... the old website had all those wicked annoying ads, and it was getting in the way of everything, so I figured it would be easier to throw it on with the UMFSC website, so we don't have to deal with ads... Make sure you update your bookmarks/profile links

Everyone had a great time at the party this weekend, and we made lots of money :) ...a BIGGGGG THANK YOU goes out to Carolyn for everything!

Contracts & Money!!
Remember to sign your contracts and bring in a check for the first payment. You need to turn both in on Tuesday. Here is a list of the scheduled payments for first semester:
September 27, 2005 - $300
  October 16, 2005 - $200
  November 8, 2005 - $200
  December 1, 2005 - $200

Google Search
We have already made over $10 with that Google Search thing... it may not be a lot, but its $10 more than we had before! But, they don't send out a check until we make at least $100... so ladies, it's really important that you use the MassachusETTES website to do your google searches... or even if you just have some free time. We could use the extra money (you all know that! :) ).

Katy Counihan - Contact Info - Disney on Ice!! -
I just thought I'd send out a quick email to let you know that I'm off to St. Louis, MO to begin rehearsals for Disney on Ice. If you would like to get in touch with me:

New Cell Phone Number:

Katy Counihan
C/O D23 'Princess Classics'
P.O. Box 969
Palmetto, FL 34220


Website (I'm going to try to post pictures and information from Disney here for my friends and family - time permitting):

Keep in touch! I'll be home for Christmas!


Move-in Weekend Fundraisers -
The fundraisers this weekend were very successful. We ended up making $95.76 on Sunday, and $137.00 on Monday... which gives us a total of $232.76 for the weekend! Good job girls, and thanks to Biz, Sara, Shannon, Kaitlyn, & Brianne for working the fundraisers.

Google Search Making Us Money!! -
On the main page of the MassachusETTES website, at the bottom, there is now a Google search and a little box that has a link.
Google actually PAYS US MONEY every time someone makes a search from our page.
So, every time you need to search for something, google it from the massachusETTES page. Tell your friends. If you have time to kill, search for random things over and over again :).
*****MAKE SURE AFTER YOU MAKE A SEARCH TO CLICK ON THE RESULTS, or else we don't get paid.*****