Paganism 101


The Absolute Basics

     Paganism is a quickly growing spiritual movement, consisting of various groups practicing nature-based polytheistic religions, loosely based on the religions of the ancient world. Our beliefs are incredibly varied, coming from various traditions, a reverence for nature and the physical world, and a belief in non-authoritarian religion. Some different names you might hear us use to describe ourselves: Wiccan, Witch, Heathen, Asatru, Druid, Faerie tradition, Solitary Practitioner, Eclectic, and many others.

     Pagans view the world as a place of joy and life, not of sin and suffering. We believe that the divine is here with us in the natural world, not in some faraway place in the sky. We hold a deep reverence for nature and the earth. Pagans tend to be earth conscious.

     Some Pagans believe in a multiplicity of Gods and Goddesses. Others see them as merely names and forms that allow us easier contact with the divine. In most cases Pagans see the divine as present in both male and female principles. Pagans do not recruit members. We feel that every person reveres the divine in their own way and that no one religion is better than another.