Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Field Trespassing

For those of you who have been under the impression that the land formerly used for paintball and airsoft on the weekend is still available for walk-on play, please read:

It has been brought to my attention that people are still going to that area to play regardless of the fact that there is no one from UMass there to organize any events. Those of you who continue to ignore the fact that it is private property will be arrested for trespassing. I have heard a few times now that people have been ordered back after declaring, "The UMass Paintball Club web page said there are games on Sunday," to a person working there. The land is now officially off limits to student activities.


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Picture and Video Section is up!

I created a custom template for photo gallery automation using Adobe Photoshop. It is pretty simple and quick to use, so we should be able to add lots and lots and lots of photos now. I'm not sure how to get a good video compression for videos, but perhaps someone else can work on that. For now there will not be any videos available.

Please use the photo gallery tool a bit and let me know of any bugs. I think I covered everything but you never know with all the code involved.

Let's take lots of photos from here on forth and give people something to look at.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

NPPL / NCPA @ Gillette Stadium in Foxboro!

That is correct! It has been confirmed that the NCPA will be holding an event in conjunction with the NPPL at the Gillette Stadium in Foxobro, MA.

Details at the NPPL site: http://www.nppl.tv/site/

It is not confirmed how many teams will actively be participating in this exhibition event, but there should be a different style of play versus the regular rond robin with a low turnout. Either way, it will be amazing exposure and an incredibly good time to play on the same fields as the professionals.

Tickets to the NPPL events are fairly cheap, so if you are looking to play or watch the games be sure to check out the NCPA event Saturday July 23rd!