Wednesday, April 26, 2006

UMass Paintball Takes Fourth

On Saturday the 18th, while many students were traveling to Florida or other warm locations, the UMass Minutemen Paintball Team headed south for its first tournament of the semester. The team’s destination was Cobra Command Paintball in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, for the Temple University Open Tournament. Playing for the Minutemen were Richard Boyes, Thomas Buckley, Patrick Clark, Andrew Franco, Cole Hubacz, and Dan Scholten.
College paintball games have a limit of 5 minutes, with 5 players per team on the field at one time, although the team can rotate out players for each game. The field consists of many inflated vinyl shapes which grant players cover to stand, kneel, and even crawl behind; these structures are termed air bunkers, with different shapes informally named doritos, rollies, cans, and even the snake. A flag is placed in the center of the field, with the objective to hang the flag on the opposing team’s start point. A win almost always occurs only after all of the team has been eliminated. A player is eliminated when he or she has a paintball break and leave a mark on themselves or their equipment. The games are fast and furious, with thousands of paintballs shot in just one game, and lots of maneuvering for superior angles on the opposition. Keys to winning games include communication between teammates, such as where the opposing team is located, and technique, such as only leaning out several inches from your bunker.
Eleven teams were present for the tournament. The preliminary round consisted of 8 games, during which the Minutemen went 3-5. The first several games were a bit on the messy side, since the Minutemen do not have much experience playing with each other. But as the preliminary round progressed, the Minutemen began to gel and played some great paintball, capped by a great win over Drexel’s A team (this game can be seen at my website- UMass is the team at the bottom of the screen), who have placed as high as 5th in the nation in the National Collegiate Paintball Association ( over the past several years. The Minutemen were therefore able to sneak in the semi-finals as the 8th seed.
The semi-final round took the 8 remaining teams and broke them into two groups, with each group doing a round robin. The Minutemen really caught fire during the semi’s, with wins over Stevens Institute of Technology’s A team and Rutgers. The lone loss the Minutemen suffered was to last year’s national champion, UConn’s A team. The Minutemen played UConn very hard and were able to eliminate 4 out of the 5 UConn players.
Four teams advanced to the finals; these were UMass, UConn’s A and B teams, and Drexel’s A team. This round was also a round robin, during which the Minutemen were unable to win a game against some of the absolute best teams in the country. The finals results were as follows: 1st- UConn A, 2nd- UConn B, 3rd- Drexel A, 4th- UMass.
The Minutemen would like to thank Vice Chancellor Michael Gargano for his generous support of the team, which would have been unable to compete without it.

By Richard Boyes

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Meeting Minutes 4/19/06

Okay so today I had a meeting with our advisor and here is what happened:

1) We got Matt's Outback set up as a school vendor (we can buy stuff from them with ease now)

2) Brooke of matt's is writing us a nice letter to show to the SGA's ways and means committee for more funding

3) We got this to relax in during practice:

4) We will be attending a meeting at 2PM this Sunday, April 23rd to get a budget appeal approved for more cash.

5) A new "assistant vice chancellor" to michael gargano will be overseeing the link between the SGA and Center for Student Development. This means that there will be a stronger connection and force putting the fluid into motion with the functions of those two departments.

For those of you who don't know, the SGA is the Student Government Association, which handles all the registered student organizations such as ourselves. They decide who gets money. There is far more complexity in how the SGA works and what other tasks they handle such as student housing fees (yes a bunch of students control how much you pay for housing) but I will not bore you with those details. That is for your research time and not mine.

The Center for Student Development (CSD) is a department that works with the SGA coordinating, you guess it, the development of student activities such as RSOs like ourselves. Club advisors work here and can be met with by setting up meetings at the reception office, located on the first floor of the student union above the hatch food court. Also, this is where we make meetings for purchase orders to use money in our account with either a check, online payment, or credit card (SASP card).

If anyone is interested in how RSOs or the mentioned departments work feel free to ask in person. I can't take the time to write it all down in e-mail form or over AIM.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Matt's Outback

The Club is traveling to Matt's Outback later today! (its 12:06 am..)

Where we are meeting is sort of up in the air still, individuals on campus should meet at the Haigas Mall -Fine Arts Center Parking Loop, at 9:30 to be driven to the Best Buy/Dick's Sporting Goods parking lot where we will meet up with people living off campus. Then we will travel to Matt's Outback.


Monday, April 03, 2006


Matt's Outback and Playboyz Paintball.
Details within two weeks.

Field Reclaimed

As some of you know the land we have used for our paintball field at Adam's Brook did not belong exclusively to us. It is the property of UMass and managed by the Department of Natural Resources Conservation. They have decided to utilize this area for their own purposed and we conflict with their plans. Unfortunately, we are on the low end of the food chain.

Nevertheless, we are thankful for the many previous seasons that students and guests were introduced to the sport of paintball.

We have also been busy contacting other various deparments and individuals to locate an alternative. At this time we have not been able to. UMass is currently expanding (as it always has) at an alarming rate.

If you are from the University and have land you are willing to let us use, please send us an email at

Thank you,

im so sorry.. :'-(

Club Meeting

We will be holding an impromptu, general club meeting this Thursday (April 6) at 6pm in the Union Billiards. Any and all can attend, we are looking for input on how to make the club better so please do so!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

September 27, 2005

On September 24th, 2005 UMASS Paintball took home another beautiful trophy provided by Matt's Outback Paintball for the top four in the NEIC University of Connecticut Open. Pictured is Steven Marcangelo, Andrew Franco, Daniel Scholten, Graham Palermo, and Ian O'Donell- in no particular order. Everyone did an astounding job working as a team with little experience together. The lesson learned for success is communication. In the beginning the team was not doing so hot but after some general discussion to name bunker-types, kill-count, etc and general field positions straight victories came flying in. The only games lost were again two of the three UCONN teams and Drexel A.

UMASS Paintball is hoping to participate in the next NEIC event down in Greensburg, PA hosted be the University of Pennsylvania paintball club. It is a long trek down but it will surely be worth the drive and money. The tournament team is doing an excellent job and special thanks goes to anyone from other teams that find the time to play with us. If it were not for these people the tournament team would not exist.

In other news the Recreational Field Officers are about to purchase a big package of fresh new goggle systems by Vforce, a few more rental Tippmann 98 Customs, more CO2/N2 tanks to make Sunday play even better. This equipment will most likely be available during the first week of Octboer.

Stay tuned for success from the one and only UMASS Paintball Club!

-Originally posted by Graham

April 13, 2005 Post

The UMASS Paintball Club has officially taken home its first trohpy from the National Collegiate Paintball Association at Matt's Outback Paintball in Coventry, Connecticut this past Saturday. The Northeast Intercollegiate Division includes all teams from the states of New England, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York, and New Jersey. Participants included Alex Baker, Dan Scholten, Cole Hubacz, Patrick Clark, myself (el presidente), David Watt, Andrew Franco, and Tom Buckley. A big thanks goes to everyone who played at this event to make this possible

The Umass Recreational Paintball Field will be tested this weekend (sunday the 17th) to get recreational play back up to speed. The field has been inactive for quite some time due to the New England weather. Equipment will be limited to about four rental model 98 customs and gear. Paintballs will not be available for sale since we don't have the time to get it here by then. Hopefully next weekend will bring us good fortune with some scuba tanks, paint boxes, and more players. If you want to play just show up around noonish and there should be someone there taking care of things.

A big disappointment comes from our SGA Way and Means Comittee! The budgets for the 2005-2006 year have not yet been completed and have no sign of showing up any time soon. With only a month left of school you would think they would come in by now. According to a representative of the Ways and Means they should be in "soon" but it appears we will have to make quite an appeal since they did not understand a word of our requests. It would seem that most people are very unaware of the growth in paintball's popularity so they are about to receive Paintball 101 in the coming weeks. He seemed impressed after a few minutes of chit chat so things are looking good.

That's all folks.

-Originally posted by Graham


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