Abandoned State Hospital

  NEW ADITION: Check out this site! Hospitals of America Go there and check out massachussets Northampton State Hospital. There are some great pictures and historical info. A very impresive collection. Then when you're done check out some of the other hospitals out there.

          Hauntingly beautiful are the only words that come to mind when I think of this place.  The 'insane asylum' as popularly titled is an ominous building hidden behind Smith College on a piece of government property.  This building has some serious vibes.  Few people can walk around the building without feeling its power.  More so after you've heard its past.

the architecture is beautiful, unfortunately there are no remaining blueprints of the hospital available.
the front door to the main building

         Patients who died while staying at the hospital where buried on the grounds in unmarked graves.   Think about that when you walk across the grounds.   

Mother Nature does her best to swallow the building into the earth.


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