UMTG Constitution
       Article I : Name
             Section 1.1
       Article II: Purpose
             Section 2.1
       Article III: Goals
             Section 3.1
       Article IV: Membership
             Section 4.1
             Section 4.2a
             Section 4.2b
             Section 4.3
       Article V: Executive Board
             Section 5.1
             Section 5.2a
             Section 5.2b
             Section 5.2c
             Section 5.2d
             Section 5.2e
             Section 5.2f
       Article VI: Artistic Team Postitions
             Section 6.1a
             Section 6.1b
             Section 6.1c
             Section 6.1d
             Section 6.1e
             Section 6.2a
             Section 6.2b
             Section 6.2c
             Section 6.3
       Article VII: Voting and Elections
             Section 7.1a
             Section 7.1b
             Section 7.1c
             Section 7.1d
             Section 7.1e
             Section 7.1f
             Section 7.1g
             Section 7.1h
             Section 7.1i
             Section 7.2a
             Section 7.2b
             Section 7.2c
             Section 7.2d
             Section 7.2e
             Section 7.2f
             Section 7.2i
       Article VIII: Removal & Ammendments
             Section 8.1a
             Section 8.1b
             Section 8.2a
             Section 8.2b
             Section 8.3
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