What will I gain from becoming a sister of Delta Xi Phi?
Your participation in our sisterhood will provide you with an opportunity to serve as a leader both in the chapter and on campus through interaction with the university community. You will develop a greater sense of financial responsibility and learn about financial planning. Our organization is focused on academic excellence and the pursuit of larger opportunities for women in higher education. Each chapter adheres to initiatives that provide every opportunity for academic achievement and success for each sister. You will have a support network that will serve her throughout her collegiate experience and well beyond.

Why Delta Xi Phi?
Our organization is small compared to some older, more traditional organizations but that is one of the things that makes us unique. Each of our chapters are small close knit groups of women who become our family away from home. Your daughter may not only gain a new friend but a true sister. We are proud of the fact that our size and diversity brings together women who might never have met and who come to be lifelong friends. We are friends by chance, sisters by choice!

FALL 2012 Recruitment Information

Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority's Fall 2012 Recruitment Schedule lies as follows:

Please note that interested participants must attend at least 2 Social Events AND 1 Informational in order to be eligible for an interview.

For questions and concerns regarding Delta Xi Phi and/or the recruitment process, feel free to contact Mary 'Makolo' @ iotadxp@gmail.com or 781-738-5613.

We can't wait to meet you at our Fall Events! Come see how your dreams can come true with Delta Xi Phi!