Student Union

Visual and Performing Arts Space


Weekly Video Series

Thursdays @ 1 pm

In The Gallery, Sept. 25- Nov.6 Classes are Welcome

9/25 Marcel Duchamp: A Game of Chess- offers a rare interview at the Pasadena Museum of Art during Duchamp's first one man show. Duchamp is revealed as a driving force behind dada, surrealism, futurism, and kinetic /conceptual art. (56 minutes)

10/2 Art of Indonesia-Tales from the Shadow World- This new documentary explores Indonesia's ancient treasures and its "shadow world"- the rituals, myths and performances by which the harmony of the universe is maintained. (28 minutes)

10/9 Frida Kahlo- See how this Mexican surrealist expresses her own personal pain affliction through her art. Kahlo is said to be proof of a renaissance of the art of Mexico. (62 minutes)

10/16 Marc Chagall- this film portrait made shortly before his death in 1985 takes the viewer on a journey through time and place on the trail of this enigmatic artist. (55 minutes)

10/23 Isabel Bishop- Master of romantic realism, Isabel Bishops preoccupation with the ordinary produced a style uniquely her own. (30 minutes)

10/30 In a Brilliant Light-Van Gogh in Arles- This film was made on location in the Netherlands and Provence, using Van Gogh's original canvases, and focuses on works of art, rather than on the life of the artist. (57 minutes)

11/6 Monet: Legacy of Light-this film brings the viewer Monet's story as an artist and a giant of the impressionist movement, using his own words with excerpts from journals, personals, personal interviews, and of course his magnificent paintings. (28 minutes)


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