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The African Students Association (ASA) is a dynamic group of students, mostly africans, who undertake various activities including talks and cultural events with the goal of promoting awareness of the rich African culture and people. We hope to use this site to further our goals by providing interesting content on the African continent and people, as well as our provide information on our events. You will find links to other ASA sites in the country, as well as links to African countries and organizations. Please feel free to explore any area on this site and do not hesitate to contact the webmaster, or the members of this group - african@stuaf.umass.edu. Thank you.
We have general elections for our executive board once a year and each new president has specific goals they will like to accomplish in their one year of office. Click here to find out who the new board for the African Students Association are and what the president has in stock for the year.
The ASA consists of about 60 people and these include graduate students and african faculty. Most of our members either grew up or spent considerable amount of time in Africa and thus are very well educated in the cultures of most african countries. So if you have some general questions concerning the African culture, or you are curious about some african dish you had on one of our events, etc., feel free to ask our public relations committee and they will be glad to help. Alternatively you could use our feedback and questions form below to contact us. Feel free to check out our member page for a list of our members and where they are from. Most of the names are usually linked to their web pages, profile or email addresses.

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ASA meetings every sunday.
E-board - 4PM
General members - 5PM
Venue - Campus Center RM. 908

Please inquire at the receptionist for directions and room changes.
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