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Course Offerings Fall 2021

UMass Amherst

Course Name Course # Credits Instructor Time
The Holocaust in Holland: Anne Frank, Etty Hillesum, and the Search for Meaning Judaic 297F 4 Ralph Melnick MW 4:00-5:15pm
The Jewish Experience I – Ancient to Medieval Judaic 101 4 Jordan Katz T/TH 11:30am-12:45pm
The Jewish Experience II – Medieval to Modern Judaic 102 4 STAFF T/TH 10:00-11:15am
Marriage, Sexuality, and Sexual Difference in Jewish History Judaic 391A 3 Jordan Katz TH 2:30-5:00pm
The Desert, the Gazelle, and the Moon: Classical Arabic Literature in Translation MidEast 297A 3 Hadi Jorati TTH 2:30-3:45pm
Sufism: Islamic Mystical Traditions & Legacies MidEast 362 4 Malissa Taylor MW 4:00-5:15pm
Islamic Thought in History History 415 4 Anne Broadbridge T/TH 10:00-11:15am
From Muhammad to the Islamic Empire: The Rise of Islam in the Late Antique History 397ML 3 Hadi Jorati T/TH 4:00-5:15pm
Intro to World Religions History 112 4 Mark Roblee MW 10:10-11:00am


F discussions

Islamic Art & Architecture ArtHist 347/647 3 Walter Denny MWF 12:20-1:10pm
Greek Mythology Classics 224/692A 4 Anthony Tuck MWF 11:15-12:05pm
Witches: Myth and Reality German 363 4 Kerstin Mueller Dembling MWF 1:25-2:15pm
Death and the Meaning of Life Phil 180 4 Julia Jorati MW 11:15-12:05pm


Amherst College

Course Name Course # Credits Instructor Time
Religion, Democracy, and American Culture AMST 217   Couvares TTH 8:30-9:50am
Buddhist Art of Asia ARHA 261   Morse MWF 11:00-11:50am
Introduction to Religion RELI 111   Niditch MWF 10:00-10:50am
Orthodoxy, Heresy, and Apostasy in Islam RELI 283   Jaffer TTH 3:00-4:20pm
Buddhist Stories from Modern East Asia ASLC 360   Ying TTH 10:00-11:20am
Christianity and Capitalism RELI 172   Dole MW 12:00-1:20pm
The Body in Ancient Christianity RELI 275   Falcasantos THTH 1:00-2:20pm
The Qur’an and Its Controversies RELI 385   Jaffer TTH 10:00-11:20am
Beginning the Bible RELI 166   Niditch MWF 11:00-11:50am
Visual Culture of the Islamic World ARHA 152   Rice MW 12:00-1:20pm
Christian Scriptures RELI 178   Falcasantos MWF 3:00-3:50pm
Buddhist Ethics RELI 255   Heim TTH 10:00-11:20am
Cool Buddhist Texts RELI 350   Heim TTH 1:00-2:20pm


Smith College

Course Name Course # Credits Instructor Time
Anthropology of Religion ANT 274 4 Hota TTH 10:50-12:05pm
The Study of Buddhism BUS 120 1 Culbertson 7:00-9:30pm
An Introduction to World Religions REL 105 4 Zaleski 10:50-12:05pm
Spiritual But Not Religious REL 107 4 Rotman/Howlett MW 1:20-2:35pm
Putin’s Russia: After Communism, After Atheism REL 140 4 Shevzov/Roberts TTH 10:50-12:05pm
Colloquium: Approaches to the Study of Religion REL 200 4 Rotman MW 2:45-4:00pm
Philosophy of Religion REL 205 4 Zaleski TTH 2:45-4:00pm
Colloquium: Religion, Race, and Resistance in America REL 292 4 Howlett TTH 10:50-12:05pm
Indian Philosophy PHI 127 4 Bhushan TTH 2:45-4:00pm
Colloquium: Buddhism and Social Justice REL 261 4 Culbertson MW 2:45-4:00pm
The Jewish Tradition JUD 125 / REL 125 4 Dubin TTH 2:45-4:00pm
Colloquium: The Lost World of East European Jewry, 1750-1945 JUD 284 4 Cammy MW 1:20-2:35pm
Women and Gender in Jewish History REL 227 4 Dubin TTH 9:25-10:40am
Seminar: Hebrew Bible-Why Do the Innocent Suffer? REL 310 4 Kaminsky T 7:00-9:30pm
Topics in Modern Islam-Jihad REL 248jh 4 Mourad MW 10:50-12:05pm
Blasphemy REL 204   Shevzov TTH 2:45-4:00pm

Hampshire College and Mount Holyoke College courses will be posted when they become available.