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Religion, in its manifold forms, has been a significant area of human activity throughout history, and it remains a potent force and formative influence in modern politics, society, and culture. Its study is an essential part of a global liberal arts education. The Religious Studies Certificate Program offers undergraduates a framework within which to pursue the comparative and interdisciplinary study of religious phenomena in human societies across different cultures, places, and times. The Program draws on courses offered by many academic departments in the University and other colleges within the Five-College system.


See current and recently offered courses in Religious Studies throughout the Five-College Consortium.

Current and Recently Offered Courses in Religious Studies


Read about requirements for earning a certificate in the Religious Studies Certificate Program.

Religious Studies Certificate Program Requirements


Lynne Baker

Professor Lynne Baker is Professor Emerita at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Her research focuses on metaphysics, philosophy of mind and philosophical theology. On her recent trip to Iran, she reflected on the range of religious phenomena and cultural diversity she encountered as well as the various interactions she experienced there, all of which helped shape her response to and thoughts on her time in Iran. Read her reflections here!