Human Robot Systems Lab

HRSL Hip Exoskeleton

The HRSL Hip Exoskeleton is a modular, adjustable robotic exoskeleton with the capability to transmit torque about one or both hip joints. The exoskeleton can adjust for different hip sizes using a tightening hip and lower back brace and for various leg lengths using a pin locking mechanism. This allows the exoskeleton to be fitted for many different body types and subjects spanning a wide range of demographics. Since the design is almost entirely made of 3D printed parts, it is lightweight, with the total mass being about 1.25 kg. Furthermore, the Dephy actuator used in the exoskeleton is highly backdriveable, which allows for easy movement while it is powered off.

This device is primarily used to study how humans learn to cooperatively walk with wearable robotic systems.

Relevant Publications

Price, M., Abdikadirova, B., Locurto, D., Moreno Jaramillo, J., Cline, N., Hoogkamer, W., & Huber, M. E. (2022, October). Unilateral stiffness modulation with a robotic hip exoskeleton elicits adaptation during gait. To appear in IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS). IEEE.

Contributing Researchers

woman with robot
Meghan E. Huber
Assistant Professor, MIE
man with glasses
Mark Price
Postdoctoral Researcher, MIE and Kinesiology
Banu Abdikadirova
PhD Candidate, MIE
Dominic Locurto
Masters Student, MIE
Nick Cline
Masters Student, MIE