UMass Amherst Robotics

Robotics is an area of critical importance for maintaining the technological leadership of the US and the Commonwealth. The College of Information and Computer Sciences and the College of Engineering created the Excellence Cluster in Robotics to further strengthen the University’s research and teaching portfolio in this important discipline. The College of Information and Computer Sciences, is currently ranked #11 across all graduate programs in artificial intelligence, a key component robotics. The College of Engineering, robotics is critical, and cuts across multiple departments, notably the departments of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering and the Electrical and Computer Engineering, including work in human-robot collaboration, advanced manufacturing, and bioengineering. Robotics as a discipline presents excellent possibilities for experiential learning, collaboration, funding, and addressing real world challenges. Robotics will continue to be a critical thrust for proposed joint efforts across the university and others on creating the ethical, socially responsible (human-centric) future of work we desire. Within the state of Massachusetts, robotics is of great importance and has a thriving and growing industry in this space.