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Thanks to the allocation of funds to the Association by the Provost, no dues are currently required. In the event that funding from the Provost should cease or should prove insufficient to meet the operational needs of the Association, the Executive Committee shall call a meeting of the membership at the earliest opportunity to establish a dues schedule.

(1)  All members of the faculty of the University of Massachusetts Amherst who have retired are regarded as Active Members of the RFA.
(2)  The term "faculty" shall be interpreted to include all holders of standard faculty ranks, members of the professional staff of the library, those holding academic research appointments in departments or other academic units, and members of the retired professional staff whose responsibilities included classroom teaching or internship supervision.
(3)  Active Members.  All retired faculty, as defined above, shall have full voting rights and such other rights and privileges as determined under these by-laws.
(4)  Associate Members.  Retired faculty members and librarians of other colleges or universities, spouses of Members, and widows or widowers of persons who qualified for membership may become Associate Members upon request to the Executive Director. All Members and  Associate Members other than spouses of Members shall receive the RFA meeting notices.  Associate Members shall not enjoy voting rights, but can participate fully in all other RFA activities.

Voluntary donations in lieu of annual dues are always welcome.


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