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1. An annual gathering will be arranged to provide an opportunity for the Chancellor or the Provost to meet with retirees to get their counsel and to discuss University affairs in general.

2. Permanent University identification cards for retired faculty and librarians may be obtained from the UCard Office.

 3. The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of retired faculty and librarians will be included in the Campus Telephone Directory if they so wish.

4. Library borrowing privileges are accorded retired faculty and librarians upon presentation of a University photographic identification card (see #2 above). Those who do not secure a University ID card may be issued a Library borrower's card upon presentation of current photographic identification. The borrower's card must be presented with photographic identification for each use.

5. IT privileges will continue according to the benefits outlined in the IT Guide for Retirees.

6. It is expected that faculty members will vacate departmental space upon retirement. Exceptions must be proposed in writing by the Dean to the Provost.

7. University Club membership may be secured in one of two ways:

Members of the Club who retire in "good standing" may become honorary members by vote of the Governing Board. Honorary members are entitled to all the privileges of membership except a discount on purchases. There are no dues involved.

Any retired faculty member or librarian may join as a "retired member" at half dues. Retired members are entitled to all membership privileges including a 15% discount on purchases.

8. The following policies apply to parking for retired faculty and librarians:

Beginning September 2020, all retired faculty and staff are eligible for thirty (30) one day parking permits in the upper Garage at no charge through the Garage Key program. 

Additional time may be added to the upper Garage parking key.

Retired faculty and staff may purchase annual permits for the period of September 1 through August 30, at reduced rates. 

Please contact Parking Services at (413) 577-7275 with any questions.

 9. The News Office maintains a list of individuals on the campus by area of expertise. This list is consulted when media representatives and others are seeking expert commentary or advice. Retired faculty and librarians who so wish may be included in this listing.

10. A 15% discount is available on Fine Arts Center events.  Members of the RFA are entitled to bring along a second person of whatever age at the 15% discount.

11. Athletic facilities are available to retired faculty and librarians at the current faculty rate. Information and schedules are available in room 215 of the Boyden Building.

12. Tickets for football, basketball, and ice hockey games are available at a 10% discount for both season and single tickets.

13. If there is sufficient interest, workshops, seminars, and publications may be arranged to provide information on insurance, Medicare, financial planning, the preparation of wills, the social and psychological aspects of retirement, etc.

14. An independent Retired Faculty Association (RFA), established and operated by its members, holds regular meetings, publishes newsletters, and arranges for speakers. Information on membership may be obtained from the RFA website

15. The Provost shall allocate $20,000 budget each year for three years (FY20, FY21, and FY22). This budget will cover RFA programs, supplies, special functions, support of scholarly activities for RFA members, lectures, travel to conferences, including RFA representative to the biennial AROHE.  This budget excludes payments to consultants.

16. The RFA shall establish a "Committee on Scholarly Activities". The committee will establish the application process and the guidelines for the evaluation and the determination of the amount of each grant, subject to approval by the RFA Executive Committee. In addition, it will be responsible for promoting and supporting Scholarly Activities among its members, holding seminars presented by speakers who are leaders in their area of research.

February 2020
Office of the Provost
University of Massachusetts Amherst



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