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Our faculty members are involved in cutting-edge research projects that affect real change in the world. Topics include industrial organization and food marketing; natural resource management and environmental policy; and experimental economics.

Industrial Organization/Food Marketing

Faculty members and students are conducting exciting researching that includes the economics of food quality, certification, traceability, labeling; trade agreements and food quality; structure and strategies in the food system; price discrimination and competitiveness; and demand analysis. Work on these was done with funds from Hatch (the Experiment Station), the Food Marketing Policy Center for Research, and under a USDA AFRI grant. 

Read more about research projects conducted by our faculty members: Christoph BaunerNathalie LavoieDebi Prasad MohapatraYongjoon ParkChristian Rojas, and Emily Wang.

Read about our study on trimming obesity

Natural Resource Management/Environmental Policy

Faculty and graduate students are actively conducting research on the following topics: valuation of non-market goods; natural resource and environmental regulations; fisheries policies; energy economics; and the health impacts of environmental issues.

Read more about research projects conducted by our faculty members: Tina AndargeNathan ChanChristine CragoDavid KeiserJamie MullinsJohn StranlundJohn Spraggon, and Matt Woerman.

View our study about adopting renewable energy sources.

Experimental Economics

The Department has conducted a wide variety of research projects that incorporate controlled laboratory experiments. We have two faculty members whose research predominantly uses experimental methods as well as a four other faculty who use these methods as part of their research portfolio.

Visit the Experimental Economics Program website.

Read more about research projects conducted by our faculty members: Angela de OliveiraSherry GaoChristian RojasRong RongJohn Spraggon, and John Stranlund.

Health Economics

Read more about research projects conducted by our faculty members: Brandyn ChurchillManasvini Singh, and Lucy Wang.

Other Current Research Topics

M.J. Alhabeeb conducts research in the area of family and household economics. Dr. Alhabeeb is conducting research on a long-term study of adolescent behavior with a new focus on how out-of-school activities contribute to positive youth development as part of a multi-university study.