September 29, 2023
Resource Economics Boston Alumni Networking Event

After a hiatus since 2019, the department was thrilled to bring back our Student & Alumni Speed Networking Event at the UMass Club in Boston in September. We were joined by 17 alums whose graduation dates spanned from 1997 to 2022, with representation from a variety of industries – Health Economics, Market Research, Consulting, Biotech, Risk Management, Finance, Technology, and more. Twenty-five upper-classmen made the trip from UMass to Boston, with Networking Guides in hand, and eagerly engaged in speed networking sessions with the different alumni, asking questions about their work, their journey, and learning about the variety of opportunities that exist for students who study Managerial or Resource Economics. Students also had a chance to practice their own stories, and several made connections with the alums they had met following the event, many of whom guest-starred at Resource Economics Society (RES) events over the course of the following year. This was a very special event, and we are looking forward to more opportunities to connect with our alumni in person! A big thank you to those who donated through 2023’s UMass gives. The money we received all went into the facilitation of this event.