Gifts of Time

  • Working with Undergraduate and Graduate Students on Career Development
  • Meet with students in an undergraduate or graduate course to share your experience and knowledge
  • Meet with the Resource Economics Association (undergraduate club) or with graduate students to discuss career options, what it takes to do your job, and how they can best prepare for the future
  • Participate in the University's Career Shadowing Program by hosting a Resource Economics student for a day at your place of work
  • Serve as a contact point for students with your company or organization
  • Mentor a student by e-mail or telephone
  • Establish a cooperative or internship opportunity for a Resource Economics student for a summer or a semester at your place of work
  • Work with other alumni on fund raising activities

How to get involved

To find out more about getting involved and detailed information on any of these giving options, please contact the SBS development office via email or phone, 413-545-4173.

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