The Journal of Resistance Studies
International, interdisciplinary and peer-reviewed scientific journal that explores unarmed resistance.

The Journal of Political Power
Special issue on "Resistance and Emotions" now online, featuring articles on affects, resistance, power, popular assemblies, counter-conducts, etc.

A journal for and about social movements.

A multidisciplinary journal of social protest. 
Special Issue: "Creative Practices/Resistant Acts: Cultural Production and Emerging Democracies in Revolutionary Nations". Nesreen Hussein and Iain MacKenzie, guest editors.

Special Issue on Nonviolence and Social Movements. Sharon Erickson Nepstad, guest editor.  

Univ. of Southern California's  Annenberg School International Journal of Communication: 
Special Section: “Latin American Struggles & Digital Media Resistance” 
Various scholars reflect upon the contributions, the challenges, and the confrontations that digital technologies and alternative media pose to contemporary social movements and collectives in several Latin American countries.

Peace Science DigestSpecial Issue on Nonviolent Resistance
Peace Science made accessible, understandable and useful. 

Journal of Peace Research
Special Issue: "Understanding Nonviolent Resistance:. Erica Chenoweth and Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham, guest editors.