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Department of Sociology, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Massachusetts, USA  PhD program in Sociology
Deadline: Normally in January every year (but ask to be sure)/January 15, 2016. Applications with a resistance studies focus is encouraged.

School of Global Studies, University of Gotherburg, Sweden  Doctoral Studentship in Peace and Development Research
Deadline: Normally in January/February every year (but ask to be sure)/February 1, 2016. Applications with a resistance studies focus is encouraged.

Political Science and Sociology, Scuola Normale Superiore and University of Bologna, Italy  PhD program in Political Science and Sociology
Deadlines: March 11, 2016 and August, 30  2016

National University of Ireland Maynooth  Masters in Community Education, Equality and Social Activism (CEESA)
​Deadline: May 30, 2016

Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium  Call for 3 PhD scholarships in the social sciences in an interdisciplinary research project, titled 'Resistance to international prescriptions and injunctions in Africa and the Middle East'.
Deadline: June 26, 2016



Gender, Development, Resistance
A special issue for the Journal of Resistance Studies
Editors: Tiina Seppälä and Sara C. Motta

In addition to academic articles (up to 12000 words), we welcome other contributions, such as book reviews (3000 words) and comments columns (5000 words) that relate to the topics of this issue.
Please send preliminary abstracts (max 500 words), together with a short bio, to both special issue editors, Tiina Seppälä and Sara C. Motta by December 15, 2015. All questions regarding the special issue should be directed to the issue editors.
The submission deadline for the final article manuscripts is MARCH 15, 2016.

Journal of Global Security Studies (JoGGS)
A special issue on nonviolent civil resistance 

The journal aims to publish first-rate work addressing the variety of methodological, epistemological, theoretical, normative, and empirical concerns reflected in the field of global security studies. More importantly, it encourages dialogue, engagement, and conversation between different parts of the field.

Call for Papers submissions: Deadline: JULY 31,2016
Email to both Jessica Braithwaite (jbraith@email.arizona.edu) and Alex Braithwaite (abraith@email.arizona.edu).

“The good, the bad and the ugly” 
Editors:  Abel Polese (Dublin City University and Tallinn University) Alessandra Russo (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies) Francesco Strazzari (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies)

Exploring boundaries between the informal, the criminal and the immoral 
Submit abstract to alessandra.russo@sssup.it Deadline:  OCTOBER 15, 2016.

Re-conceptualising resistance in the sociology of education 

Discourse and practices challenging educational standards issued from globalisation​
Éducation et Sociétés International journal of sociology and education

Projects are to be sent to the editor, Jean-Louis Derouet (jeanlouis.derouet@ens-lyon.fr). Deadline: NOVEMBER 1, 2016

The Dutch Journal of Gender Studies (Tijdschrift voor Genderstudies)

Special issue on Decolonising the University

Submission of abstracts to: tvgarchief@gmail.com. Deadline: DECEMBER 15, 2016

Researching Resistance: on Methods and Ethics in Resistance Studies

A special issue of Journal of Resistance Studies (JRS) 
Guest Editor: Anton Törnberg


International Peace Research Association (IPRA)  26th IPRA General Conference On AGENDA FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT; Conflict Prevention, Post-Conflict Transformation, and the Conflict, Disaster Risk and Sustainable Development Debate.
Conference dates: November 27– December 1, 2016, Freetown, Sierra Leone. Hosted by the University of Sierra Leone, in Collaboration with the 10th Dealing with Disasters Conference Series, Northumbria University, UK and Sakarya University, Turkey

Call for papers submissions: Deadline MARCH 3, 2016
For questions: Ibrahim Seaga Shaw (Ibrahim.shaw@northumbria.ac.uk) or Nesrin Kenar (nkenar@sakarya.edu.tr

The Social Justice Research Institute's 2016 Thematic Symposium- Global Movement Assemblages: Continuities, Differences and Connectivities
​Symposium dates: October 13-15, 2016, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Call for papers submissions: Deadline APRIL 15, 2016
For questions: Elise Thorburn (ethorburn@brocku.ca)

‘I Will if You Will, Too’: Conditional Commitment in Collective Action
Workshop date: June 3, 2016,  City University London, UK

Call for papers submissions: APRIL 25, 2016
Abstracts should be emailed to Roger Hallam at roger.hallam@kcl.ac.uk . 

Social Movements and Protest: Future Challenges for Research and Practice
Conference dates: October 10-11, 2016  University of Brighton, UK

Call for abstracts submissions: MAY 28, 2016
Email to Julie Green: (j.green2@brighton.ac.uk). 

BISA Poststructural Politics Working Group Workshop: Agency, Precarity, Precarious Life 
Workshop dates: Oct. 19-21, 2016,  Cardiff University, UK

Call for paper abstracts: JUNE 30, 2016

BISA Poststructural Politics Working Group: In Search of Radicalism: Resistance, Violence and Transformative Politics
Conference dates:  June 14-16, 2017,  Brighton, UK

Call for papers and panels submissions:  SEPTEMBER 5, 2016
Email: bisappwg@jiscmail.ac.uk

International Conference on Cross-Movement Mobilization
Conference dates: April 5-7, 2017, Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany)

Call for Papers: OCTOBER 1, 2016 
Email to: cross-movement-mobilization@ruhr-uni-bochum.de

International Conference on “Resistances: Between Theories and the Field”
Conference Dates: December 14-15, 2016,  Université libre de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium

Call for Papers: OCTOBER 15, 2016
Email: resistancesULB@gmail.com

International conference: Challenging human rights disenchantment 50 years on from the ICCPR and ICESCR
Conference Dates: January 27, 2017, University of Sussex, UK

Call for Papers: NOVEMBER 30, 2016

The First Mobilization Conference on Social Movements and Protest: Nonviolent Strategies and the State

Conference Dates:  May 5 & 6, 2017, San Diego State University, CA, USA

Call for Papers: DECEMBER 31, 2016
Email to: Hank Johnston at Mobilize@rohan.sdsu.edu

Rethinking Revolutions
Conference Date:May 26, 2017, London School of Economics

Call for Papers: DECEMBER 1, 2016
Email to: George Lawson (g.lawson@lse.ac.uk) and Daniel Ritter (daniel.ritter@sociology.su.se

Everyday Revolutions in Southern and Eastern Europe
Conference Dates: May 19 and 20, 2017  University of Manchester, UK

Call for Papers: DECEMBER 12, 2016 (We hear they will accept until 12/18 however)
Email to : everydayrevolutions@manchester.ac.uk

Dates: May 19 and 20, 2017

The First Mobilization Conference on Social Movements and Protest: Nonviolent Strategies and the State
Conference Dates:  May 5 & 6, 2017, San Diego State University, CA, USA
Call for Papers: DECEMBER 31, 2016

Email to: Hank Johnston at Mobilize@rohan.sdsu.edu

6th Annual Native American Studies Graduate Student Symposium Currents of Resistance, Activism and Justice: Indigenous Responses to Neoliberalism
Conference Dates: April 13-14, 2017 University of California Davis, USA

Call for Papers: February 3, 2017

Empire, Capital, & Transnational Resistance
Conference Dates: September 13-15, 2017, University of Brighton, UK

Call for Papers:  February 7, 2017
Email to: Bob Brecher -- R.Brecher@brighton.ac.uk

International Studies Association 2018 annual convention in San Francisco: Panels on 'Ethics and/after the Decolonial Critique: Eurocentrism, Racism and the De-colonisation of Ethical Enquiry’ 
Conference Dates: April 3-7, 2018, Hilton San Francisco Union Square, California, USA

Call for Paper propsals: May 29, 2017
Email for details to: Louiza (L.Odysseos@sussex.ac.uk) and Myriam (m.fotou@leicester.ac.uk)  

2017 Critical Legal Conference - Theme: Catastrophe

Conference Dates: September 1-3, 2017, University of Warwick , UK

Call for Papers on Environment, Law and Resistance: May 31, 2017
Submission of Abstracts: Andreas Kotsakis & Vito De Lucia akotsakis@brookes.ac.uk

Rethinking Pacifism for Revolution, Security and Politics
Conference Dates: November 22-14, 2017,  University of Otago, New Zealand

Call for Papers:  June 16, 2017
Email to: peaceandconflict@otago.ac.nz

12th Annual, International, Interdisciplinary Conference:
Empire, Capital and Transnational Resistance: Philosophical and Interdisciplinary Approaches

Conference Dates: September 13-15, 2017, University of Brighton, UK

Call for Papers: July 28, 2017
Email to: Bob Brecher r.brecher@brighton.ac.uk

Law-Breaking and Theories of Resistance
Conference Date: November 4, 2017 at Binghamton University’s Downtown Center (UDC), Binghamton, NY, USA.

Call for Papers: September 15, 2017 
Submit abstracts to: BingConference2017@gmail.com   

From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom!
Conference Date: April 13th - 15th, 2018 Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, USA

Call for Proposals: September 15th, 2017
Email to: ltrainor@hampshire.edu

Nonviolence in Theory & Practice
Conference Date:  February 24, 2018 Ashland University, Ashland, Ohio, USA

Call for Papers: October 15, 2017


International Center on Nonviolent Conflict  fourth annual Monograph Awards  call for proposals
Deadline: June 11, 2017

Relaciones Internacionales  Issue “On resistance: Discussions in International Relations”
Deadline: December 15, 2017

Protest and Dissent: An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference
Conference Date: December 1-2, 2018  Hotel Mercure Wien Westbanhoff, Vienna, Austria

Call for proposals: June 8, 2018

CIAP 2018 – Rethinking Resistance: The ethics of defiance, opposition and struggle in an age of injustice and disenchantment

Conference Dates: September 18-19, 2018   Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, UK

Call for Papers:  July 20, 2018
Email: ciaprethinkingresistance@gmail.com

Trans Studies in the Global South: An Emerging Scholars Symposium
Conference Date: October 12, 2018  Bates College, Lewiston, ME, USA

Call for Papers : August 15, 2018

Rebel Streets: Urban Space, Art, and Social Movements
Conference Dates: May 28-29, 2019   University of Tours France 

Call for Papers: December 15, 2018
Email: Tijen Tunalı  tijen.tunali@univ-tours.fr and Gülçin Erdi gulcin.lelandais@univ-tours.fr. 

2019 International Critical Psychology Praxis Congress

Conference Dates: September 28019, 2019  Northern New Mexico College, Española, NM, USA

Call for Papers: March 1, 2019
Email: Robert K. Beshara   robert.beshara@nnmc.edu

The Critical Social Studies Workshop 
Workshop Date: October 5, 2019  UMass Amherst, USA

Civil Liberties and Public Policy: From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom!
Conference Dates: April 3-5, 2020  Hampshire College, Amherst, MA  USA

Call for Papers: October 18, 2019

State Violence Research Network conference -
Riot, Rebellion, Resistance, Repression: Representations of and Responses to Protest, Policing, and Power from 1900 to the Present

Conference Dates: April 8-10, 2020 . University of Manchester, UK

Call for Papers: December 13, 2019

25th edition of Alternative Futures and Popular Protest

Conference Dates: April 6-8, 2020. The Manchester Meeting Place, Sackville St, Manchester

Call for Papers: December 20, 2019

Consortium of North American Peace Programs (CONAPP) 

Conference Dates: June 8-11, 2020 . Gettysburgh College, Pennslyvania, USA
Call for Papers: January 15, 2020 (extended deadline)

Mobilization's Silver Jubilee Conference 
Conference Dates: June 12-13, 2020 . San Diego State Univ. San Diego, CA, USA

Call for Papers: January 31, 2020
Email: Mobilization Quarterly@sdsu.edu

Resistance: A conference of digital literature, culture, and art
Conference Dates: April 30- May 1, 2020. Moore Institute, National University of Galway, Ireland

Call for Papers: February 10, 2020
Email: resistanceconference@gmail.com


The International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (ICNC), in partnership with Rutgers University's International Institute for Peace, is now accepting applications for the online course, "People Power: The Study of Strategic Nonviolent Resistance." This online course will take place from October 6 to November 17, 2016.

Application deadline: September 25, 2016
Email: academicinitiative@nonviolent-conflict.org


The Argus Project/Tribeca Film Festival: Looking for maker, designer, tech lover 
Are you an artist, designer, fabricator, or electrical engineer wanting to using your talents for social change? The Argus Project is assembling a design team to build a fully body counter-surveillance "exo-suit"embedded with 20 video cameras and other functions, in collaboration with activist organizations across the US including Copwatch and The ACLU.

If you are interested in joining a team of passionate people to make an impact on issues like global warming, clean water, big money’s influence over our democracy and other issues that matter to our future, consider a job with Impact, a nonprofit that runs action campaigns. We work in states where we can win positive change for our environment, our democracy and our future.
Now accepting applications to join our team in August 2016! We also have immediate positions available. Priority application deadline: February 14, 2015.

Project Leader to catalyse large scale civil society action Greenpeace Nordic is in search of a Project Leader to implement a two year project titled “Empowered Citizens - Resilient societies”. 

Deadline: November 27, 2017


The Interdisciplinary Studies Institute (ISI) is delighted to announce its faculty seminar for 2016-17 on “Trespassing,” and to call for applications. “Trespassing” is a theme that can be approached from many different directions, whether it concerns fleeing across territorial boundaries, contravening or combining conventions or modes of expression, or working in a discipline other than one’s own. Trespassing can involve obvious risks, yet it also has tremendous creative potential. Its implications can be intellectual, scientific, artistic, political, social, cultural, or legal.

We encourage applications by faculty across campus, from the humanities and creative arts to the social sciences, the sciences, and elsewhere. As many former ISI fellows will attest, the ISI experience is at once integrative, creative, scholarly, collegial, and lively. All our selected fellows will receive a $1500 research allowance.

Call for Applications:  please go to http://www.umass.edu/isi. Applications are due at isi@umass.edu by  February 29, 2016.

The Roddenberry Foundation provides grants to accelerate the development of great, untested ideas and invest in models that are challenging the status quo and improving the human condition. 
Deadline: August 22, 2017


Campaign Bootcamp  is a brand new scholarship for anyone from Palestine, Syria or Lebanon who wants to build a safer, fairer and greener society. It will cover travel costs and full fees to attend the 6 day Campaign Bootcamp in May, July or September/October this year. 

Application Deadline: March 29, 2016   9:00 AM (UK time)