She Said: Breaking the Story that Helped Ignite #MeToo- Talk by Jodi Kantor

November 18, 2019 - 6:00pm
Springfield Symphony Hall, Springfield, MA . USA

Jodi Kantor is one of the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporters who broke the news of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment and abuse for The New York Times.

Kantor will share their investigation and its consequences for the #MeToo movement and will take us for the first time into the very heart of this social shift, reliving in real-time what it took to get the story and giving an up-close portrait of the forces that hindered and spurred change.

Her talk will describe the surprising journeys of those who spoke up–for the sake of other women, for future generations, and for themselves–and so changed us all. Both revelatory and insightful, she will not only address “how did we get here?” but “where do we go now?”

Sponsored by the Springfield Public Forum

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