Rally to Prevent War in Iran

June 1, 2019 - 11:00am to 12:00pm
County Courthouse Main Street Northampton, MA USA

The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice Northampton, MA presents:

The Trump Administration is threatening war on Iran. On Sunday, May 19th President Trump tweeted that a fight between our two countries would mark, “the official end of Iran.” These genocidal threats cannot go unchecked. With National Security Adviser John Bolton leading the way, the Administration is exacerbating tensions by sending a Carrier Strike Group and a squadron of B-52 bombers to the region as a show of force. Military experts are warning that a war with Iran would be horrific. Colonel Larry Wilkerson recently stated that the conflict would be, “a disaster that will make the 10 years in Iraq look like child’s play by comparison.”

The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice and the Northampton Committee to Stop the Wars will rally in front of the County Courthouse in Northampton on Saturday, June 1st from 11AM to 12PM. This rally is done in concert with the rally to Prevent War in Iran organized by Massachusetts Peace Action and Watertown Citizens for Peace, Justice, and the Environment in Watertown Square on Saturday, June 1st from 11AM to 1PM. 

We will raise awareness of this crisis and protest the Trump Administration’s reckless withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal, the imposition of deadly sanctions on Iran and outrageous threats of war on Iran.

We will urge our representatives to support the Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act (H.R. 2354). Senators Warren and Markey have cosponsored the Senate version (S.1039) but, with the exception of Congressman Jim McGovern from Worcester, none of our Congresspeople have signed on to this crucial piece of legislation. 

A war between the United States and Iran would be devastating to the people of both countries. We cannot allow it to happen. Join us on June 1st in front of the County Courthouse (on Main Street between Gothic and King). Together we will make our voices heard and take a stand for diplomacy and peace.

Contact: Yoav Elani Elinevsky 413-992-7355