National Current Nonviolent Uprising for Dignity, Justice and Equality

September 8, 2020 - 11:00am
Zoom Webinar and Facebook Live

Solidarity 2020 and Beyond will launch a new ongoing webinar series: People Power: COVID 19 and Beyond, co-hosted with Waging Nonviolence. This webinar highlights US/Black Lives Matter, Lebanon, Thailand, Zimbabwe, and hopefully Sudan. Here's a link to an article In Waging Nonviolence about the series. 

Anchored by grassroots activists, along with high-profile scholar-activists and journalists, the series will air on Zoom and Facebook Live with a conversation on several major unfolding nonviolent uprisings. News reports are following ongoing major civilian uprisings around the world against authoritarian, repressive, and non-democratic regimes. Experienced and grassroots leader activists will speak on this webinar about Black Lives Matter and racial justice in the United States; anti-corruption and democratization struggle in Lebanon; labor and teacher union uprisings in Zimbabwe; student-led movement for change in Thailand; and transition from authoritarian rule in Sudan. Although in different stages and unique geopolitical environments, these movements are all dealing with similar challenges. Panelists and participants will learn from each other how to increase their impact, lower their risk and achieve the change they seek by sharing strategies and tactics, messaging and communication, and organizing and mobilizing methods.

Regular installments will follow through the end of the year.  All recordings will also be posted and archived on the YouTube channels for Waging Nonviolence and Solidarity 2020 and Beyond, making them easily accessible to those unable to participate in the live events.

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