Direct action training session hosted by Northfield Against Line 3

October 4, 2020 - 3:00pm to October 5, 2020 - 9:00pm
Zoom Webinar

As some of the worst fires in years rage across the West Coast, we arereminded of all that’s at stake if we don’t stop the Line 3 oil pipeline. The fire of racism is also spreading and intensifying this fall as we get closer and closer to perhaps the most significant election in our lifetimes. We have no choice but to press on in this fight when we see the lives lost to climate change and the communities and ecosystems that have been uprooted forever. When the security of our future lies in an already unstable climate, the last thing we should be doing is investing in new fossil fuel infrastructure. There is a link between the intransigence of climate denial, racism, genocide, and the blind desire to keep burning fossil fuels. Here in Minnesota, we must continue to take responsibility to do our part to STOP the extension of fossil fuel infrastructure and that means increasing our capacity to be in solidarity with Native Nations and the full defense of Treaty Rights.

Something we should be doing is taking time to assess our own willingness to take direct action against Line 3. Construction on this project could begin as soon as November if necessary water permits are issued, so we must be prepared to bring our collective skills to the table in defense of the land, water, treaties, and climate. Reflecting on what skills you currently have and what skills you want to develop is a great first step; taking time out to practice them is even better. That’s why we wanted to invite you to a two-part virtual direct action training session hosted by Northfield Against Line 3. This training will give you an overview of Line 3, then dive into direct action skills and strategy needed to join water protectors on the frontlines.

WHERE: Via Zoom -- call in from anywhere
WHEN: Sunday, October 4th from 3-5 pm EDT, USA
Monday, October 5th from 67-9pm EDT, USA
RSVP: by registering here!