ROAR Magazine

What’s in a slogan? Imagining abolition

Calls to “defund the police” are not an appeal on politicians to act, but rather a call to build our collective power as a first step on the road to abolition.

New film: “Commune des Communes”

In January, 2020, ahead of the municipal elections, Gilets Jaunes from all over France gathered in the town of Commercy for an “Assembly of Assemblies.”

The River Says “No”

In 2015, the PUCARL Collective in Veracruz, Mexico, booked a historic victory and successfully halted the construction of a dam that was threatening the entire region.

Spadework: Against the Doomsday Clock

A podcast dedicated to circulating the practices and mechanisms that make resilient, rewarding and effective organizations and movements.

What’s next for Julian Assange?

A discussion with Stefania Maurizi, Brian Eno, Roger Waters, Yanis Varoufakis, Ken Loach and Frank Barat about the Assange trial and what it means for the future of journalism.