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Ghent: opening of the Blauwhuis

Since this morning, the Blauwhuis in Nazareth (Belgium) is open. The farmstead and the land around it belong to the Ghent public patrimony and are sold on the private market. The squatting of the Blauwhuis is an indictment of the privatization of our public housing and land, especially when we see how many people do not have access to (decent) housing and nutritious meals. We give the homes to those who need them and the land to the farmers without land, so that food from the Ghent countryside comes to the city again.
For sustainable agriculture, a sustainable investment policy, food sovereignty and sustainable coexistence.

Against the privatization of public property, against the concept of ‘not growing = dead flourishing’, against hunger and against the housing shortage, against profit maximization at the expense of the citizens of Ghent

Come along, from 11 am everyone is welcome! there is coffee, tea, food and lots of hospitality!

At 1 pm a bicycle caravan leaves for Blauwhuis at the kiosk in the citadel park, a great atmosphere!

Can’t come and visit us? Come to the Ghent town hall on Monday at 18:30 and take part in the public questioning at the municipal council

If you have any ideas or questions, please contact us at blauwhuishoeve [at] protonmail [dot] com

Sticheldreef 5
9810 Nazareth, Belgium

Squat de Stad, the Ghent squatting movement

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Berlin: Die Rigaer lebt – an address to our friends and comrades

Thanks to every support that was developed during the last weeks and especially the last two days of preparation and collective fight against our common enemies, we managed to develop the most intensive fighting days that we could have imagined. Days which turned every plan from the state and capital into a catastrophy. A great reminder to ourselves, our collective and its supporters, how important the movement’s networks, infrastructures of solidarity and self-organisation are.

Starting with the defence of the neighbourhood against the establishment of the red zone we drew the right concequence out of the aggressions of the state and the real estate market, against the people living in the city. The announcement of danger zones and red zones, where people get easy targets for the police in order to create an atmosphere of isolation and fear, has become normality in this city of the rich. We saw in the last years many occassions where we as those who are targeted by the states attacks had to stand in almost silent protest at the fences, guarded by a militarized police force. Let’s name the eviction of the Ohlauer School in Kreuzberg, the eviction of the Kiezladen Friedel54 and all the other projects as Syndikat, Meuterei and our neighboors Liebig34. This fact can not be tolerated anymore – the people have to rise up!

Therefore, as a result,for more than 48 hours, we managed all together, locally and decentrally to take the offensive into the streets and defend our structures and ideas through militant means and put pressure before the enemies had even started their repressive-operations. We decided not to wait for the lackeys of the state to create another zone where they can easily target autonomous structures and rebellious neighborhoods. That’s why an autonomous zone was build up around the Rigaer94 at an hour the cops did not expect. Streets got closed together with many people and a long-lasting defence of barricades happened, with the means of the autonomous movement . Until the deployment of heavy technical equipment as an eviction tank and two water canons the police was not able to enter our street. Let’s understand these events as a proposal to the people in the metropolitan field and outside of it, to answer the upcoming attacks. Not only against Rigaer94, also against Köpi and all the other threatened projects and our ideas, as well as any attack of the state and its merely presence.

But the state and capital war is not over yet. They will not only attempt to attack Rigaer94 again but also attack and target every single structure and individual who fights against this suphocated society on a daily basis. We should continue getting organised and expand our networks of solidarity broader. We call for more intensive fighting not only around Nordkiez to reinforce the continuity of this rebellious neighborhood, but also decentrally, in every corner of the city.

Let’s continue fighting all together against the city of the rich. Until every initial plan from the state and capital are ashes!

Friends and comrades of Rigaer94

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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Berlin: Rigaer94, our statement on the current situation

Today, on the evening of June 16, we look back on a militant day and a temporary autonomous zone and look forward with a clenched fist. Yes, we will remember the barricades in Rigaer Straße and their collective defense for a long time with a big smile on our faces. Step by step, the Senate and the owners are burning their fingers at the attempted destruction of our home.

After the street, there are now problems on the legal level. A higher administrative court has considerably complicated the starting position for those responsible at the Senate and the letterbox company for the attack on our house. The latter, represented by Bernau, Luschnat and von Arentin, was forbidden to enter our premises at all. Moreover, the cops are to be given access only to the stairwell, attic, courtyard, etc., but not to the private apartments.

At this moment, the expert, who is now declared to be responsible, is told by our lawyers that he can inspect the fire protection in our house without any danger to his health and can come in and out without any problems. Of course, without even a cop, as we have already declared in January 2021. And we keep our word. That should have become more than clear again today. Completely in contrast to the word of numerous politicians, whether in the district or senate, that of the cops or even a windy letter box company. Some of them still dare to claim that it is not about an eviction of Rigaer94.

In this context, we would like to point out that we have already carried out several fire safety assessments since November 2020 and have remedied deficiencies on our own. It is up to the Senate and a letterbox company not to have accepted this and thus to have gradually unmasked their pretextual argument that it is only about the safety of the residents of Rigaer94 and their neighbors.

So, if the politicians decide to storm the building, they will go the way we already predicted. In this case, we will defend ourselves. Against the cops destroying everything in order to be able to declare our house “uninhabitable” as a result. Against the fact that our beloved place and its inherent ideas of collectivity, mutual aid, solidarity and self-determination are to be destroyed.

Today we have shown to all those who doubted it that we are not only ready but also able to intensify the conflict with the state and its henchmen. We met them at a time when they did not expect it and for which they were certainly not prepared. We thank all the people, neighbors and friends who showed solidarity and we are looking forward to the coming hours.

Your Rigaer94

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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Bristol: Squat Repression

This is a statement from some squatters in Bristol, who had 4 squats, including 40a Space, Salvation Army mutual aid/social centres and Wonky Arrow Books, a radical library.

In the past days, we’ve had our buildings forcibly closed with anti-social behaviour orders, and we’ve been raided by hundreds of riot police. We’ve been beaten, pepper-sprayed, arrested, and sectioned.

This is an escalation– it hasn’t been like this in the UK in years. Not that this is new. No, we see this as part of a long and brutal history of the repression of marginalised communities, and anyone who shows resistance or alternatives.

The police and state media will try and paint this as the result of us being ‘anti-social’ – but isn’t it the police who hurt and intimidate us? Who break down the doors; who criminalize and target poor people, people of colour, travelling communities, people who live differently? It is the state and the police that are truly anti-social, at the core of the troubles we face in our lives.

This is an attempt to intimidate us, to repress mobilization in Bristol (especially around Kill the Bill) and to break down a community that is challenging the police and what they represent. We know that real community makes police obsolete.

Against police repression, in defence of squats and social centres everywhere, and in solidarity with all prisoners and those targeted by the state!

Social Centres Get ASBOs

A few days ago at Wonky Arrow Books squat, plainclothes police started filming a woman getting changed in her bedroom, from the private courtyard behind the house. We told them to go away, and in response, they attempted to make arrests but instead beat up and seriously pepper sprayed 4 of our comrades. Who are the anti-social ones? Who makes our lives unsafe?

On Wednesday morning, we got served anti-social behaviour closure notices for the 3 squats on High St – with a court date for the next morning. No evidence provided, the courts had no information, and it was impossible to get proper legal advice or defence. The court was ridiculous and they wouldn’t adjourn to let us get legal representation. The judges wouldn’t consider us ‘interested parties’ and the police barrister asked them to ‘attach no weight to our evidence’! That said, we know there’s no such thing as a ‘fair trial’ – the law is their game, and we’re shit on their shoes.

In court, we spoke about how our social centre and bookshop had provided community and education in a neglected part of town, about to be further gentrified.
 We told them how this is part of a broader, politically motivated programme of repression of protesters and those providing alternatives to the system, particularly in vocal opposition to the PCSC Bill. 
We pointed out that their allegations of ‘anti-social behaviour’ were just about property and business – not the public, who this is supposed to be about, who of course benefit from our spaces. 
We showed that this is an attempt to criminalize a civil matter (we were already engaged in civil legal processes for all the buildings!).

Police raid squats and surrounding buildings

Early Friday morning, riot police smashed into the squats on High St (which no-one was in) – and then smashed the doors down and raided surrounding shops and flats, to the horror of the people there. 
We’re deeply sorry that this has happened and we’re trying to rebuild the community there.

There was no reason for the police to raid the surroundings, other than intimidation. This is part of how the police try to divide communities and create fear and mistrust.
 It is the police that makes the neighbourhood around the squats unsafe, and it always has been.

(statement from tattoo shop owner on High St)

A couple of hours later, a huge police operation started at the Salvation Army with probably hundreds of riot police from at least 4 forces around the country and at least 40 vehicles.

We were expecting court bailiffs to evict us – but it turned out the police were raiding us to arrest people under Section 17 [of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act: giving police powers to, in certain circumstances, enter property without a warrant to search property and make arrest].

They wanted 3 people for the incident outside Wonky Arrow and said they wouldn’t break in if those people came out. There were only 2 of those people inside, who voluntarily surrendered themselves to protect the squat from being smashed. 
But the cops still smashed their way in.

After searching and realizing the 3rd wasn’t there, they randomly arrested another person – a black woman the police have continually profiled and targeted. 
Outside, 5 cops grabbed a woman and dragged her across the street, screaming in pain, then threw her to the ground where she lay crying. They ignored her and blocked access to get her medical attention for pretty serious arm injuries.

At the police station, the police weren’t letting our friends speak to their solicitors (which is a legal right in the UK). After waiting for hours outside the police station, the police told us they had released our comrades – but they hadn’t. We thought they’d disappeared. 
Eventually, we got 2 of our friends back. 
We found out the 3rd had been taken to a hospital and sectioned under S.136. 
We are horrified.

State repression causes serious mental distress. 
We know sectioning is state violence, and we recognise its racialized and gendered nature.

We have all our friends back with us now. They were released without charges, but with restrictive bail conditions. The police are still harassing us.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, including Bristol Defendant Solidarity and medics.

DEMO – 12 noon, Sunday 6th June

We’ve called a demo outside the old courts on the High St, opposite where 3 of our squats were. 
A demo against police repression, in defence of squats, and in solidarity with prisoners.

We want to have a day of sharing experiences and ideas about the inherent violence of policing. 
We want to share what community autonomy and defence away from the state could and can look like!

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source: Freedom News

Amsterdam: Anarcha-Feminst Group squat building on Sint Willibrodrusstraat

New chapter in the zero tolerance policy towards squatting in Amsterdam. In the evening of friday 4 June 2021, many people are taking part in a squatting action in the Pijp. A house is squatted, banners hanged, slogans chanted, fireworks lighted up, a neighborhood letter handed out. Cops are showing up in big numbers, claiming squatters are caught in the act. They want to evict right away. The big group and neighbors are all together pushed away from the area. Later in the evening, riot cops won’t find anybody inside the squatted house which is ending boarded up by a private company. No arrests are reported.

Statement by the Anarcha-Feminst Group Amsterdam:

Today we squatted Sint Willibrodrusstraat 15 owned by ‘evil corp’ Blackstone. This building has been empty for a long time. today we ended this situation of emptiness and speculation by giving the house back its purpose.

Fuck Blackstone, eat the rich!
Stop speculation, squat the world

We are told that there are not enough houses for everyone, that there are not enough spaces for the refugees and migrants coming here fleeing imperialist wars and economies that have been destroyed by (neo)colonialism. It is unacceptable that the media blame migration for the fact that we all seem to struggle to find a home.There is no problem of a lack of space, there is no “housing crisis”, the only problem is the unequal distribution of wealth. The problem is capitalism.

We are being pushed out of our city by rising rent prices and gentrification. Social housing is being sold off privately and the lack of affordable housing means people are forced to leave the city. People struggle to pay rent while investors are given free range to do as they please.

The owner of this building, Blackstone is an International company that speculates on the prices of housing to make the rich richer. Blackstone is one of the largest commercial owners of housing in the world with 140 billion dollars in property, and is notorious for its abuse of renters and violent evictions. In 2019, they purchased 250 million euros worth of housing in the Netherlands. Through these mass purchase of housing, the company profits off the privitization of housing, making it increasily inaccessible and turning basic needs into a commodity. This is unacceptable, rent is theft! Blackstone abuses and exploits its tenants so that its investors can get richer.

We don’t want corporations to own our city, we want housing for all!
Our cities are not board games for the rich to play. We will not stand by as they speculate our space away.

We, Anarcha Feminist Group Amsterdam squat this building as a protest against property for profit and against the privitisation of our city. We squat this building out of a belief that no houses should remain empty while others are homeless. The state that criminalises homelessness and lets homes sit vacant for years is the real criminal. To Blackstone, this building is one out of the thousands that sit rotting on the market but for us this building will become a home for many and a queer feminist political centre from which our community will flourish. So Blackstone can Fuck off!

We are in a pandemic, another crisis and while multinationals receive billions in bailouts it is those already in precarious positions that are forced to carry the burden.
First we are called essential workers- then we are evicted from our houses when we can not afford the rent any more. It is time to take backs space. To say: enough is enough. It is only when we get organised, take action and fight back against the harm done to our bodies and minds that we stand any chance. Let there be no illusion, if we want anything we will have to fight for it ourselves. The only way to win ground, to find sanity and to survive is through fighting together against the exploitation done by this capitalist system.

So lets take back the streets & the houses left empty.

Today is a collective act of taking back a space from those in power. We might not succeed all the time, we might fail and we might fail hard. We have been through many evictions in the last months. But we are more angry than we are tired. With every direct action we learn. Our actions must serve to extend the networks of solidarity, to contribute to the construction of a society based on mutual aid, to destroy all authority based on violence.
It is in these moments that we get together and experience our collective power, that we can imagine what could be possible. It is these moments that allow us to dream.

Anarcha-Feminist Group Amsterdam
anarchafemsterdam [at] riseup [dot] net

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Statement published on Indymedia Nederland

Berlin: Manifestation against the eviction process of Køpi Wagenplatz

A home doesn’t always need four brick walls, and spaces sometimes come on wheels.

Køpi wagenplatz is synonymous with a way of life that attempts to exist autonomously and self determinedly, offering a clear and visible answer to a dominant culture of property as status that shuts its front door on community, neighbourhood and solidarity.

On the 10th of June the trial against this structure will take place. The “legal” existence of this self-organized project, as various other houses in Berlin, is being decided from people who have only one priority: to serve the interest of the capital, the landlords, the real estate companies. Our position is to make clear that not only we’ll defend every threatened project but we stand for the self determination of our existence and our life. We do not recognize their institutions but we want to be present to every decision that is taken for us, without us.

That’s why we call for a manifestation in front of the court on the 10.6 at 11.00 at Turmstrasse 91.

In order to show to state and capital that we stand together in every threat and against their institutions.

Let’s block the street and be loud! Together we build collective moments against the reality they impose on us!

Solidarity is our weapon!

For a self-organised way of living, for a city from below!

Solidarity with Køpi Wagenplatz


Køpi & Køpi Wagenplatz 133 – 138
Köpenicker Straße, 10179 Berlin

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Athens: Theater Embros resquatted

A very large and enthusiastic meeting of Embros on Sunday 23 May decided to continue the defense of the Free Self-Managed Theater. The attempt of the police and the Public Property Company to reseal the Embros on the morning of Monday 24 May was met by the lawyers of the movement and the people of the struggle, the united solidarity forces and the works were stopped. We start today Monday 24 May and every day from 5 pm a week of Art and Freedom in front of the building and collective works to repair the damages caused by the eviction.
On Saturday 29 May, we call for a nationwide Day of Action of artists, neighbourhood assemblies and social centers in every corner of the country to defend not only Embros but all liberated spaces. The power of self-organization can stop the destruction of our neighborhoods and nature threatened by the tide of exploitation and the insolence of obscenity.
The weekly program of events starts now! It will be enriched daily with new entries. We invite art groups to present their ideas and work during the day outside the building.

Why is Embros being evicted?

Because its daily non-profit functioning is a living counter-example to the dominant way we are forced to live, think and feel. If you are silent for a moment outside of Embros and listen, you will hear the commercialization rolling rushing down the adjacent alleys. In this country where economic and political power turns everything into a commodity to be sold and bought, Embros offers without a fee, without a price, art, and culture, creation and solidarity, offers the public, the free, the common, what belongs to all of us and what we all want to share freely. This is what annoyed the rulers and big business, this is what they wanted to brick up. They wanted Embros to be silenced because it impedes the free movement of money, of the market, because it proves that we can live, think and feel free.

This is the message that Embros communicates and in it it meets the Park Drakopoulou and Ano-Kato in Patissia, the occupied refugee shelters in Alexandra, Nosotros and K*Vox in Exarcheia, Lelas Karagianni in Kypseli, Rosa Nera in Chania and Evagelismos in Heraklion, Terra Incognita and Yfanet in Thessaloniki, the social struggles against the enclosures and privatization of Filopappos, Areos Field, the Botanical Garden in Petroupolis, Plato’s Academy, Strefis and the destruction of Exarcheia Square. It is there that it meets the struggle against fascism, against economic and labour misery, the despair of the young and the suicides of the unemployed, the persecution of militants, and the actions to stop the auctioning of houses. There it meets the struggle in defence of nature in our mountains, islands and villages, there it meets the self-organised projects, the squats and student hangouts, the social kitchens, the neighbourhood assemblies, the groups playing music in the street, a girl walking fast in the dark because someone is following her.

Embros is the place where we meet with the blood of our dead – Zack, Killah P, Alexis Grigoropoulos, where artists without a stage and children without trees in their schoolyard live, where we produce art against the art industry, that’s where Embros lives; between liberated social spaces and moments of collective happiness, in the streets, parks and squares, where people reclaim the public, the free, the public, without commercialization and exchange value.

On Saturday 29 May we call for a gathering outside Embros at 5 pm and a nationwide Day of Action of artists, neighbourhood assemblies and social centers in every corner of the country to defend not only Embros but all liberated spaces.

We will not surrender our dreams to the darkness.
When we fight, we fight for our lives!

24 May 2020

Free Self-Managed Theater Embros
Riga Palamidou 2, Psiri
Athens, Greece

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Athens: on the side of the Embros Theatre

The chronicle of a repression announced for 10 years was completed yesterday with the eviction of the Embros theatre. A space that began as a response to the capital’s overthrow of iconic urban landmarks is sealed off to be overpowered.

The occupation of the Embros Theatre was the appropriation of a decaying cultural tool and its true utilization by people of art, politics, and the neighborhood. All these masses of people who passed, the participants and producers of another culture testing its grips, can attest to this but also reflect on what its loss signifies.

In the midst of the pandemic, in the most gentrified area for the capital’s small and large tourist capital, Embros was a thorn, not only for its political flavour but also for constituting an agitated and agressive voice at the centre of the tourist product. Something like a stronghold a few meters from the tables of the occupied city held parties, theatre performances, speeches, events, concerts, seminars, collective kitchens, festivals… For free. Organized horizontally. And without discrimination, neither ethnic, nor racial, nor, unfortunately for gentrification.

Embros did not fit in this Psiri, and there is also the work to be done by the Municipality of Athens after the “big tour”, and the building that is in the hands of TAIPED since 2012 will be transformed into money that will fall on the market. Add to this the need for the state to show law and order work in the midst of murders and underworld warfare that touches power and we can understand why now was the right time for the state to venture into evicting Embros. Those who are cementing the Acropolis, who manage culture as a nationalist outgrowth that generates money want to definitively cement a libertarian cultural fabrics made by, with and for the social base.

The story of Embros is not over, the answer from the grassroots and the world of struggle remains to be given, another answer that must be given at a time when state and capital are trying to grab as much as they can as if there is no tomorrow. Or rather to catch up with that tomorrow from the best possible positions, having reaped the most possible.

But they do not realize that the branches they cut have a tree with deep roots. The rhetoric and narratives of law and order have already stumbled into the reality of their lies. We know that they will continue to try to cut branches, here they even threaten the 8-hour day, let them too know that the best is yet to come. Let them not be carried away by the numbness of the majority. No lockdown is convincing anymore and no government promise sounds anything but noise.

The Embros theater and the defense of its occupation can become a node of resistance. The people who expressed themselves through it must reflect on what the loss of such a tool means, and consider whether they will stand up for it. The world of struggle will fight its battle.

On the side of the self-organized spaces of resistance, in the name of a culture of freedom, solidarity and community, let us stand by the occupation of the Embros Theatre!

20 May 2021

Αναρχική Ομοσπονδία (Anarchist Federation, Greece)
anarchist-federation [at] riseup [dot] net

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Castilla-La Mancha: Fraguas Revive. The rural squat wins its first battle temporarily against the demolition of the village

Thanks to a document officially issued by the Criminal Court No. 1 of Guadalajara on April 29th, the Fraguas inhabitants learned that the demolition of the village is temporarily suspended. It is a change of judicial criteria that has been achieved by the struggle and the legal battle that its inhabitants have been defending for years and that temporarily stops the execution of the sentence of demolition of the village.

A project of eight years of life for the recovery of the rural space.

For those who do not know the trajectory of this community project of Fraguas, this rural squatting initiative was launched in 2013 in a small abandoned hamlet in the Sierra Norte of the province of Guadalajara. This village, which dates back to the 12th century, was evicted during the Franco dictatorship in 1968 for the monoculture of pine and its subsequent sale to the timber industry. A group of young people decided last decade to rebuild some houses that were left half standing, after the Spanish military used the area as a practice range for shooting and explosives in the 1990s. Their project is real and they have achieved their initial objectives, since they were able to rebuild several houses in the village, they have also experienced a great level of collective self-sufficiency in coexistence and self-management of natural resources. They have a vegetable garden and a greenhouse built with their own hands, a small open-air chicken coop, bees in a couple of dozen hives, and as energy self-sufficiency they have about thirty photovoltaic solar panels.

After being criminally denounced by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha in 2015, they testified in court about their community project for the care and natural repopulation of the environment. Throughout 2018, they were finally tried and convicted for the crimes of occupation of public forest and against land use planning. A judicial process that, in the legal terms imposed, is an absolute institutional rejection of any alternative for the rehabilitation of abandoned villages, and even less so under a paradigm of economic self-management and social autonomy. They are requested to be sent to prison for one year and nine months, rising to two years and three months for each of them if they do not pay the civil responsibility imposed, that is, to pay for the demolition of what has been rebuilt in the village, valued at a total of 34.000 euros.

Another repressive move against the survival of Fraguas

Since 2019 they have been in resistance under the continued risk of eviction and demolition as indicated in the sentence, however, the pandemic has delayed the execution of the sentence. During this time, the CSIC has intervened as a result of the studies that the inhabitants themselves have carried out on the village with regard to the rehabilitation of historical and rural memory. It is noted that an independent archaeological investigation should be carried out to determine the historical value of the former village. There are probably assets that could be considered cultural heritage, which could change the course of current events, or at least open a new path to continue fighting for the survival of Fraguas.

However, the current inhabitants take this judicial communication with great caution. Although on the one hand it is a cause for joy among so many previous notifications that have led them to the current criminal situation, this report does not ensure that a preventive eviction will not end up being carried out in order to carry out these archaeological investigations. It should also not be forgotten that the prison sentences of the six defendants are still active. Furthermore, during this time, the identifications of some temporary or solidarity inhabitants have led to new administrative sanctioning processes; and even the Guadalajara Court does not rule out the possibility of new crimes being charged. The institution has many resources, tools at its disposal, twisting its own legislation and applying them always in favour of its interests and objectives.

A network of rural initiatives for autonomy and social memory.

Its current inhabitants encourage people to get to know the village, to come and participate in daily activities, to discover its heritage and cultural environment; to get closer to the reality of rurality that resists. The rural community model is a challenge to the dynamics of capitalist exploitation, and the Fraguas project is now in its eighth year. Along with the initiative of this village, there are four other collective projects in the northern part of Guadalajara, which meet in monthly assemblies to share experiences and go to one of the villages involved to work together.

The defense of the territory is also a defense of the memory of the villages, in times when everything is diluted in the superficiality of the needs of the market, it is necessary to support this kind of rural sustainability projects. When you are in Fraguas, time passes, and it doesn’t matter at all, you work collectively, productivity is not a dictatorship that marks its rhythms. Personal and collective autonomy takes on a different meaning, work is redefined as being directly related to common survival, and not to putting in the hours to get euros to exchange for things through consumption. Beyond all idealism, the reality is that life takes a rest and takes on another level, necessary to listen to our companions and to the natural environment itself. The human becomes wilder, the natural becomes necessary.

Fraguas Revive
Fraguas, Castilla-La Mancha
Guadalajara, Spanish state

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Athens: Theater Embros evicted

Today 19/5, early in the morning, at 7:30, after a prosecutor’s order, an evacuation and sealing operation of the Free Self-Managed Theater EMBROS took place, in the presence of the police and representatives of ETAD (Public Real Estate Company), the company which the historic building of Embros (first printing house in Greece, characterized as a modern monument) belongs to. The operation took place without the permission of the Ministry of Culture which is responsible for these buildings or with its resounding absence and silent complicity.

What problem could the Greek Ministry of Culture have, after all, that a modern monument was cemented since they gave permission to cement the most important of the ancient ones, Acropolis!

What problem could the Greek Ministry of Culture have, after all, that a theater was sealed since throughout this difficult period of the pandemic they devalue Art ​​and insult artists in the worst way, leading them to despair and extinction.

The Free Self-Managed Theater EMBROS was born from the dreams and hopes of millions of people who took part in the social movements of our time. It is an open, public space with an international impact, free access for over 1000 visitors per week and a daily, diverse program of events aimed at a wide range of people from different cultural backgrounds.

Since 2011, hundreds of artists have presented 400 different plays in more than 2000 performances on a non-profit & free entrance basis. There have been organized concerts of 450 music bands, events to support self-organized projects, cinematic initiatives and artistic groups, more than 300 speeches and lectures on all issues of everyday life. Hundreds of meetings, exhibitions, poetry, literature festivals, workshops, a sea of meetings and creation, a breath of freedom and expression in the city center.

We try to unite theory with practice, the artistic with the social and the political, on issues that concern everyone, and to redefine the role of art, today, in conditions of emergency. Today, more than ever, the continuation of the EMBROS project is vital and that is why it needs the support of all of us! The Free Self-Managed Theater Embros expresses its support in all areas of the social movement that face the state campaign for the imposition of a regularity of submission, fear, privatization and mass stupefaction.


Theater Embros
Riga Palamidou 2, Psiri
Athens, Greece

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Berlin: Analysis, Tips and Tactics – Don’t wait until it’s too late

Køpi and Rigaer94 are calling for the “Don’t wait until it’s too late” Demo, may 15th on Gendarmenmarkt.

It should be a strong and dynamic demo, not waiting for the next eviction date. There have been many evaluations and analysis of our demos in the last years, enough so to succeed a few times in breaking out of our usual behaviour and winning back some potential for action. We’re hoping for our demos to be good for more than just being seen and heard, or blocking something. It’s about creating collective moments, moments where we can find together in the street, moments of breaking with normality, getting over mass inertia and snapping the social reigns. Moments were we can recognize and experience our collective strength. Not as an event but with the goal of creating an instant which connects us with other points in a timeline of radical praxis and building on them. Moments from which a dynamic can grow, where it’s possible to join spontaneously, where people can dare to try new things and gain experience. In order not to turn this quest into our own impasse it’s necessary to always rethink and adjust our approach and break out of habits and routines. As a base we gathered some analysis and suggestions here.

Groups not rows
To us, the last demos confirmed, static rows don’t make sense in a dynamic demo. They hinder everyone from passing forward or backward quickly, except for the cops who anyhow come from the sides. It can make more sense to walk in chains on the side of the demo, to form a side protection. Even chains only make sense when there is a static threat from outside though, it is much easier to defend yourself or the next person and change positions, when your arms are free. A walking kettle is easier to push away and taking the whole street is quicker when we can flood freely as groups. We can also learn from other contexts that it’s safer to hold eachother by the waistband then hook our arms into eachother.

Who’s street? — ——-! All of it !
Taking up not just the whole street but the sidewalks as well, makes sense also in a bigger group. If the cops try to cordon off the demo its probably the easiest to break this, if there are as many people on the “other” side intervening as those kettled. If the cops don’t try to cordon us off, taking the sidewalks blocks the cops view, so they have a harder time following who moves how and what happens. To make sure we can create the dynamic we want ourselves, there will only be a Lauti at the beginning and the end. We think bicycles don’t make sense on the demonstration, please consider leaving them somewhere close by. They are a hindrance on the side if they’re walked like a cop line and hold back the last row if they’re in the back. The same goes for prams. We’d ask you to consider if the demo is the right place for young children that cannot choose by themselves what they do and in which situation they get.

Watch out for eachother – Be strong together
Using our collective strength we can, in the best case, avert many arrests. If somebody is getting a bit too much cop attention it’s important to help them disappear in the masses and not block them outside or run away from them. We can block the view on people that want to change clothes, it’s a good idea to bring extra side banners for this. If we keep an eye out for the people around us, we can make sure they don’t miss some important information, get hit in the head, run into a bollard or nobody notices when they need something.
There can certainly be moments where we feel like running away. It always makes sense to stay together and keep calm though, and not just run off especially in those situations. When the situation turns a bit chaotic, taking a deep breath makes more sense then falling into panic and we can help others around us with this. When the time has come to dissipate the demo, leave slowly. Sometimes running makes sense – but it’s important not to leave anyone behind or over run and knock them over! |Moving with an affinity group, so people that you know, with whom you have experience in the best case or at least have spoken about some things with, makes a lot of sense. What do we like to do? – Where do we have problems? – What are our needs? – How do we keep an eye on each other, in space but also emotionally? – What’s to do and who takes care of what if a person is taken and held by the cops or goes to pretrial detention? – What’s to do on and around the demo? – What do we want to do in the demo?
Of course it makes sense to talk to people even if you come alone, maybe there are some people you’ve run into a few times already.

The demo lives from what you do in it!
For anything to happen during the demo, somebody has to do it.
You are all invited to think about what you want from this demo and how we all can make it happen. So check out the route beforehand and consider: How and where do you want to join the demo. The starting point is a rather wide square, there are many ways to access it, still it will be the most likely place for a shake-down and have a high cop density. What’s of interest along the route and close by? Sometimes breaking out of the demo can create a good dynamic and make the situation uncontrollable. Things happening outside of the demo take away cop power and can break a kettle with the right timing, it is at the least very motivating.
Which spots could create problems for the demo and what would be a good way to deal with it, what could you do there? There will be very few bystanders on this route, we still think it makes sense to spread flyers, do glue-ups or spray paint!.. Where do you want to leave the demo?
Don’t hang around for too long at the end, try to have a plan for leaving. It’s best not to leave alone and try to avoid suddenly running off, it can create a panic and draws a lot of attention to you. Pay attention to where you will go, you probably want to avoid walking straight into the next camera or right into a subway station.

If you witness any repression around this demonstration, contact interkiezionale [at] riseup [dot] net, so we can support you and have some idea of how the demo turned out for everybody. If you see an arrest or are held for a longer time yourself, call the EA on 030-69 22222. Please only tell the name of the arrested person and the situation. There will be a group waiting outside the cop shop were people are held waiting for their release, you can reach this GESA Support at: +49157 82306155. Berlin cops try to establish close contact, they like to punch, kick and use pepper spray. They are filming demonstrations more and more often and will try to get video material from private surveillance cams in case something happens. The cops usually do a live analysis of their video feeds, so they can arrest people as soon as possible or after the demo. Don’t forget a change of clothes and pay attention to what you’re wearing!

Sanitary Situation
In case of a curfew at the time of the demonstration:
The way to and from a demonstration is legally protected, so you can say that in case of a control. You’re also allowed to go to the next emergency pharmacy or hospital..

So we can create the moments we’re all looking for on a dynamic demo

Autonomy, Solidarity & Awareness

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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Madrid: La Ingobernable opens a Social Rights Office in the center of the city

The collective that squatted the building at 39 Gobernador St. announced this morning that they have occupied a building at 5 Cruz St. to “resist in common and conquer new rights”.

With the slogan “Social rights to change everything”, the collective of La Ingobernable has started this new project that they have called Office of Social Rights (ODS, Oficina de Derechos Sociales). In a communiqué they explain that it will serve to “resist in common and conquer new rights” because they cannot “wait any longer” and point out that the current crisis of covid19 “hits us with other pandemics: hunger lines, distrust, fascism, precariousness, racism, speculation, loneliness, pessimism and fear,” they claim.

The ODS will have seven axes that respond to seven social urgencies: the right to housing, the right to food, the right to protest, labor precariousness, transfeminisms and dissidence, basic income and community health. It is this context of social emergency, which has prompted the collective to raise the slogan “Social rights to change everything”, with a commitment to “resist in common” and open this space where “develop, protect and fight for social rights”.

“In the same way that an evicted neighbor approaches the housing movement wanting to stop her own eviction and ends up coordinating with others to stop them all,” explains the communiqué, “we free a space where to politicize the everyday, which serves to support us and thus be stronger.” In addition, in the face of security measures by the covid, “the ODS from La Ingobernable is safe, since we have a protocol covid agreed and written with the advice of health personnel.

This type of tool is not new. Born from autonomous social movements and social centers in 2000, the ODS were a device to stimulate and accompany processes of self-organization, mainly against precariousness in the field of labor, immigration and access to housing. Its central tool was collective counseling: an assembly to listen to the discomfort of each person and share the different knowledge with which to confront it in common. Today, La Ingobernable takes up this format of collective knowledge and gives it a home in the heart of Madrid.

The building is the former Hostal Cantábrico in Calle Cruz 5, between Plaza Sol and the Congreso de los Diputados, closed for more than 5 years and owned by the Fernández Luengo brothers, best known for being the owners of the Marco Aldany chain of hairdressing salons (an acronym of the name of the three brothers: Marcos, Alejandro and Daniel). The Fernández Luengo family, in addition to the Marco Aldany company and the more than 10 franchises of hairdressing salons, gyms and beauty products, owns a vast real estate empire with more than ten companies and multiple properties and businesses. The family’s mother company, ZZ Inmobilari Próxima, which includes the three brothers and their parents, has assets of 12 million euros in land and another 58 million euros in property. In addition, the brothers also own the Hostal Residencia Arti in Gran Vía, the Hotel Ciudad de Alcalá, in Alcalá de Henares, a conglomerate in the student residence business with eight of these centres, as well as another real estate company with at least 19 flats distributed between Atocha, Malasaña and Gran Vía.

The Luengo brothers and Desokupa

The family real estate fund, ZZ Inmobilari Próxima, also owns the building on Calle Barbieri 5 in Madrid, squatted in June 2018 and named the Centro Social Okupado Transfeminista La Pluma. But the stay in the building was short-lived, as on the morning of Monday 25 June, at least fifteen unidentified people took part in an extrajudicial eviction squad that led to the eviction of the people who had spent the night in La Pluma. The intervention of this gang of thugs resulted in three people with injuries and wounds who reported the aggressions and homophobic insults they received from the aggressors to the local police.

Pending trial, Daniel Fernández Luengo is being investigated by the justice system, accused of hate crime for being the one who gave the order to the company of thugs to evict the people who were in the building without a court order.

Oficina de Derechos Sociales
La Ingobernable
Calle de La Cruz 5
28014 Madrid

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Brussels: a hundred residents mobilise to avoid eviction

Press release 7 May 2021. Brussels city – a hundred residents are mobilising to avoid eviction: the building has been empty since 2017 and belongs to Belgium’s second largest fortune.

The building was squatted by the “Solidarity Requisition Campaign” in March. Following the occupation, negotiations were started in order to reach an agreement and sign a temporary occupation agreement with the owner, Viscountess Caroline de Spoelberch. Despite encouraging beginnings, the latter is now backing down and has obtained an eviction order. The residents are mobilising to avoid being thrown out on the street in the midst of a social and health crisis.

A hundred or so people have been living for over a month in the gigantic building , which overlooks both Rue de Livourne and Avenue Louise. Purchased in 2018 for 18 million euros by Caroline de Spoelberch, it has remained unoccupied since then. For this reason, the “Solidarity Requisitioning Campaign” took over the building at the end of March and several groups of homeless or badly housed people, including the Voice of the Homeless BXL and the Voice of the Homeless Family, quickly moved in.

On 28 April, Erard de Becker, the building manager and representative of the owners, announced his intention to evict the residents, despite ongoing negotiations. This decision is incomprehensible and brutal for the collective occupants, mainly undocumented families, including many women and children.

“The owners expressed their agreement to sign an occupation agreement, mentioning their demands. As these were respected, we do not understand why they now want to evict us”, says Henriette, one of the building’s residents.

The residents also quote a report from the city of Brussels – via its Public Security Unit: “safe occupation is possible […] it is an office building, empty since 2017. The owner is in the initial stages of developing a project (informal discussions with Urban and the City of Brussels), including the demolition of the property. To date, the application for a permit has still not been submitted. ”

“Finally,” they conclude, “the legal steps taken by the owners assume that they do not know the identity of the people occupying the property, yet we have been negotiating together since the end of March. We deplore the owner’s desire to evict and recall the critical housing situation in Brussels. Through this occupation, we are organising a concrete (re)housing solution for a hundred people and we denounce the non-respect of the right to housing for all in Brussels”.

The owner, Caroline de Spoelberch, belongs to one of the richest families in Belgium. They are, among others, the majority shareholders of the AB InBev group, the largest brewing empire in the world and recently mentioned in the Panama Papers.

The residents are now launching a campaign to mobilise with them over the next few weeks to avoid eviction. A website has been made public, as well as a video explaining the situation. The residents are also proposing that citizens and associations sign a petition to ask the owners to reconsider their position and to allow the occupying individuals and families to remain in shelter until the work is completed. Rallies and actions are also planned, depending on how the situation develops.

Bâtiment Louise
143 Avenue Louise
1000 Brussels, Belgium
lapoussiere [at] riseup [dot] net

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Solothurn: Wagenplatz “Wagabunten”, 7 years are enough! The “Wagabunten” are still around!

For 7 years now we can be found in our trailers in the city of Solothurn and the surrounding area. 7 years in which we have tried to get our request for a fixed location for our caravan site. But unfortunately there is still no solution for our alternative living project.
In these 7 years we have tried different solutions: we have collected signatures, we have actively approached land owners, be they private individuals, the city, the canton or the surrounding communities.
A concept was also worked out and sent to various parties. But even with the consent of a private land owner and a building permit, obstacles were put in the way of our project. Therefore, the occupation of brownfield sites has proved to be the most effective method for us. In this way we have occupied over 25 derelict sites in the last 7 years. For us “Wagabunten” this means moving on average every 3 to 4 months!
We demand a location for our trailer park!
There are some examples of alternative living in Bern, Biel, Lucerne, etc. that show that they’re in demand and that there are possibilities to legalise such projects.

In October 2020, after several years in the agglomeration around Solothurn, we have decided to move back into the city, as Solothurn was and is the centre of our lives. After occupying the meadow next to the Badi car park the city “generously” gave us the Badi car park for a limited period of 3 months.
Our request to be allowed to use the car park at least until the opening of the Badi season was, to our “surprise”, rejected for reasons of building law. Our request for a joint discussion to find a solution together was simply ignored. We can do that too, we thought to ourselves and let the deadline for clearing the Badi car park pass. But now the Badi will be opening soon and we have been asked to leave the car park again. So our search for a suitable location continues. But we will not be defeated!
We will continue to occupy until one day we can stay!
Trailer parks everywhere!

Los Wagabuntos

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Berlin: rally against gentrification

Gentrification is becoming more and more prevalent in the area of Neukolln. From the restaurants in the so called “Kreuzkolln” area, to the bars on Weserstrasse; from the “Karstadt” at Hermannplatz to all over around Schillerkiez. The newest eyesore of the luxury development under construction “Kalle Neukolln,” brings the issue of gentrification even closer to our neighborhood.
As soon as the German government dismissed the rent cap, construction seems more pervasive than ever before; clear indications that rent increases and displacement has already begun.
On Friday 07.05.21, in our neighborhood, along Braunschweiger Str. and Richardstr. we are organizing ourselves, collaborating together for a self-organized kiez! We invite you to come to meet, dance, and play together for a united neighborhood!
All soli donations will be against repression for a person without papers

Against the gentrification, in solidarity with threatened house projects, let’s take back the streets!

Brauni 53/55
Braunschweigerstr. 53/55, 12055 Berlin
b5355 [at] riseup [dot] net

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Berlin: Køpi Weekend of Protest

Køpi calls for friends and allies from around the world to meet in Berlin on the 15th and 16th of May for a weekend of protest. As Køpiplatz (trailer park) faces the most serious eviction threat to date, Køpi stands united to fight for our homes and families. Køpi has been a DIY project in the heart of Berlin offering living space for people in the house and trailer park for more than 30 years. It also continues to be a home for collectives, events, and creative energy since the day the first door was broken open. We will not give up our way of life for some state backed developers! When the law wants to take our homes away, it’s time to break the law!
The alleged owner of Køpi, Startezia GmbH, is just another example of how our homes and autonomous communities are destroyed by anonymous postbox companies that care only about profit and not about people. Køpiplatz does not face the threat of eviction alone. Other Berlin projects, Potse, Rigaer 94, and Queer Wagenplatz Mollies are also in immediate danger. In the last year alone, crucial left-wing places like Liebig 34, Syndikat, Meuterei, Diesel A, Sabot Garden and G17a have already been evicted.
This greed has already gone too far, we don’t forget and we won’t forgive!
Køpiplatz is our home and we are here to stay!
Take action, large or small in your city or town.
Make it loud, make it dirty, be creative! Just like Køpi!

Save the Dates:
Bring your anger to Berlin! Block the streets! Stop the city!
15 May – 20:30Wagenplatzdemo
“Don’t wait until it’s too late, this capitalist take over must stop!” Starting point TBA on KØPI channels – demo will leave on time so dont be late – stay safe, take care of each other & wear a mask.

16 May – 13:00Rally / Wagenplatzkundgebung in front of Køpi between Schiling & Adalbertstr. with “Reactory” (local Metal) – “Visions Of War” (crusty from Hellgium/Int.) – “Strach” (Punk from the Kiez) – “Alice Dee” – “Rapkreation” – “Yeshe” (all Kreuzberg Rap) – “Day Before Wednesday” (performance) & speech contributions.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, this capitalist take over must stop!

Køpi & Køpi Wagenplatz 133 – 138
Köpenicker Straße, 10179 Berlin

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Utrecht: save the Reactorweg

A squat in the city of Utrecht at Reactorweg in the district of Lage Weide is being threatened with eviction. The reason? The Utrechts Studenten Corps (Utrecht Student Association, USC from here), a Fraternity, wants to throw its 77th annual “lustre” party in the 3 squatted buildings that house 25 people and numerous social, cultural, and political initiatives. To make such an eviction during the COVID-pandemic and a housing crisis in Utrecht, the students are essentially helping the owner evict the 25 squatters, putting them on the streets.
But we still have hope! If we manage to raise sufficient funding we can initiate a higher appeal, in which other judges will revise the case.

The situation

A court ruling last week decided that the people living at the Reactorweg in Utrecht will be evicted to facilitate a week-long party organized by the USC.
The living groups think it is unacceptable that a student party gets precedence over their right to proper and affordable housing. Consequently, the living groups went to court to prevent this from happening. “The people living here are very diverse. Some live here as there are no alternatives, others live here more out of ideological reasons.” In the court case, the squatters emphasized the urgency of the case and said they will be homeless if the eviction continues. “Some have applied for social housing a decade ago and still can’t find proper housing,” one of the defendants explained.

Utrecht knows there is great housing crisis. Over the last decade, the municipality has not succeeded in providing or facilitating sufficient, affordable housing. Rather, they choose to demolish already existing neigbourhoods in order to make place for expensive housing. Therefore, it is crude to see that the USC chooses the house of 25 people to throw their party, while In Lage Weide specifically one out of five offices buildings are vacant.² Odds are high that the buildings will be left vacant or demolished after the party. And the owner does not have any building plans prepared. The living group believes it is the goal of the owner, Vastgoedbedrijf de Waal BV, to evict them by means of the USC.

Other members of the living group explain that the housing market does not provide enough alternatives in which people can experiment with creative forms of communal living and working. “My ideal way of life will never be realized in a casual house,” one of the defendants explained. In the court case, they showed declarations of support from neighbours to prove the social value they have in the area.

The squatters seriously doubt whether the student party can take place in the first place, as the Netherlands are still subject to extensive and strict corona measures. The fact that the USC did not yet even apply for the necessary permits, while the municipality already has to work through a big pile of applications, says enough about the precariousness of the event, explained the lawyer.

² Bron: Utrecht-monitor


One of the inhabitants explains about the life at the Reactorweg:

“We are always open to people that have their own ideas about how to organize and arrange the spaces in this place; people can always come by if they are in need or want to be involved in ongoing projects. Before Corona broke out, we cooked large dinners for donation basis (called eetcafe) for acquaintances and neighbours, using saved food or vegetables from our own garden. We also have a free shop where people can find or donate clothing, books and other objects, plus we have a music room, we organize yoga lessons and language classes. People who have become homeless can (and have) temporarily stay(ed) at our place. In this way we help them finding another place to live. In short, there is always something to do or build and we have created a very nice space for experimental, social, cultural, and political initiatives.”

So here you have it: On one side is the USC, that wants to throw a week-long party in a building in Lage Weide; and on the other side, the 25 inhabitants, organizing a variety of social, cultural, and political initiatives.

What can you do for us?

As a growing group of people have taken a stance against the eviction of the Reactorweg living groups, the groups have decided to take the fight to the next level: higher appeal. They have created this page to share their side of the story and raise money for the upcoming court cases. This is what you can do to help us:

1. Donate:
2. Share this page.
a. If you choose to donate € 10 or more you will receive a creative digital thank you!
b. If you choose to donate € 20 or more you will be invited for nice and cozy dinner (which will be organized within the possibilities of the covid regulations)
c. If you choose to donate € 100 or more you will be able to get an exclusive ride in the Reactor Cabri-yolo! (See the picture!)
d. If you choose to donate € 500 or more you can participate in the lottery during the great dinner, in which you will win a great price guaranteed!
3. Send a message to the municipality expressing that you are against the eviction. You can do this by following this link. On the page, you can write a text as you want or you can choose to copy/paste this example:

Choose: “Stuur uw vraag, opmerking of idee”

– Example text –

Title: Stop the eviction of the Reactorweg!

Text: Stop the eviction of the living group living at the Reactorweg in Lage Weide. The squat will be evicted for a party organized by the USC. This means that these people will be made homeless for students that want to party for a mere week. I support the living groups and their social, cultural, and political organizing. Stop the eviction! Evictions are not Utrechts!

Financial transparence

Let’s start with the good news: if we win the court case, all donations will be returned to the donators (minus the transaction costs charged by the platform)!

However, if we lose the cases this means we will have to pay all the costs, including the costs of the state’s lawyers. As the Reactorweg consists of multiple buildings and groups, there are two separate court cases. The costs of the first court case have already been covered by one living group. For the second court case and the higher appeal in the first court case, we will need more money. Below we will explain how the costs are divided:

1st Court case
Last week the court case for the eviction of the office buildings took place. The judge decided that the living group’s housing rights are less important than the owner’s right to facilitate a student party in times of a COVID-pandemic. The complete court ruling can be read here (and can easily be translated on Google).
The costs of the first case: € 1683,-, which has already been covered by one living group.

2nd Court case: Higher appeal
The living group has decided to take on the battle and fight the power of the owner, a real estate speculator, in a higher appeal. The date for the higher appeal has yet to be decided.
The costs for the higher appeal have been estimated to be € 2600,- (goal #1)

3rd Court case
On the 12th of May another court case will take place. In this court case the judge will decide on the eviction of the terrain where people live, including a warehouse.
The costs for the second court case will be € 1683,- (goal #2)

Do you want to help us in another way? The living group is very open to ideas! Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Reactorweg 164-172
3542AD Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Saint-Étienne: le Steal, new squatted space

Since Sunday 18 April 2021, we have been occupying le Steal, a former music school in Saint-Etienne, which has been empty for several months and which belongs to the city. We wish to make it a place of struggle, life and discussions open to all.
We occupy this building because we refuse to choose between a growing precariousness and a world of profit more and more dehumanizing, to always more toiling while others amass billions and to rent slums while the city hall leaves buildings to the abandonment. This place is meant to host various cultural and political events and to support anti-capitalist, anti-racist, LGBTI+, ecologist struggles, etc… and therefore open to all people and groups wishing to organize, meet and discuss around them.
We will keep you informed about the next events and we want to keep the communication around this place.
Do not hesitate to come and meet us!

Le Steal
17 rue Benoît Malon
42000 Saint-Étienne, France

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Amsterdam: squat eviction, what happened at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 136

This is going to be personal, this is going to be emotional. We are people with feelings, with political convictions, with longing for freedom. Our struggle and our wounds are written and felt in our bodies. We are angry and we are sad, we are tired and we are determined. Evictions are public spectacles, collective traumas. Certain people are to blame. So we will name them and we will shame them.

Why we squatted Oudezijds Voorburgwal 136:

There are many reasons to squat. The line between personal reasons and political is – as always – blurred. We not only squat because of a need for affordable housing with an imagination of what this space could be, but also with anger towards the racism, colonialism and capitalism this building represents. Watch the video to see our political statement.

On the illegal eviction:

We don’t believe in justice under this racist, patriarchal, capitalist system. We don’t recognise its laws, courts or authority. Nobody needs more than the house they live in. All property is theft and everyone that needs a home should take it from those that have multiple houses- especially when they are not using them. Still, it seems worth mentioning that this was an illegal eviction. We are not surprised when those in power break their own laws; we quickly learned to expect it. We had been in the building already for 5 days and had made it our home, we provided the cops with evidence. Initially, when the cops showed up (pretty soon after we dropped some banners), they said they would respect our house peace (“huisvrede”) and told us everything looked okay when we handed them the evidence. Only to come back a few hours later to inform us that the riot cops were on their way to evict us. We were told by the head of police that it was Femke Halsma the mayor of Amsterdam who called for the eviction, there is a clear conflict of interest there, as it is the Municipality that owns the building.

It took 12 riot vans and about 100 cops to evict the 3 people inside from our home and political space. Comrades and sympathetic bystanders got beaten by cops while rich neighbours sipped away at their chardonnay enjoying “the spectacle”, like our lives are some kind of entertainment. One of our comrades got snatched, beaten and abducted by plain-clothed cops.

On the attempted murder of our comrade by the riot cops, their racism and the snitch ass neighbour from next door:

Some might have seen a picture or a video of one of our comrades hanging from a window on the 7th story of the building. Some bystanders might have watched it from across the street, we know you were watching too, Janny Alberts. If our comrade would have died, their death would have been on your hands too. Before going out of the window, while the riot cops were smashing our front door, the comrades inside were upstairs. When looking out of the window, the neighbour next door encouraged us to come to his house. We asked if we could come to his balcony and he replied by saying “Yes, of course” . Essentially, he told us he would provide us safety and help us escape. It was this that encouraged our comrade to climb out of the window. When we realised they were not going to be able to make the climb, we tried pulling them back up. It was at this moment that the riot cops grabbed us, the people who were holding our hanging comrade, and pulled us away, even though we stated multiple times that if we would let go, our comrade would fall and possibly die. It was luck, not care on the cops’ behalf, that caused our comrade to survive. Luckily, they landed on a little latch on the side of the building. If our comrade wouldn’t have landed there, or if they would have slipt and lost balance while falling down, they would have died. The cops tried to kill them. After the attempted murder of our comrade, they called us “tyfus wijven” twisted our wrists and pushed us down the stairs. The first thing the neighbour told our comrade, who was still standing on the little latch, was that they were under arrest. The arrest took place on the roof and was executed through the neighbour’s house. Later we would realize that he had already let the cops inside before he encouraged us to climb out – or maybe he was an undercover.

After being dragged away from our comrade, who was still in a dangerous situation on the rooftop, a male riot cop searched our black femme comrade, both inside the building and outside by the riot van. Even though she protested that she should be patted down by a female cop, they did not listen. Various cops inquired about 5 times whether our black comrade ‘had any sharp objects on her’. This question was not once asked about our two white comrades. Furthermore, an innocent black passerby got snatched and beaten by the cops without provocation.

By no means are we trying to say that this situation is exceptional. Cops are class traitors and racists. They are and have been murdering and harassing POC on our streets, in their houses and in prisons, whenever they can, whenever they feel like.

NV ZEEDIJK’s Green Light District is a state-sanctioned gentrification project paid for by tax payer’s money:

NV Zeedijk is a company largely owned by the municipality (78%), they bought the building on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal 136 with taxpayers money. Janny Alberts is the Director of NV Zeedijk. The municipality has been buying up places like this one from whom they see as “criminals”- (in our eyes all landlords are parasites, whether they are criminals or not, because all wealth is made through the exploitation of working-class people) to make the red light district “nicer”. In reality, NV Zeedijk’s “greenlight district campaign” is gentrification mixed with a good dose of greenwashing. They are pushing out the poor and the situation for sex workers, who are already in a precarious situation, is worsening. With the many windows closing, rent prices for the ones that left have gone up. Because of this, sex workers are forced to accept worse contracts. The municipality’s campaign of “cleaning up” the red light district is a campaign of social cleansing. Removing people they don’t like out of their sight.

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 136 used to be social housing. The families that lived there were forced to leave after the person, in whose name the original social rental contract was made, died. Though NV Zeedijk is still waiting for planning permission on permits and there are no clear plans with the building yet, it looks like they will build luxury apartments in a place that used to be social rent. The building was empty for 3 years when we squatted it, except for some property guardians (anti-kraak- property guardians are not tenants, they are guardians that live under precarious conditions and have signed away their tenant rights).

NV Zeedijk represents everything we resent. They use the language of being socially woke to cover up their social cleansing campaign. They evicted 3-4 families so that a supposedly environmentally friendly company can sell their over-priced soap bars. They left the top floors (the ones we were occupying) empty for three years. And they proudly display the slavery and colonialism The  Netherlands participates in on their building.

What you can do to support:

Continue squatting, get involved with Anarcha-Feminist Group Amsterdam, do anti-racist work. Stand in solidarity with Marisella de Cuba ( and other anti-racist activists.
Spread the word about NV zeedijk and the shady stuff they do.

Anarcha-Feminist Group Amsterdam
anarchafemsterdam [at] riseup [dot] net

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Source: Indymedia Nederland

Basel: actions days, new squat on Florastrasse 23 evicted


With the rapid deepening of structural inequalities, lack of solutions, and the economic crisis amplified by Corona, a void has entered many of our minds, bodies, future plans, social interactions, relationships, and wallets.
Stay at home and do nothing? We have a different idea of solidarity! Let’s denounce grievances together! Point out where the problems of the crisis are buried! Question the principles of our society! Share experiences! Time for unconventional solutions! Civil disobedience is more than appropriate! Solidarity with hand and foot can be lived! Together against emptiness!

This morning, april 21 2021, Florastrasse 23 was occupied. The house has been empty for a year and should have been used again. The owner, however, was not happy about this news and called in the police without further notice. A constructive conversation or other negotiation between the squatters and the owner was unfortunately not possible. The house was thus evicted by the police after a few hours. There were no arrests.

Call out of the action days “Together against emptiness! – Who owns the space?”

Who owns the space? What are the reasons for emptiness?

There are many empty houses, apartments and office spaces in Basel and throughout Switzerland. The reasons are (in short) real estate speculation, total renovations or upgrading processes, family disputes after an inheritance, pending construction projects due to regulations or the laziness of the ownership. The list of reasons is long and everyone knows about the ongoing struggle for housing, the struggle for the city, the struggle for space – but serious changes can probably not be expected in a system where capital determines. The struggle for housing remains with the tenants and their supporters. Property (thus ownership) is protected as the highest good.
More information on the sobering situation “Who owns the space?”, as well as facts on the real estate situation and its owners in Basel can be found here.

Space as a privilege

While some people can afford to leave houses empty for years, others have very limited access to housing. The people affected are those who have no roof over their heads, who cannot afford housing on the market, who are denied space through bureaucratic processes and discriminatory standards. – All those who have few opportunities for a dignified, self-determined home!
People living in camps have no place of retreat, no access to good health care, had to live together in bunkers (detention centers) in cramped spaces during Corona (see 3rgg)

People in the emergency aid structure are not provided with housing, but vouchers are distributed for the overcrowded emergency sleeping facilities. Such facilities are tied to several racist hurdles and deportation for people without a Swiss passport, as the example in February 2021 shows. A group of Romas was exempted from the costs of staying overnight in the shelter for a fortnight, with the condition that they had to take care of their “journey home” within two weeks or report to the migration office and risk probable deportation. So after a short time, the shelter was empty again.

In the Basel area, the emergency shelter offers space for 25 women and 75 men. In the city of Basel alone, 175 people live in the emergency aid structure, plus people without shelter – these figures alone in comparison show how the system of the emergency sleeping facility does not work. In addition, the emergency sleeping facility – both for people in the emergency structure and for other people without shelter – does not serve as a place to stay but is closed from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Where are the people without a home supposed to spend their days? Where should people without a home spend their days during the Corona crisis and in general? (see 3 Rosen Gegen Grenzen)

“A Home for All”

For us, a home is a space that everyone needs and that no one should be denied. A space that is meant to be empowering, a personal (small) free space, a protective space. To stay healthy, now more than ever, we need this space, the possibility for hygiene, the possibility for retreat, for rest, the possibility to take care of ourselves physically and psychologically.
During Corona, the situation became more precarious for many precarious people. People with no budget are forced to live together in a small space. FINT persons are even more exposed to domestic violence, parallel childcare and home office. The list of grievances is long, which are related to the problem of “Who owns the space?”. A home is more important now than ever before!
The April 2020 campaign from Zurich, “A Home for All”, has a solid idea of solidarity as a measure against the crisis. People without homes should be able to use empty houses as shelters.
Squatting as a way to fill the many unused spaces.

We join the proposals from Zurich “A Home for All” and demand:
– Are you a homeowner and your properties are empty? Open them up to those who don’t have a home! Open them up to people who are locked up in camps!
– Open hotel rooms as living space! Abolish Airbnb’s
– For everyone else: If big corporations and others don’t want to share their properties: squat a house. Share it with those who don’t have one. Demand justice.”

With this occupation we offer a direct solution to the situation in Basel. We occupy a house that has been empty for a long time and ask the owners to give it to us at the cost of water and electricity.
Solidarity is more than soap and distance.

The same demands count for Basel as for Zurich and everywhere:
– A home for all. (Together with their home against the crisis).
– For all, the possibility to protect themselves.
– For all, a secure existence.
– All camps and prisons close immediately.

gegenleere [at] immerda [dot] ch

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