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Montpellier: Families evicted, buildings occupied!

On July 10 2020, in front of associations, collectives, squatters and unions, while the préfet was reassuring about the squats situation during the summer, and was only talking about the “problematic” situation of the former Institut Bouisson Bertrand, he was actually preparing evictions for the 23rd. Evictions that affected two buildings in the city centre, putting around 50 vulnerable people and families on the street, and others in detention in CRA. The generous solution provided: 3 nights in a hotel and a return to the violence of the tent in the street.

Knowing the CV of the current préfet of the Hérault, Jacques Witkowski, we had not believed in his promise of the 10th, and therefore decided to squat this building owned by the council which had remained empty and walled up for too long, since 15 July, in order to rehouse the people that Jacques put outside during the heat wave, and during the biggest health crisis we have experienced since the beginning of the century, thus directly endangering the people concerned and the population of Montpellier.

For more than a week now, we have been residents of this place and we intend to rehouse these people who were put on the streets 3 days ago.

The eviction of squats does not solve the problems of precariousness, it displaces it by making it invisible and by breaking the solidarity that is created in the collectively occupied places.

Let’s not let the Prefecture destroy lives.


The Prefecture lies, the street acts: after the evictions, new occupation of a building in Montpellier

On July 10th, date of the end of the winter truce, a collective composed of several human rights associations (LDH, DAL, Cimade), squats collectives and unions (FSU, CGT, Solidaires) had asked, during a meeting with the Prefecture, for a moratorium on squat evictions in Montpellier.

During this meeting, the sub-prefect Philippe Nucho would have announced that the priority of the Prefecture was the eviction of the squat “Bouisson-Bertrand” in Euromédecine, held by the association Solidarité Partagée and welcoming more than 200 people. Pressed in particular by the representatives of the collectives of small squats, including the CSA Bonnard, and of the trade unions, the sub-prefect committed himself, according to several sources present, not to put “families with children” on the street.

A betrayal by the prefecture?

Now, as reported by a number of regional media and our comrades from Le Poing, the Casa del Sol, and especially the CSA Bonnard, which was hosting more than fifty people including families, five miners, were evicted by a police intervention on Wednesday 22 July. Strange sense of priority. Ten of them, in an irregular situation, were taken in charge by the border police, some of them placed in administrative detention centres. In a press release, Prefect Jacques Witkowski assumes these expulsions and justifies them: “these illegal occupations place the people who have settled there in undignified sanitary and social conditions”.

Mr. Witkowski therefore proposed to the evicted people and their children four nights in a hotel before they found themselves on the street, a good example of the sense of dignity of the State, which had found it convenient to be able to rest on the squats during the confinement, while the emergency accommodation on our territory was full to bursting point and the occupations had multiplied. The Prefect, as usual, no doubt considered that these few nights in a hotel were a viable alternative accommodation solution.

While the sub-prefect made a commitment to the collective on 10 July, can we see in the Prefect’s spin an attempt to discredit Mr. Nucho, who was already serving under his predecessor Pierre Pouëssel? And to allow a bit of housekeeping in the former executive, starting by disavowing the word of his subordinate? Or one of those errors of internal communication so representative of the state administrative bureaucracy …?

How to explain this about-face to the militant circles received less than a fortnight before, and which was done at the price of the stability of the existence of these families? Women, men and children, who did not expect to be evicted from one day to the next, in the midst of a health crisis and a period of heat peaks… In any case, the collective has already contacted the Prefecture again, waiting for an explanation.

Realistic and responsive squat collectives

In any case, some activists, not very confident in the Prefecture’s commitment, had anticipated the eviction of the CSA Bonnard, and proceeded on July 15 to occupy a new building, located at 1 rue Saint-Vincent-de-Paul near Boutonnet and unoccupied for several years, in order to rehouse the families. The announcement of this occupation was made today to the town hall, owner of the premises, by the League for Human Rights (LDH 34), and many activists and supporters came in late morning to reinforce them.

The national police, on information from the municipal authorities, took over the issue and came in the afternoon to recognize the occupation. After the findings of the forensic police, the officers prepared to receive an intervention order. However, it did not come. For several hours, the officers did not seem to know in which legal framework they were acting, and doubts remained about the existence of a possible complaint by the municipality. Activists and police officers waited for a long time, one in the shade and the others under the overwhelming sun.

Delafosse doesn’t want to do the job

Faced with the media coverage of the recent evictions, the city council, as the owner, did not want the eviction to take place, as Mr. Delafosse had the good sense to spare himself a bad publicity stunt at the beginning of his term of office by alienating the associations and collectives that fight against poor housing in Montpellier, and whose action is crucial. Indeed, the demand for social housing in the department has risen from 14,000 to 40,000 in just a few years. According to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, around 5,000 people could be evicted in the metropolis.

The collective that carried out the occupation has obtained an appointment with the municipal services next Monday to consider a perpetuation of the occupation, at least until proposals for decent housing are issued for these undocumented people or those awaiting regularization. The new president of the metropolis and mayor of Montpellier could kill two birds with one stone if he manages to find a permanent rehousing for these people among the more than 10,000 vacant housing units in the city.

While the Prefecture recently announced that it had removed 145 of the 320 housing places created as a result of the Covid 19 crisis, which were already largely insufficient, it is estimated that around 4,000 people are homeless or live in shantytowns in Montpellier.

New squat in Rue Saint-Vincent-de-Paul: occupiers call for solidarity and donations

For more than a week now, several families requesting asylums from Africa or Eastern Europe have been living in a communal building after the eviction of the CSA in rue Bonnard on 23 July. Faced with the lies of the prefecture and the negligence of the public authorities – offering only a few nights in a hotel with no longer-term solutions – the street is organizing itself to make up for the shortcomings of the state. The occupiers have recently appealed for donations and solidarity to renovate the place, and help has already been received from the neighbourhood. An appeal that Le Poing relays here.

“The prefecture lies, the street acts”

Simple and effective, this slogan, which was displayed under a window of the building when it was inaugurated, perfectly illustrates the housing situation for people in need of asylums and precarious housing, on the eve of a probable second wave of Coronavirus.
On July 10, the prefect of the Hérault district, Jacques Witkowski, was reassuring about the situation of squats in Montpellier during the summer during a meeting with squatters, associations, unions and other activists.

Commitments almost immediately betrayed: on July 23rd, he had families living in an occupied building on Bonnard Street evicted, as well as the Centre d’Actions Sociales Autogéré (CASA), a few meters away.

In our paper on the evictions, Le Poing deplored the divisions within the city’s squats and the relative absence of activists during the evictions: “their dissensions, their internal wars, result in a culture of resentment and grudges, reproaches and recriminations. ». Behind these sentences, however factual, lies an error of analysis on our part at that time.

For it is clear that despite its internal divisions, the street – not trusting the prefectural discourse – knows how to unite in the face of urgency in order to act. Indeed, the building 1 rue Saint-Vincent-de-Paul was occupied since July 15 (according to a communiqué from the occupiers), that is to say 8 days before the eviction from the Rue Bonnard.

The political and militant response to the prefect’s lies is strong and marked. This opening allowed several families of asylum seekers to be relocated. “About fifty people” according to the person who showed us around.

Call for donations and solidarity

A young girl of about 12 years old, from Eastern Europe, serves as our guide while her family works on some renovations:

“This is our room, you can take a picture of it”.

Several corridors lead to other rooms on both sides of the landing, and a staircase leads to a common room on the second floor.
“Upstairs is the common room, there is a kitchen. That’s where the meetings are held. We have water and electricity. » .

She assures that relations with the neighbourhood – the Marie Caizergues children’s home – are rather peaceful. “They’re nice, it’s going well. They brought us a few things – food and hygiene products – and they leave us an outdoor space.

Around us, cleaning and work, because the building has been abandoned for a long time. In addition to these time-consuming repairs, there is also a certain amount of stress linked to the previous eviction and its share of uncertainties and temporary hotel rooms with no lasting solution for the future.

The occupiers are therefore calling for solidarity for small renovation works.

An appeal for donations was also written on a banner hanging from a window: “water, food, hygiene products, bedding and mattresses”, household necessities and money for the renovations to be done.

To give a hand, go to 1 Rue Saint-Vincent-de-Paul!

New St-Vincent-de-Paul squat in Montpellier: call for donations and solidarity

Thursday, July 30, early afternoon. The sun is crushing the corner of the streets of Abbé de l’épée and Saint-Vincent-de-Paul with its heat. In the middle of the decrepit facade of this long abandoned building, an old door, walled up and covered with the image of a Pierrot de la Lune. Above, a banner takes the wind: “Call for donations”, with a list of basic necessities.

Successful emergency relocation

It’s been almost a week since the declaration of the opening of this new squat was made to the public authorities and the press, following the evictions affecting the CSA Bonnard. Squatters have made room for the families of asylum seekers from Africa or Eastern Europe, and little by little life is getting organized. La Mule du Pape is welcomed by E., a Georgian who seems to be in charge of the organisation of the place, which is mainly oriented towards the reception of families.

Very affable although interrupted in the middle of plumbing works, he makes us go around the owner. For the moment, between fifty and sixty people have already moved into the building, including about twenty children of all ages. Many residents are busy with minor renovations, cleaning and tidying up. In particular, there is a need to ensure that children who have been living in an abandoned building for more than five years are not exposed to any risks. Rooms are divided into sectors corresponding to the geographical origins of the residents. The kitchen is already operational. The courtyard welcomes children’s games.

An appeal for donations and solidarity

The rapidity with which the premises were filled testifies to the reality of the precarious situation of migrants and asylum seekers in Montpellier. According to testimonies, the transition from the CSA Bonnard to this new building has been a source of stress and uncertainty, and the placement in hotel rooms for only four nights, an illusory solution although safe for the children. Since their installation, they have benefited from the solidarity of neighbours who have provided them with food and hygiene products.

However, between the lack of resources and money, and the time spent renovating the premises, the inhabitants still live in a certain precariousness. This is why an appeal for donations and solidarity has been launched: water, food, hygiene products, bedding and mattresses, household or DIY products, money… Anything that can be used is welcome, as well as solidarity help with renovation work.

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Berlin: Syndikat evicted, Day X demonstration

So sorry for our abrupt exit earlier. But the eviction, as foreseeable as it might have been, has taken us all mega hard at the moment of the execution. Hopefully some of you are at Herrfurthplatz right now, for the neighbourhood demonstration after our eviction.

Regardless of that, today is Day X, which means that the angry Sponti of the Interkiezionale will take place at 9pm at Richardplatz. We will evaluate the last few days and get back to you as soon as we have coped with the efforts of the last time.

But tomorrow we will publish all information about our anti-repression structure, because unfortunately the escalation strategy of the cops has led to many arrests and charges. But we deal with it the same way we deal with our fight: together, in solidarity & we don’t leave anybody alone! Independent of us, EA and Gesa support will continue to work until everyone is out. Deep thanks from us to all who do this.

We just want to say thank you after these incredibly intense days & weeks! Thanks to all of you who have supported us in so many ways until this day and made sure that we could experience this day at all. Thanks to all the encouragement, the time, the nerves, the know-how, the capacities and our own integrity.

And deepest thanks and respect to all who yesterday and today together with us against the eviction & the shit the cops & senate have put up with it, have shown so much resistance. We will certainly evaluate this in detail, but already now we can say that we all made the best out of the shitty conditions & it was a worthy conclusion of an unbelievable fight. Interior Senator & Cops thought that they were playing knockout by early & extensive siege, but we all showed that we can still take spaces and opportunities to express our disagreement and anger and despite the supposed superiority of having made the cops sweat over and over again.

The day was – in view of the overwhelming superiority & despite the eviction – for the cops, the Senator of the Interior & finally the whole R2G Senate a shame and a disgrace. And with all the sadness the day gives us courage. For the coming, threatening evictions of Meuterei, Potse, Liebig34 and Rigaer94, but also of all other tenants, house communities, small businesses and social projects. And for the possibility of perhaps lifting a Syndikat out of the ruins again sometime and continuing as before: for non-commercial, self-organized and resistant neighborhood culture from below. And for the city for all.

Get up, show your passion & anger tonight & in the future and continue to fight with us for houses, neighbourhoods and cities where we can and want to live together & in solidarity.

The Syndikat is dead – long live the Syndikat.

syndikatbleibt [at] riseup [dot] net

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Berlin: Action Week for Leibig34, 07-13.09.20

International Call for the defence of Liebig34

Liebig 34 is being threatend by eviction. When state, cops and the owner want to evict, they will only have a desaster on their hands.
As an anarcha-queer-feminist selforganized house-project without cis-men, directly at the square „Dorfplatz“ in Friedrichshain, Liebig 34 is a place where resistive actions and collective moments are decided and organized. A place where self-organization becomes a dangerous word, where a project is becoming a starting point of struggles and not just a space of self-reference and alternative entertainment. The project itself has taken part in the planning of many of demonstrations, published numerous calls and texts and carried out various radical actions. But it is also a symbol of radicalization and empowerment for the antagonistic scene in Berlin and in Germany, as it shows how to fight various forms of resistance.
Liebig34 consists of a collective which is working with a focus to overcome more and more internalized structures of capitalism and patriarchy. In a world where patriarchy makes up one of the main pillars of the capitalist system, militant feminist groups and collectives, which make clear that the resistance and the fighting back is not a cis-men privilege, are more than necessary. In a patriarchal world, in which patriarchy and capitalism are intervoven, it is more than necessary to actually fight patriarchy and not have it be a side note in a text. Let us not be divided by oppression and let’s fight together in this for a liberated society.

Join the fight and defend Liebig34!
Feminist action week 07-13.09.20

More information coming as soon as possible.

Autonomous Groups for Liebig34

Liebigstraße 34, 10247 Berlin
liebig34 [at] riseup [dot] net

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International Call for the defence of Liebig34

Birmingham: Report back from Jellytot StopHS2 courtcase

There are currently several courtcases going on prosecuting Stop HS2 activists, whilst HS2 Limited recently announced that their chief executive earned £659,000 last year, making him the highest paid UK government official. The board of directors got £1.6m remuneration in total … and this was all paid for by our taxes!? Instead of this greed and corruption being investigated, at the end of July young tree protector Jellytot faced charges at Birmingham High Court for allegedly breaking an injunction seventeen times. Defending ancient woodland in Warwickshire is the alleged crime!

HS2 Limited are pushing for a prison sentence for trespass, which HS2 Rebellion has called “draconian & totally disproportionate”. A TINAAR (This is not about a railway) blogpost stated “These injunctions are not only a violation of a lawful right to protest. They are another example of how our supposed criminal justice system and government over and over again bow to the will of corporations and business and sell out the people they are supposed to protect.” Representing Jellytot, Andrew Wagner raised concerns with the court about the injunction’s unjust nature, since it was not properly served and the area covered was altered over time. Wagner asked a high court enforcement agent “Your officers use violence don’t they?”.

The court, presided over by Mr Justice Smith, heard Jellytot speak to deny the charge of breaching the injunction earlier this year. Referring to one alleged breach, the judge asked “This looks really quite dangerous – you really feel that strongly about preventing HS2 that you put yourself in physical danger?” and Jellytot answered “Yes, I didn’t think about the danger I just thought ‘this machine is going to cut down trees so I will do what I can to stop it'”.

The hearing was postponed for further submissions until September, dates to be confirmed. Report drawn from various sources including This is not about a railway, @HS2Rebellion and mainstream media.

Paris: eviction of the young migrants camp set up in Jules Ferry Square

The camp, which housed more than 70 young people considered by several associations as foreign minors, in the Jules Ferry square in the centre of Paris, was evicted Tuesday morning. The young people were directed to a gymnasium and hotels.

After more than a month camping in the Square Jules Ferry in central Paris, some 70 young migrants who claim to be minors were evicted on Tuesday 4 August.
The eviction, which was carried out peacefully, ended at around 8:30 a.m. With masks on their faces, the young people were accompanied on buses by agents of the Ile-de-France prefecture and the Paris City Hall, under the watchful eye of a few police officers standing back. An eviction order had been posted by the police on Sunday evening in the camp.
Forty-eight young people were taken to the Japy gymnasium in the 11th arrondissement. Thirty others, more vulnerable due to medical conditions – including seven young girls – were housed in social hotels.
Evaluated as adults by several departments, the young men present in the camp are currently awaiting their appeal against this evaluation. In the meantime, no accommodation arrangements are planned for them.

Paris must “set an example”.

The associations that support them (Utopia 56, Comede, les Midis du Mie, la Timmy and Médecins sans Frontières) are campaigning for them to be considered as minors and taken into care as children in danger during the judicial process, which can last between six and eighteen months. They call on Paris to “set an example” by creating a specific system for these young people.
Contacted by InfoMigrants, Corinne Torre, head of the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) mission in the Ile-de-France states that she has accepted the solution of sheltering young people in a gymnasium “exclusively because it should be a transitional solution”. According to her, “Dominique Versini [deputy mayor of Paris in charge of children’s rights and child protection] has agreed to question the minority as it is decided today”. The deputy should organize meetings with those involved in the evaluation of children at the beginning of the school year for this purpose.
In addition, an agreement has been reached with the Paris City Council to set up a mechanism for these young people in appeal. “The building has been identified but it is a building in need of renovation so we have no idea when it will be available,” says Corinne Torre.
On Thursday, Dominique Versini had explained that a site had recently “been found” and that the state was in discussion with an association that could manage it. The centre, which would be a first in France, should, according to her, “be co-financed by the state”, because “the care of these young people is the responsibility of the state”.
A speech contradicted Tuesday by the secretary general of the Ile-de-France prefecture, Magali Charbonneau. “The State is not in favour of the creation of a third party scheme, because it is not justified,” she said, stressing that “all these young people have been assessed as adults”. After they have been sheltered, “they will be directed to structures for adults”, pending a court decision, she added.
According to MSF, more than half of the young people accompanied by its services are finally recognised as minors by the justice system at the end of the appeal procedure.

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Berlin: Successful demo despite police violence

Press release of the Interkiezionale
Berlin, August 3, 2020

On Saturday august 1st, an angry and powerful demonstration took place under the motto “Get out of the defensive”. The demonstration was directed against the announced evictions of left-wing projects, such as Syndikat, Meuterei, Potse and Liebig34. It also wanted to send a signal against the shift to the right and the increasingly authoritarian state [1]. The demonstration of 3,000 people (count from 20:18) was attacked and dissolved by the police after a quarter of the demonstration route. Later, an angry spontaneous demonstration moved through Prenzlauer Berg, showing that the police could not stop the protests.

The Interkiezionale coalition of threatened projects and supporters considers the demonstration a success. True to the motto “Get out of the defensive”, the active participation of many soldiers made it possible to give the demonstration a resistant expression and not to let the police attacks take away the street. Instead, the demonstration drew attention to places of repression and brought their anger against the everyday structural violence by police and capital to the streets. Places such as the job centre, the SPD office or the luxury new building on Flughafenstraße were targeted.

The projects that were protested on Saturday are also spaces of antifascist resistance [2]. The defence of these projects is connected with the fight against right-wing agitation and ideology, as they were spread by fascists and conspiracy ideologists on Saturday morning. Robyn Schmiz says: “As antifascists we concentrated too much on our demonstration on Saturday, and thus probably weakened the counter protest against the right-wing parties in the morning. The brutal dissolution of our demonstration, in contrast to the treatment of the fascists with kid gloves, however, once again illustrates the political motivation of the police”.

For the Interkiezionale coalition the demonstration is only a part of the offensive to prevent the evictions. Already on Thursday, protests against the announced eviction of Syndikat have been called [3]. Within the framework of this offensive there will also be a powerful week of action from September 7 till the 13. The coalition is determined to defend the threatened projects with all necessary means.

[1] Call for a demonstration
[2] Antifascist call for the defense of threatened projects:
[3] Call for day X:

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Zürich: new wagenplatz taken

Today 31 july, we have taken the space between Bernerstrasse, Aargauerstrasse and Depotweg to create a wagenplatz here. A home is now being created here, a non-commercial place where we want to live in a self-determined way. We also want to give a strong signal against the expulsion of the middle and low-income earners from the quarters and the city centre, which is actively driven by the city.

Zurich West now resembles a Lego landscape consisting of overpriced apartments, hotel complexes and office buildings. Living in the city is becoming increasingly expensive, affordable housing is scarce. The city of Zurich is actively driving this development, as was made clear with the example of the Juch eviction to make space for trucks to turn around.

We are not fundamentally against parking lots and trucks, but we do revive them!

Here, in this place, where the realities of life do not correspond in various ways to current social norms, we are looking forward to an exchange and living together in solidarity with our neighbours. We are not creating a party place here, but a communal living space with a cultural offer.
It is built, cooked, repaired, lived and learned. Come by! Bring a tent and sun protection.

We demand the preservation of existing free spaces, as well as the establishment and recognition of new solidary and open projects.
For the non-commercial use of all free standing houses and fallow land!
For more wagenplatz!

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Paris: Eviction from the Saint-Denis Canal migrant camp

Nearly 1,500 migrants were “sheltered” on Wednesday when they were expelled from the Aubervilliers camp north of Paris. The associations fear the reformation of a camp within a few weeks. They denounce the repeated dismantling without any real solution.

The migrant camp located along the Saint-Denis canal in Aubervilliers, in the north of Paris, was evicted on Wednesday 29 July. As early as 6am, a large police presence squared the area, where nearly 1,500 people were settled.

“This operation is the logical continuation of all the operations we have been carrying out for several months,” Paris police prefect Didier Lallement, who was present at the scene, told reporters. “I wanted to evacuate the camps on the outskirts of Paris and make sure that migrants do not gather in the camps for the entire Paris police force and the three neighbouring departments” he added.

Another expulsion

The associations regret the “opacity” around these “sheltered” areas. “The exiles had no information, they didn’t know where they were being taken,” deplores Kerill Theurillat, coordinator in Paris of Utopia 56, contacted by InfoMigrants. According to the prefecture, the migrants were directed to gymnasiums in the Paris region.

But this umpteenth expulsion hardly convinces the humanitarians. “People are exhausted, for some it’s the tenth expulsion, they know they’re going to end up in gymnasiums and half of them are going to end up on the street tonight,” said Silvana Gaeta of the Solidarity Migrants Wilson collective. It’s always the same with Utopia: “It’s always the same, they’ll stay in the gyms for a few days and then they’ll be back on the streets and we’ll see a camp re-forming before long,” predicts Kerill Theurillat. “Any shelter is useful, but this repetition since 2015 is absurd and unworthy,” Pierre Henry, director of France terre d’asile (France, land of asylum), said on Twitter. “Everything in the Republic begins with dignity. We need to rethink the initial reception system with all those involved,” he continued.

“The state is incapable of welcoming people with dignity.

Comments that Alalisad can only agree with. The 32-year-old Somali is on his fifth eviction since arriving in France in 2015. “I don’t understand, they pick us up, put us in hotels for three months and then we go back on the streets. I don’t understand why the French government wastes so much money putting us in hotels instead of giving us long-term accommodation,” the young man told AFP.

“There’s wear and tear, despair, almost five years this situation has been going on. We’ve already seen this film. The state is incapable of giving a dignified welcome,” said Louis Barda, general coordinator of Médecins du Monde in Paris.

The associations also object to the policy that leads to the “invisibilisation of migrants”. “They are being pushed further and further out of Paris, but no real solution has been found,” says Theurillat.

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Leslie Carretero, InfoMigrants

Berlin: Syndikat call out. Get off the defensive!

Demo August 1st – 20 o’clock – Herrfurthplatz, Berlin-Neukölln

Times have been rough not only since the coronavirus. The fascisation of society is progressing. The danger of socialism and the hatred of everything left is evoked like a prayer wheel. The horseshoe theory enjoys great popularity. Under the cloak of totalitarian theories and far from any facts, a constant equation of two supposedly equal extremes against a hallucinated bourgeois “middle” is pursued. This liberal-bourgeois equation of socialism and fascism has a certain tradition in Germany, as does the collaboration of this bourgeois “middle” with fascism in order to take action against socialism, or against everything they perceive as a socialist danger. This is also the case with their anti-feminism, another interface between the “bourgeois-conservative middle” and fascists, which aims to maintain the conservative ideas of their system of rule by maintaining the binary gender order and, to this end, tries to turn back the achievements of feminist movements.

Fascist terror attacks in Hanau and Halle, right-wing networks that organize & arm themselves, armed fascists in the state apparatus that prepare for a civil war, secret service and state involvement in the NSU that are kept under lock and key. This list could easily be extended. The fascist danger is real.

In addition to this, an EU foreign policy that is based on isolation – after the deal with the Erdogan regime has outsourced the dirty work to Turkey or Libya in recent years – fugitives on Europe’s external borders now find themselves at the mercy of armed militias of border police, Frontex and fascist helpers. Not only in the name of the EU on the Greek Mediterranean islands, but also with the German camp system, Germany relies on the means of terror through isolation, psychological/physical violence and deportation. The vain appeals to respect human rights, as indivisibly done, are ridiculed.

Whether in the elections and with it the so-called “dam burst” in Thuringia or the harsh reactions of the real estate lobby, the liberal-conservative political class and the Springer rags on the Berlin rent cap have shown once again. The ruling class of the FRG fears everything left-wing more than fascism. Because we want to abolish the private ownership of means of production and the profit interests of the ruling class, that is, we want to shake the foundations of this bourgeois order. Because the ruling order is not the status quo, which has to be defended against all these dangers, but is ahead of the threatening disasters as a condition.

We are living in times of crisis, which are further intensified by the global pandemic. While on the one hand incredible wealth has accumulated, more and more people are slipping into precarious living conditions. The stagnation of real wages and the worsening of employment conditions caused social inequality even before the coronavirus, as it did 100 years ago. Capitalism is turning the coronavirus crisis into an existential fear for many of us. Social and economic inequalities are becoming more visible than ever. While millions of workers are on short-time work and have to sacrifice a large part of their wages, billions are being squandered to save large corporations. On top of this comes the capitalist madness of rent, the profit machine of the owners of our living space. While the owners of real estate make massive profits, a large part of the population has to fight with a deterioration of living conditions by means of drastically increasing rents. To make matters worse, even during the pandemic the rents and thus the profits for the owners should continue to flow, while for us a large part of the income is lost. The consequences: Displacement, in the last consequence by police truncheons by eviction. The neo-liberalization of the economy, the privatization of state services and the gradual reduction of social benefits attest to a success story of a class struggle from above, a permanent expropriation of our livelihoods. This will become even more acute in the course of the crisis, attacks on our living and working conditions of an unknown scale are imminent when it comes to passing on to us the costs of saving the capitalist economic system.

The constant babble about left-wing extremism and left-wing violence deceives us about this inherent and continuous violence of the prevailing conditions. Precisely for this reason, we must not allow the nationwide media landscape and political decision-makers to dictate the means of our struggle out of anticipatory obedience.
The state, in the form of its police, has almost perfected the repressive control of demonstrations. Since we see ourselves as part of a political movement that wants to overcome the bourgeois-capitalist state, we should not be surprised by the attacks of the institutions that are there to fight us, but we must finally succeed in counteracting this powerlessness.

In these harsh times, in which the radical left is marginalized and struggles weakly, almost powerlessly, for connection, we see a whole series of emancipatory self-governed spaces and projects in acute danger. What is at stake is no less than a whole series of places of radical left networking, organizing and coming together against this total shit.
All these projects are a picture from the future, a future without elbows and pressure to exploit, without “survival of the fittest” or exclusion of the weakest. All these projects were and are places of a solidary, non-commercial, resistant and self-managed coexistence. And now many of these places are threatened with extinction in a very short time.

Not only Syndikat is acutely threatened, in all corners of Berlin house projects, youth centres, alternative forms of living and other collective pubs are on the brink of collapse. Every day, tenants are evicted from their apartments or otherwise forced to move or leave immediately.
The anarcha-feminist house project Liebig34, including the event room and information shop, is threatening to disappear after almost 30 years. The self-administered youth centre Potse has occupied its premises since the beginning of last year and is awaiting eviction. Almost 40 years of self-organised and non-commercial youth work are to disappear into uncertainty here. The collective bar Meuterei, an important place to go in the increasingly upgraded Reiche-Kiez in Kreuzberg, is to go out after more than 10 years. The Rigaer94 housing project is in constant fire from its dubious owners and the state.

As long as we live in a society that follows the logic of capital exploitation and housing is traded as a commodity in order to generate profit, the displacement spiral in the city will continue. Upgrading, repression and forced evictions will transform our neighborhoods into dead, alienated and hostile places of exploitation. A picture of the future of the city of the rich that is to be prevented can already be seen today at Potsdamer Platz. Our common struggle must therefore also be one against the existing ownership structures and for the socialisation of living space and means of production, so that our basic existential needs, such as secure and affordable living space, are no longer the plaything of an exploitation interest.

Time is running out, resources seem limited. The Syndikat’s eviction is to be the prelude to a whole series of evictions in Berlin. Therefore, we call on all those who do not want to accept the prevailing conditions to gather for a furious and determined demonstration on the Saturday before the Syndikat’s planned eviction, on August 1, 2020 at 8 pm. Come to the demonstration organized and prepared from everywhere, form reference groups, bring banners, pay attention to announcements. The demo will be what we make of it together. There is no master plan for it, but it is time to try something new or to fall back on what has been tried and tested before. Because it can be said that another demo with the fainting experience Wanderkessel cannot be an option for us.

Sabotage the prevailing conditions! For the city from below! We all stay!

Weisestr. 56, 12049 Berlin
syndikatbleibt [at] riseup [dot] net

Groups in Berlin
Events in Berlin

Groups in Germany
Events in Germany

source: Interkiezionale

Berlin: Call for the demonstration on the 1st of August in Neukölln

The new phase of evictions has started. Not, as expected, with the announced eviction of the Kiezkneipe (neighbourhood bar) Syndikat, but with an attack from the cops.
An attack that was masked as a raid, with the plan for it to turn into an eviction of parts of our house. It was coordinated with some disgusting figures representing the so-called owner, in order to gain control of a space that is a thorn in the eye of a pacified european metropolis. On the 9th of July and the days that followed, we defended ourselves and reduced their filthy plans to ashes – taking back the evicted flat, pushing out the cops and bureaucrats and regaining control of our house.

This would not have been possible without the common fight and solidarity that goes far beyond our little rebellious neighborhood. Numerous people participated in the spontaneous gatherings in front of the house and nightly demonstrations in the richer neighborhoods of Berlin. While some people were cooking for everyone, others took part in the 24/7 shifts around the house. Many things destroyed by the cops were reconstructed almost immediately and different groups claimed actions in solidarity with Rigaer94. Showing once again, that solidarity in all its forms is our strongest weapon against the coordinated attacks from the state on the movement and its upcoming attempts to evict our spaces in Berlin.

We do not perceive the most recent attack as an isolated incident. But, as a piece of the mosaic that is the dogma of “law and order”, applied by the German state against anything that resists in a self-organized and anti-hierarchical way. Anything that opposes the states dominance radically, that collectivizes the resistance and directly challenges the states monopoly of violence. Even though the state and its police hid behind their lie of only protecting the self-proclaimed ownership of the house, we should not think of them as needing any pretext for attacks on us – not hesitating to go beyond the limits of their own laws whenever they see fit. Therefore we do not beg for any justice that is imposed on us by the bourgeois, but call for active self defense in a determined fight for freedom and equality.

Always serving the interests of capital, the state does whatever it takes to impose their goal of a city as a marketable “product”, where spaces that do not fulfill their desires are suppressed and evicted. The metropolitan field becomes an ongoing process of confrontation between marginalized populations on the one hand, and real estate entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups, the tourism industry, security companies, and cops in an increasingly surveilled urban environment on the other – with the aim of gentrifying and fully converting everything into a profitable business. A process in which the radical projects cannot be sucked into, but have to stand as actual examples of self-organization and the fulfillment of our needs from below.

It’s for these reasons that the state and the cops, with their court orders, cold evictions and repressive operations, have carried out dozens of evictions and are planning on many more. “Sabot Garden”, “G17a”, “GHS”, “Teppichfabrik”, and “Dragi” are only a few examples of places that have already been evicted. Others like the bar collectives “Meute” and “Syndikat”, the youthclub “Potse” and the anarcha-queer-feminist project “L34” are facing their upcoming evictions.

We find ourselves in a reality where racist violence and fascist tendencies are on the rise, where omnipresent police murder and invade all public places, where the state conducts dozens of raids in Leipzig, Baden-Würtemberg, Bremen, and Frankfurt targeting left-radical structures. A reality in which the courts comply with the states will of vengeance – like in the case of Loic and the three from the “Parkbench”. Therefore, we have to get out of the defensive and actively make clear that we will always stand against state and capital.

As we go through a period where our structures and spaces are facing an extensive attack, our place is in the streets, together with those who resist the reality that those in power want to impose on us. Wherever in the world, an attack on the structures of the struggle and on the ideas of freedom, self-determination, solidarity and revolt deserves an answer that will be turned into the permanent attack on this murderous system.

So we call for the demonstration on 1st of August at Herrfurthplatz in Berlin to show our solidarity with all the threatened projects – giving a small taste of what follows any possible eviction. Lets make this demonstration a dynamic response to the agenda of state and capital. An offensive statement serving as a barricade and a threat to their repressive plans.

Against the state and the bosses, against anyone who has an interest in maintaining inequality and injustice.

Solidarity with L34, Potse, Syndikat, Meute
Solidarity with all those attained by repression – Freedom for Everybody
In order for us to stand, they have to fall!

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

Groups in Berlin
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Source: Rigaer94

Paris: At the Saint-Denis canal camp, migrants are “left to die”

This Wednesday, July 29th, the camp of the Saint-Denis canal in Aubervilliers should be dismantled by the authorities announced associations helping migrants. The camp welcomes more than 1200 people in extremely precarious conditions. An eviction which is nothing new, the “sheltering” or “evacuations”, in the words of the authorities, is repeated tirelessly in France. A problem that the authorities refuse to tackle.

Between Aubervilliers and Saint Denis, along the canal, Brahim comes out of his tent crushed by the sun. He explains that he has been there for 3 months, with his wife and his newborn baby. Like the others, he lines up in spite of the heat to get antibacterial hand gel, masks, T-shirts and a bit of shampoo. An aid distributed by the association Utopia 56, Brahim, desperate, searches the five boxes of old clothes lying on the quayside: “this place is not possible for my child” he explains, “it’s just not possible. Is this Europe? France is like Africa?! My life is shattered. “The rule: one health kit, one T-shirt, one pair of pants per person, no more. Everyone has to be able to help themselves. In the end, nearly 150 people take advantage of the distribution, but soon the stocks leave. There are only too big pants left.

“Two fountains and six toilets” for 1200 people

Before the confinement, nearly 400 people “lived” in this camp. Since mid-May, the population has tripled, according to the associations. From the road to the edge of the canal, the tents are glued together, sometimes on sloping ground. They stretch along the water, making the camp particularly dangerous. Kabella Doni-Neckson, a 29-year-old Sudanese boy, drowned a few days ago. Here, “it smells like piss, literally. “It’s dirty, it’s polluted, there’s noise. A little further on, the machines on the construction site for the extension of line 12 of the subway are noisily moving. The cars pass in numbers on the bridge over the camp. It’s almost impossible to have a moment’s peace and quiet.

“For many, there are two cars per tent; some don’t have tents. There are two fountains and six toilets, which is unsatisfactory considering the number of people. ” says Pierre Jothy. He’s volunteering for civic service at Utopia 56.” With the summer, there are issues about access to water, or just having a place to just be comfortable. In the middle of the day, in tents in the sun, it’s a horror. »

“New people arrive every day”

“Most of them are Afghan, Somali or Sudanese,” says Pierre. “New people are arriving every day,” he worries. The rapid increase in the camp’s population “is probably the effect of the reopening of intra-European borders or evictions following the end of the winter break. “During the confinement, the associations and institutions that were supposed to deal with the situation have closed down or slowed down. On the administrative side: the filing of asylum applications is difficult to restart, especially with the arrival of the summer holidays.

A few meters from the camp, a sign announces the work planned for the organization of the 2024 Olympic Games in Saint-Denis. Photograph: Léonardo Carota for Utopia 56.

“I went to Italy, then Switzerland, after Germany, and finally Belgium and France,” says Samuel. He was born in 1995 and is a former member of the Porte de la Chapelle camp who was evicted in November 2019. Like many, his journey is symptomatic of the consequences of the Dublin settlement. A European agreement which implies that the asylum application must be lodged in the EU country where the migrants were first checked.

“Between 200,000 and 300,000 people are estimated to be wandering around Europe. “They are left abandoned or enter illegally and we find them months later, broken by the street and sometimes with serious psychiatric problems,” said Pierre Henry, director-general of France Terre d’Asile. “Insecurity also weighs on the camp. Tensions that add to the precarious living conditions. Samuel warns, “here during the day, it’s fine, but at night… there’s shouting and fighting.”

When discussing the risks of a possible second wave of COVID-19, the subject seems almost peripheral to Pierre Henry. “There are many other problems, with the return of tuberculosis or the presence of scabies. In any case, here the slightest little bump can become dramatic.”

In the face of “undignified” conditions, a “safe” response only

“Local and regional authorities, the State and associations need to sit around a table and build another model,” says Pierre Henry, “it’s possible and it won’t cost us any more. “The Director General of France Terre d’Asile advocates dignified and unconditional reception conditions, at least for the time it takes to process asylum applications. Administrative acts that often take at least a year and a half, sometimes much longer. He also points out one of the absurdities of the situation: “the regular emergency evacuations are colossal in terms of budget. When you mobilize a hundred police officers to supervise the evacuation, what budget do you get for that? »

A concern shared by Utopia 56 volunteers like Ophelia. While in Paris, she is used to the Calais camp in the north of France. While in Paris, she gives a hand to her Parisian colleagues by participating in the distribution. “In Calais, people are evicted very regularly. It’s expensive. For the same amount of money, we could build two or three emergency accommodation centres. I think it’s a lack of will on the part of the public authorities. People are being evicted but they come back, because they are not offered solutions or they are offered absurd solutions. »

In Paris: “If you pass the ring road, the media won’t pass it”

Pierre Jothy adds, “What we are questioning is that there is a lack of public service for these people. The only representatives of the state they see is the police, which shows that we are mainly in the security response rather than in the reception. “His volunteer colleague Shirish associates this problem with that of visibility.” Before, most of the camps were in Paris. When we were evicted from Porte de la Chapelle last November, we were told very explicitly that as long as they weren’t inside the capital, it was okay. »

Already in August 2019, the so-called “Millennium” camp, in reference to the shopping centre located near by the Canal Saint Denis, had been evicted by the authorities. Photograph: Léo Lefrançois for Radio Parleur

From his office, Pierre Henry of France Terre d’Asile completes the reflection: “If you pass the ring road, the media and even some activists do not pass it. People are much more interested in what happens inside Paris. We are told the slum inside the city, we don’t want it. At that moment, we have to tell people where they have the right to go ! »

Since taking office, the new mayor of Aubervilliers, Karine Franclet (UDI), has regularly called for an evacuation. This should take place this Wednesday, July 29, very early in the morning. Gymnasiums have already been requisitioned for emergency accommodation. Once again, this is a temporary solution and a new camp may be formed later, on the banks of the Saint-Denis canal or elsewhere, where the suffering of the exiled in Paris and elsewhere will still be ignored.

Refugees related groups in France
Some squats in France:
Groups (collectives, social centres, squats) in France:
Events in France:

Radio Parleur

UK: Poors Piece Conservation Project

Hello there. Thank you everyone for your continued support. It is much appreciated. Please see below a camp wish list for some basic foodstuff essentials. Every donation is valued and appreciated.
Thank you.

  • Tinned tomatoes
  • Tinned baked beans, chick peas, kidney beans, sweetcorn,etc.
  • Tinned coconut milk
  • Soup
  • Dried green and red lentils.
  • Cereal (not oats at the moment)
  • And….clothes for a two year old girl.

Location:Steeple Claydon, Bucks, MK18 2HH
Facebook: Poors Piece Conservation Project

More about the Poors Piece Conservation Project:
Acting now; planning for the Future.

Protect, Conserve, Serve

Vision statement:

To work alongside the local communities of Steeple Claydon and Calvert and the wider communities of the Aylesbury Vale to protect the environment as far as we are able from the destructive activities of HS2 Ltd by means of communication and, when necessary, peacefully exercise our human right to protest and to mitigate for losses.
Poor’s Piece Conservation Project is a decentralised network of groups and individuals from a variety of backgrounds and campaigns, organising autonomously to oppose HS2. We oppose all abuses of power that lead to the destruction of nature.
We will show respect to everyone – to each other, the general public. Above all we show respect to the natural world, our greatest resource and means of survival.
We engage in no violence, physical or verbal . We avoid needless confrontation with HS2 operatives and the police.
Based at Poor’s Piece Wood, Steeple Claydon, we aim to protect this remnant of ancient woodland and the surrounding countryside, including Calvert Jubilee Nature Reserve, Decoypond Wood and Sheep House Wood as well as the miles of interconnecting hedgerow and wooded areas, refuge for the wildlife that has flourished but has already been dispossessed by the enabling works for HS2. Sadly, some areas are already lost, as are the lives of many animals.
Our Requirements:
TELL THE TRUTH- UK Government, both central and local, educators and those holding a role of responsibility within society, must tell the truth. They must also take responsibility for our wildlife, ecological, human impact and health related costs, the extent of the disruption on communities affected, and the livelihoods disrupted and displaced. It lies within their jurisdiction, to encourage the media and all related HS2 contractors and marketing to do the same.
UK Government, both central and local, to stop HS2 Ltd work immediately – stopping all ecocide, wildlife crime, seizing property and land, assaulting environmental protectors and deforestation of irreplaceable ancient woodland in a time of global ecological and climate emergency.
UK Government to fund an urgent citizens assembly to decide how to best repair all ecological and social damage done to date by HS2 Ltd, funding all regenerative projects implemented in reparation. All future infrastructure projects to be decided by citizens and/or people’s assemblies, ensuring they all meet the Paris Climate Agreement.

UK: Save Roald Dahl Woods from HS2

Jones Hill Wood is a small woodland situated between Wendover and Great Missenden. This wood is at the start of the planned Wendover viaduct for HS2. It is also bordered by two family farms under the threat of impending forced evictions.

These families and woods are part of our literary, cultural and social history, inspiring Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox adventures. This is something we should cherish and preserve for future generations.

This inspirational woodland is a key location in the Chilterns HS2 development and we need to come together to save this land and the trees around it!

We need people to come and help form a rota to occupy this woodland or it will be lost forever. We have limited time, the HS2 fence is one field away. We have limited numbers and resource. It’s time to act.

There is a small number of us right now and we are calling out to locals, and concerned humans across the United Kingdom. Come and play your part in helping reverse the decision to press ahead with the colossal mistake that is HS2. Do not leave this to the few!

Location: See pic, Jones Hill Woods near Wendover, Bucks HP22 6QD
Facebook: Save Roald Dahl Woods from HS2

Current wish list for Jones Hill wood:

  • 2 core wire
  • Screw driver
  • Air horn
  • Elec tape
  • Cement
  • Climbing rope
  • Polly prop
  • Duck tape

If you can help out with any of the following it will be greatly appreciated

UK: Save Crackley Woods Camp

Crackley, Birches Roughknowles and Broadwells, all ancient woodlands outside Kenilworth, Warwickshire, are under threat from HS2. Recently, some work in ancient woodland was halted but some is still happening, and HS2 Ltd still plan to take down parts of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Wood during the current review.

The camp is not in the main bit of Crackley Woods, and is most easily found just behind the HS2 compound on Cryfield Grange Road, CV8 2JU (some satnavs may send you to where the university cycle path crosses the road, we are NOT there, we are at the Crackley Lane end, behind the HS2 compound). The camp is also accessible via the bridleway that starts at Crackley Farm and crosses the Greenway on a bridge.
Google maps or what3words

There are three main reasons for being here right now

  1. it turns out the bit of Crackley Woods that sticks out with the brook through it isn’t in the ancient woodland register, so they could take that now. It’s too wet to camp there, but that’s right next door.
  2. The diamond wood plantation in the university of Warwick land (you can get here from that way too) isn’t ancient woodland and HS2 have confirmed they intend to take some of it during the review.
  3. We don’t trust the buggers not to hit the ancient woodlands, no matter what they say, especially as a sub contractor lied this morning about works at Broadwells.

Anyway, we need support as we want to make sure there is at least one person here at all times both in the day and overnight and am trying to figure out how a google docs rota works, but will need help in any way it comes, not just being here, but also with supplies and infrastructure.

The idea is of course that once we are more established, more people will be involved and it all becomes easier, so please pass this on to anyone you think might be interested and thank you for your support.

Location: Crackley lane, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV82JT
Facebook: Crackley Woods HS2 Protection Camp

UK: Wendover Active Resistance Camp

Wendover Active Resistance Camp is situated in the direct route of HS2 in Buckinghamshire. We are a collective of autonomous individuals here to protect the environment and our precious wildlife.

Please come visit us and check out the wish list to support us protecting this area and find out more about what we do.

Location = Beside London Road (A413) at HP22 6PN – Opposite Road Barn Farm! – Concealed entrance signs written in red paint
Facebook: Wendover Active Resistance Camp


We’re really low on food and SOCKS!

Paint brushes
Paint water resistant
Art/banner/ poster materials
Cooking oil
Building materials eg screws and nails
Climbing gear – ropes harnesses and caribiners
Plant and Cow milk
Kitchen roll
Eco washing up liquids
Laundry powder
Bike locks
Poly prop
Tea towels
Food (vegan, vegetarian, and meat eaters live together amicably and respectfully) – so meat, tins, bread, cooking oil, onions, garlic, veg, sauces, spices, pepper, spreads, pasta, lentils, olive oil, etc
LIGHTING!!!! – solar please!!!
We appreciate all support but if it can be as eco friendly as possible that would support the cause

Paris: Dramatic growth of informal migrant camp at Aubervilliers

In just one month, the number of migrants living in the Aubervilliers camp in the Paris region has more than doubled, from 400 in mid-June to around 1,000 in mid-July. While arrivals are expected to continue over the next few weeks, NGOs denounce the failure of the French reception system.

In the Aubervilliers camp, the number of migrants has more than doubled in just one month. In mid-June, aid groups estimated that there were around 400 people living under the Stains bridge along the Saint-Denis canal in the north of Paris. In mid-July, France Land of Asylum (FTDA) said it counted some 1,000 migrants in the camp.

“And by August, there will be at least 1,500 of them,” predicted FTDA Director General Pierre Henry. “It’s always the same thing, we’ve been going in circles for years,” he said.

“It’s the same hellish cycle that’s been going on for too long,” added Paul Alauzy of Doctors of the World (MdM).

According to Julie Lavayssière, coordinator of the NGO Utopia 56 in Paris, “the camp has grown steadily since it was set up in mid-May. Until then, migrants who set up their tents under the Stains bridge were systematically dislodged by police.

“Some of them then took refuge under the Landy bridge, a few meters away, where several Afghans were already present. Then, when the number of people increased, they all came back under the Stains bridge,” Lavayssière said.

More and more refugees

What explains the increase from 400 to 1,000 migrants in the Aubervilliers camp in such a short period of time? There are many reasons, according to NGOs.

First of all, there is a significant number of newcomers: mainly Afghans arriving from Greece, but also Sudanese and Somalis coming directly from Italy.

The telephone service of the French Office for Immigration and Integration (Ofii), which issues appointments for asylum seekers in the Paris region, is operating at reduced capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic — services of the Paris and Ile-de-France prefectures are at only 25% of their pre-crisis capacity. As a result, many people are unable to register and have been waiting for weeks, even months, on the street for an appointment.

The associations also note an increase in the number of recognized refugees in the camps, estimating that they represent about 20% of the inhabitants of the Aubervilliers encampment. “Many lost their jobs during lockdown and thus found themselves without housing because they couldn’t pay their rent,” Lavayssière said.

The camp also has many migrants whose asylum claims have been rejected and are awaiting appeal, and those who have received a deportation order due to the Dublin regulation.

“As long as we have people wandering around Europe under the Dublin Regulation, we won’t solve the problem of people on the streets, many of whom are at this legal impasse,” said Henry, who has been campaigning for reform of the Dublin Regulation for years.

‘Mass failure’

Henry believes that the reformation and expansion of the camps is due to a “mass failure”. “We have to rethink the whole French reception system and make it worthy. The National Reception System (DNA) is insufficient,” he said.

Hundreds of migrants are living in very precarious conditions on the streets of the Ile-de-France region. “We notice many people in great psychological distress, often linked to their living conditions in France,” said Paul Alauzy of MdM. Precariousness also causes tension between migrants, he explained. MdM’s teams treat many injuries that occur after fights or attacks.

Two weeks ago (July 10), a Sudanese migrant even lost his life when he drowned in the Saint-Denis canal. The cause of his fall is as yet unknown.

Henry said that migrants were already living in urine and filth on the Boulevard de la Villette four years ago. “They have been pushed back a few kilometers outside Paris, towards the working class neighbourhoods,” he noted.

Refugees related groups in France
Some squats in France:
Groups (collectives, social centres, squats) in France:
Events in France:

Leslie Carretero, InfoMigrants

Berlin: Renewed alarm at Rigaer94

Today july 13th, there are strong police forces, construction workers and securities in the area. Alarm, now it’s getting exciting! Mouth-to-mouth info:

It is now being decided whether the police will take responsibility for the Rigaer94 conflict, and carry out the eviction which began Thursday 7 july and will continue today. At 8 o’clock the so-called Lusche, the new dubious alleged property manager, arrived first. He and his lawyer Bernau wanted to gain access to the house by force, which failed because of the human chain in front of it. His physical attack was answered accordingly. Then immediately masses of cops arrived, who had already been in stand by in the neighborhood but avoided the street in front of Rigaer94. There are at least a hundred of them, if not two riot squads again in action. At the same time, construction workers and the security company arrived. The construction workers called on residents “one to one”. It was reported that some of them wear Combat18 tattoos. They and the cops had to register that there was a new, massive entrance door. So for the moment, the intrusion into the house was stopped. According to information obtained, the police command at the highest level, i.e. the police chief, is currently advising. Nothing will happen until they take responsibility. What happens then will bring clarity about the operation since Thursday. Was it a coup attempt by the middle level police or a well planned action by the political leadership in an attempt to make everything look like a coincidence. The lies will stop.

On the other hand, the anger against the attackers on our living together in solidarity is endless!
Prepare yourself for everything, friends, it is serious!

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

Groups in Berlin
Events in Berlin

Groups in Germany
Events in Germany

Source: Rigaer94

Amsterdam: Keizersgracht 318 resquatted

Since thursday (july 9th) a building was squatted in Amsterdam, on the Keizersgracht number 318. This sunday afternoon the squatters made their presence known. A statement from the squatters:

Since some time we are living in the building at the Keizersgracht number 318. Today we make our presence known. The building has been vacant for years. In 2015 it was also squatted. Back then it got evicted pretty quickly, because the owner claimed to still use it. Looking at the state of the building, that wasn’t very apparent. Later, in 2017, the owner got caught illegally demolishing the monumental interior of this building. The municipality decided to put a building stop on the building. It was prohibited for the owner to do anything else with the building, before the monumental interior was rebuild to its original state.
Now, 3 years later, nothing has changed. The building is still empty, nothing has been restored, and the decay continues.
All this while the homelessness numbers in Amsterdam are rising, the rents are skyrocketing, the waiting lists for social rent are getting close to 20 years and hotel after hotel is being build.
For us, reason enough to start using this building, we want to have a house!

A lot of people showed up for the action, and the 1.5 meter rules where creatively enforced. With ropes and banners, the streets where occupied.
The police came to ascertain the fact that the building was squatted. The squatters where told that for now, the police will not take action. The squatters heard this one before, so they will not let their guard down.
If you want to pass by to help barricade, clean, occupy, have a beer, you are more then welcome.

Een paar kraakpanden in Nederland:
Groepen (sociaal centrum, collectief, kraakpand) in Nederland:
Evenementen in Nederland:

Source: Indymedia

Berlin: Rigaer94, they tried to bury us but forgot that we are the seeds

From friday till saturday evening securities were in front of our house, that does not have any of its front doors anymore. Yesterday morning, around 6:30 am the cops attempted to enter again our front-house block. The so-called “Hausverwalter” Torsten Luschnat arrived at 7 am in order to enter the 4th floor flat in front house of 94. Of course, there is still no owner of the house known but the cops and their commanders in the senate decided to trust the new company, that pretends they are legally allowed to enter. Luschnat Immobilien did not even follow any legal frame and attacked the flat in order to evict it. The attack started from the construction team secured by the cops, by trying to smash through a bricked up door attempting to injure people who were behind it. The people behind the barricades showed an active defense and managed to ruin these plans. Therefore, it was impossible for the workers to enter. They and the cops went to the attic and smashed a hole into the ground ending up in the next door appartment. Unfortunately for them, also the tenant who lives there, managed to keep them out of the flat. Because of the escalation, the cops, afraid of leaving the legal frame, were not willed to continue and stopped the procedure. After those failed attempts of entering our flats, the cops stood in front of our door with the security team. At the same time, the construction team started throwing all the stuff from the ground floor flat, that had been evicted on friday, to the trash. The security team and the workers started to use the toilet and kitchen of the flat. Actually, as soon as they realized that there is a contract still existing, with a person present being able to show it, the doors of the apartment were closed. To demonstrate their power, the cops, from time to time, decided to prevent people who are not registered to come inside. In the afternoon the cops left their position in front of our house. Before the demo arrived, the securities also left being secure by cops. Hundreds of solidary people joined the demonstration and gathered in front of our house until late in the night.

Which is the state’s strategy behind this attack

We recognize that the states worldwide take an authoritarian position on struggles for a society based on solidarity and equality. But people revolt and defend themselves. If we look at self-organised spaces in Berlin, the state’s agenda is obvious: They want to get rid of us but fear our connection and common resistance. They try to establish more and more the strategy of long enduring cold evictions as they did in case of G17a, Teppichfabrik, Sabot Garden etc.. For Rigaer94 there is once again a long-term planned strategy as it was in 2016. Geisel now uses a similar tactic as Henkel did. It was part of their strategy, to, since January, place the BPE-unit in front of our door or Dorfplatz for months and control people who want to enter, leave or pass by the house. Even in times of corona these police measurments intensified.

This time, it had been the plan to use raids in order to evict people from their flats, get rid of our doors and gain control over the house. It is obvious, that the entire offense is connected to the attempt to evict our neighbours Liebig34. On the one hand it is possible that private securities, who said they will stay for the upcomming weeks, will show up again and stay at our entrance until the eviction of Liebig34. On the other hand it is not clear if and how cops will further restict us. There is the intention to immobilize people from the house as well as to prevent the house being a thorn in the enemy’s eye in the upcoming fight. It was a try to shock, weaken and isolate the movement who fights against the state and capital. They are fully aware of our close connection and solidary comradeship with Liebig 34. It as well happens in a time, when our connection with the neighborhood has been growing stronger and closer (except the one with the people longing for peace with this system in one of the wealthiest countries in the world, as Bambiland). Everyday we make our politics from below in the streets and position ourselves in order to reclaim spaces and build a rebellious neighborhood.

This attack from the state towards our ideas and our structures is definitely an attempt to gain more control over our house, neighbourhood and everyone who is a part of it and its struggles. The state knows the strength of our solidarity and our common fight against this murderous system.

A period of evictions has already started. It is not centered around one specific day X, it is now and will be tomorrow.

Let’s take back the houses to those who need them!

If there is an attack on one project, they attack us all!

Don’t forget the demonstration for threatened projects on the 1st of August at 8 pm (start at Herrfurthplatz) and the Spontis on every day X.

We call for decentralized actions, be creative in the streets and take care of each other.

Every state’s attack, every eviction has its answers!

With rage in our hearts, Rigaer 94.

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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Source: Rigaer 94

Berlin: Information on the raid on 9 July 2020

At 7:00 in the morning, the cops have been breaking into Rigaer94 and have occupied parts of the front building. Allegedly it is a search of an apartment in the front building. The cops have been using violence when they entered our premises via Rigaer 93. In the meantime, doors in the front building have probably been destroyed. Cops are also on the roof. It’s still unclear how many are they in the surrounding streets. More information will follow.

A few days before today’s raid on our house, letters were delivered to the administrator of Rigaer94, which are supposed to represent a change of the property management. On an extremely reduced copy of a letter allegedly certified by an alleged notary in England, an illegible signature follows this name, Thorsten Luschnat, Kuhnaustr. 6 in 12623 Berlin (born 27.11.1965). In his letter of 6 july 2020, he claims to operate a property management company under the name of Luschnat Immobilien and to act in the interest of Lafone Investment Ltd. Anyone who has information about this further letterbox company of the real estate mafia is welcome to send it to us.

Workers of a private security company are gathering in the street. Their company is the same one that participated in the failed eviction of Kadterschmiede: Smart Guard Protection GmbH. In addition, after the raid on an apartment for which they had a search warrant, the cops tried to break into several apartments in the front building.

Rigaerstrasse 94, Berlin

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