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Amsterdam: Apartment squatted on the Da Costastraat 137!

On sunday 9 june, the apartment on the Da Costastraat 137H was squatted. This apartment was empty for many years and is owned by a person who has 22 properties in his own name. There is also a company that is registered on his name which has another 99 properties.
The main reason that we have taken this action is to provide ourselves with housing. We would rather rent the house for a reasonable price. Nevertheless, there are still a number of points that we would like to raise.
In Oud-West (Old West), the waiting time for a social housing is up to 14 years. Oud-West is therefore one of the districts where the number of social housing has since long dropped down under 35%, the boundary where there is a mixed district. Unfortunately, this is already a reality in large parts of the city. For example, this lower limit has already been passed in large parts of the Centre, West, South, and Ijburg. In West, in addition to Oud-West, the Baarsjes are also important. This is something we are worried about.
A poignant example is the wasteland on the Jan Pieter Heijestraat, where the 35 social housing units were demolished in 2009. Instead of new houses coming back to replace the demolished ones, it turned out to be for the construction of a hotel. Now, 10 years later, this plot is still vacant.

In recent years, the neighbourhood has been hit hard by gentrification. With dirty marketing tricks such as the Hallenkwartier, the district is being sold at an expensive and increasingly unaffordable price. The city is increasingly becoming a kind of amusement park for tourists and big money where residents come in last place. As usual, people with less money are hardest hit and are allowed to work in the city, but living is too much to ask for.

Nevertheless, by taking matters into our own hands, we now have a temporary solution for living and giving a home a new meaning.

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Zaragoza: Communiqué of the Kike Mur assembly

The first thing we want to do is to thank all the collectives and individuals who have shown us their support and commitment in defending the political and social project that is being carried out within the walls of the former Torrero Prison. We do not have words to thank you for the wave of solidarity that has been generated.

That the self-styled “governments of change” undertake an offensive against the liberated spaces is not something new, in Barcelona there are countless squatted spaces that have been evicted with the approval of the government of Ada Colau, in Madrid there are also liberated spaces pending evictions and the scourge of evictions continues to spread like wildfire, all under the government of Manuela Carmena. In A Coruña the “government of change” of Marea Atlántica ordered exactly a year ago the eviction of the CSO A Insumisa, in which there was an unprecedented repression with a large number of injuries and arrests, one of which was imprisoned for several days.

We are fed up with their sweetened repression, which is the same as always, we are fed up with their hypocrisy, we are clear that true change arises from the autonomous self-organization from below and in a horizontal manner. Governing “for” the people is an antithesis, because every government implies the imposition of certain laws through violence. Faced with this violence, we choose to weave networks of mutual support among our equals.

The State cannot allow there to be struggles that are not recovered by the system to make them harmless, it cannot allow there to be examples that self-management and self-organization work better than its system based on coercion, it cannot allow squatting to exist, which directly attacks one of the main pillars of capitalism: private property. In short, it cannot allow anyone to dare to dream of a new world.

We are developing a political and social project that bets on the extension of squatting as a tool for the struggle against capitalism and we conceive the squatted social centres as spaces for diffusion and cultural encounter, but also as spaces for confrontation, struggle and conflict against the State and Capitalism. For all of the above, we want to make it clear that we are not going to accept any kind of cession, shared management or collaboration with institutions.

Regarding the proposal to use the former Torrero Prison as an Interpretation Centre for Democratic Memory, it is important to point out that only 10 metres from the door of the CSO Kike Mur is the recently inaugurated Casa de la Memoria Histórica de Zaragoza, managed by memory recovery associations, so this proposal is only an excuse to carry out the eviction. We believe that the best tribute to our grandparents is that the prison in which they were repressed and murdered has now become a space for fighting against the same system that sustains the existence of prisons and works on the basis of horizontal relations in which many of them believed.

Likewise, we want to invite you to build elbow to elbow between all this project, the assemblies are open to anyone who shares the basic principles and we will be delighted that you contribute your grain of sand in the area that most interests and motivates you. The CSO Kike Mur was born to be a space of everybody and for everybody, open to any proposal that can fill with life both the social center as the neighborhood or the city and make us grow both collectively and individually. We look forward to seeing you every Monday at 8pm.

Finally, we want to make it clear that we are not going to allow any town hall to be the color that ends up with a project that has been giving life to an old prison for 9 years. We will defend with nails and teeth our spaces, which are everyone’s. If they want to declare war on us, they will find us in the streets.

Centro Social Okupado Kike Mur
Plaza de la Memoria Histórica
50007 Zaragoza, Spanish State
okupazaragoza [at] riseup [dot] net

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[Communiqué published in Spanish on 24 May 2019 by CSO Kike Mur.]

Poznan (Poland): Call for support from Rozbrat

Does Rozbrat have problems? Rozbrat has friends! Rozbrat stays! [we need your help] Since Rozbrat’s land is about to be auctioned off we’ve started a support campaign which coincides with the 25th birthday of our squat coming later this year. In May the debt collector Bartosz Guzik estimated the value of Rozbrat at 6m zlotys (1,5m euro). The auction might be announced at any given moment. Poznan authorities haven’t made any statements although they would be able to take over the land which was nationalised after World War 2, then it was illegally appropriated during reprivatisation. But we know we’re not alone and many people can’t imagine Poznan without Rozbrat! We will regularly be posting pictures of our friends! What can you do? Write down “Rozbrat Zostaje!” or “Rozbrat Stays!” on a piece of paper or say why Rozbrat is important to you and why it should stay, take a picture or make a video, send it to us and post it on your page. We need your support! Rozbrat – we were here, we are here and we will be here!

Pułaskiego 21a
60-607 Poznan, Poland

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Bern (Switzerland): Brunnmattstrasse 46a squatted

Today, Saturday 8 June, Brunnmattstrasse 46a in Bern was squatted.

In one world

which is characterized by exploitation and oppression,
where everything is determined by money,
where people work their whole lives to make a living,
in the companies, through the oppression of employees create immense profits,
in which there is an indifference towards the exploitation and destruction that is taking place by these very companies all over the world,
in which socially constructed norms prevail,
in which it is difficult for people to escape the striving for social and financial success.

In a city

where police checks are commonplace due to external characteristics,
in which neighbourhoods are upgraded by profit-oriented companies,
in which expensive apartments, offices and other rooms are created for commercial purposes,
where people with little financial means are displaced,
where freedoms that rebel against commercialization and control are cleared and fought,
where autonomous colored spaces are less valuable than corporate buildings.

In this house

we want to open up a space that doesn’t function according to the logic of money,
we want to be able to meet to exchange ideas, to read and discuss, to initiate projects, to build and tinker,
we want to organize ourselves in a grassroots democracy and try to dismantle all hierarchies,
we want to create a space in which we can identify and combat every form of discrimination,
a space is to be created in which there is no compulsion, in which the may and ability take precedence over the must,
we want to defend ourselves against possessiveness and property,
we want to reduce dependence on powers such as the state, the economy and companies through autonomous projects.

Solidarity with Brunnmattstrasse 46a!
Visit and support us!
Become a part of this house!
See you soon!

Brunnmattstrasse 46a
3007 Bern

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Zürich (Switzerland): Kolibriweg 5 squatted

During the night of 7 june 2019 we occupied the house at Kolibriweg 5 in Zürich. There are too many empty houses in this city and at the same time rents can no longer be paid and many people have and find hardly or no roof over their heads. We have decided not to take these conditions any further and to become active.
Shortly after the occupation, the first cops appeared. We were asked to communicate and then threatened for a long time, lied and tried to put us under pressure.
We have not consistently responded to this game and have decided not to leave the house and defend the occupation. After long and tough negotiations, the cops had to leave again. Negotiations with the owner are sought. From now on we are looking forward to a solidarity visit. Further updates will follow.

Empty buildings for living and free space!
Cops fuck off!
This is our house!
Squat the City!

Kolibriweg 5
8048 Zürich

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Poznan (Poland): One of the oldest European squats calls for solidarity in face of eviction threat

Rozbrat, an anarchist squatted space in Poland, has called for solidarity in face of eviction threat.

Rozbrat is located in the western Poland city of Poznan. The property was squatted in 1994 and since then it became an alternative politics and cultural centre. It also serves as a home for over 20 people, and is both temporary and permanent shelter for homeless people.

The principal idea behind the space is grassroots organising and self-governing. It is a home to the local Anarchist Federation branch and Food not Bombs among others. The activists involved in Rozbrat have been very much part of the local and beyond projects, including Anarchist Black Cross, the Free Caucasus Committee and Workers Initiative Trade Union. The squat has also been hosting many grassroots initiatives, such as the anarchist library and publishing house, the printing workshop, self-education initiatives, bicycle workshop, a sports club, and a rehearsal space for musicians. Over the years, thousands of events have been organised at Rozbrat, including concerts, exhibitions, theatre plays, lectures, seminars, meetings and workshops.

Rozbrat has been a home to several generations of activists who have played critical roles during many social mobilisations and debates on social issues. The activists from Rozbrat and the Poznan Anarchist Federation have actively defended the most excluded inhabitants of the city, by supporting and initiating dozens of labour, tenant and environmental protests. It was also them who co-funded the regional tenants’ association and brought the issue of illegal dislacements to public light by organising eviction blockades and making it nearly impossible to render homeless the city’s sick, disabled, seniors and parents with children.

In a statement, Rozbrat says:

“We have provided organisational, legal and moral support to thousands of victims of capitalism and of the state, and we supported other independent groups in Poland. We are building a movement that relies on solidarity and mutual help instead of a rat race. We have organised hundreds of rallies and demonstrations decrying contempt for people with lower material status, different skin colour or different views.”

Rozbrat’t rich history includes a previous eviction attempt in 2009, when the space was due to be auctioned, but no buyers turned up for the auction; and the February 1996 neo- nazi attack, when a large group raided the space, stabbing a woman while she was sleeping in her bed. The victim nearly died of blood loss, and was saved only due to a very prompt medical treatment.

Today, the future of the space is again uncertain. In May, the bailiff office announced that is is preparing the auctioning of the property. That move came despite of the fact that several years ago, Rozbrat filled a case in court to secure rights to its lands based on adverse possession law. This case remains open.

The legal status of the land where Rozbrat is located is complicated. It was nationalised after the WW2, and, after Poland’s transition to capitalism, it was taken over by a private company as part of reprivatisation process. The new owner quickly went bankrupt following a number of loans the company took, and the lender, a bank, sold it to a debt trading company. The company is now demanding that the land is sold for an estimated 1.4 million Euro. This will certainly lead to an eviction attempt of the squat in order to make space for developers and land speculators to do their business.

According to Rozbrat:

“The Mayor of Poznan has declared that no tools are available to him that could force the bank to relinquish its claim to the plot and let the anarchists maintain the possession of the land. But we know that the state and local government have grounds for defending the social ownership of the property. They are simply refusing to make use of this right and stop the land speculation. The bailiff, real estate speculators and their political allies have once again taken legal steps to get rid of us. It is our conviction that after 25 years this area belongs to the Rozbrat community and needs to stay a collective property of the movement. We are not going to give it up without a fight. Rozbrat has countless times proved to serve the public interest, in contrast to the authorities, which represent the private interests of real estate developers.”

It is quite likely that Rozbrat will be forced to enter an expensive and complicated legal battle in order to defend itself. That could be costly, and the squat decided to ask for solidarity donations to cover legal costs. Anyone who is able to do so, can donate to this account: BIGBPLPW 03 1160 2202 0000 0002 3589 7475 with reference “Donation to save Rozbrat”. Otherwise, share widely.

Pułaskiego 21a
60-607 Poznan, Poland

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Zurich: House occupied on Bachtobelstrasse

A house on the Bachtobelstrasse 102 in Zurich was occupied on 28 May. We ain’t moving and we would like to thank all those who came by or otherwise gave us solidarity.

The house is still under threat. The so-called owner wants to demolish it. We do not and will not accept this.

If you want to support us, please contact ambach [at] tutanota [dot] com or just pass by.

Wir bleiben alle!

Article on Barrikade, translated by PazTrez

Catalonia: Police persecution, so normal

The police station of the Mossos d’Esquadra of Banyoles demonstrate their commitment to the repression against the anarchists. At the moment they act under the pseudonym of traffic police but make it clear who they are trying to intimidate by their worst gunmen on duty… as it is not pure chance that they stop and threaten the same person 3 times in a week. This same comrade also suffers persecution by secret-police officers in Barcelona…so clumsy that it´s difficult not to recognize them, as for example last Tuesday, May 28th (15.40h; c/Nació; Clot).

One of the gunmen from Banyoles cops was already known to us as he once pointed his gun at our comrade, 7 years ago, with no reason in a traffic control (exit AP-7 Girona Nord) and then threatened to kill him! Logically he refused to give his badge number then but now threatens to fine the comrade between 600 and 30.000 Euro for not having a Spanish residence and driving a car registered in his country of origin in the EU… (anything is possible with the Gag Law!).
Also recently the cops appeared several times at his home (a house in the countryside) which gives the suspicion that he is being investigated “at ground” to fuck up his life again after evicting his squat one year ago (Kan Bici).

Being consistent with your ideas can be dangerous in this country already that even the “alternative” bars are full of secret-cops and police “out of service” to control what cooks and talks, what consume and who knows whom.

This is how free we can feel until the opposite is proved…
800 reasons to rebel against all domination and authority!

Health & Anarchy
See you at Agro-Crust IX (11th to 14th July 2019)

Trespass [ES version]

Hannover (Germany): Squatting action at Klagesmarkt

On Wednesday evening a house at the Klagesmarkt was squatted. At one point 250 people took part in the occupation. The eviction by the police took place in the early morning hours of the following day.

In a world of rising rents and a lack of affordable housing, people have decided to squat a house that has been empty for at least four years. The shop space on the ground floor of the house was to be used for social and cultural activities to enrich the neighbourhood.

A varied programme with concerts and other cultural events was planned for the duration of the occupation. On Thursday, the neighbourhood was to be invited to develop joint plans for the use of the house with coffee and cake. Unfortunately, this idea could not be put into practice, as the owners preferred to file a criminal complaint and to have the house evicted by the police during the night. The squatters offered to talk about possible usage options but the owners rejected; apparently further vacancy is desired instead.

Between five and seven in the morning the building was evicted by a massive police force. An estimated 300 police women and men with reinforcements from various cities in Lower Saxony such as Celle and Lüneburg were on duty. Eight people were found in the house. They are now facing charges of trespassing.

The squatting action is taking place at a time when it is becoming increasingly clear that a supply of adequate housing cannot be guaranteed by the free market. Nationwide, demands are being made to expropriate real estate groups and convert them to non-profit organizations.

Yesterday’s occupation illustrates the immediate urgency of the housing issue: we cannot wait for the state to take care of the expropriation of real estate companies. As long as people live in precarious housing conditions, tenants are expelled from their neighbourhoods and people freeze to death on the street, there is a need to act directly.

Originally published by Indymedia DE. Translated by Enough 14. Images by @R_Bengel

Bern (Switzerland): Paint for Fabrikool

The eviction of Fabrikool is far from forgotten. With this action, we show our solidarity with the Fabrikool, all evicted, existing and future free spaces.

Therefore we left a painting with the content: “FABRIKOOL BLIeBT KOOL” (Fabrikool stays cool) at Neubrückstrasse on the evening of 31 May 2019.

Many people showed solidarity during the action and began to chant slogans. The action was peaceful and met with broad support from passersby.
We will not forget whose dreams you are trying to stand in the way and we will continue to fight. Yesterday on the barricades, today peacefully masked with colours and next Thursday 6th May 2019, Velodemo 18:00 (06:00pm), Mittelstrasse Längasse in Bern.

Originally published by Barrikade Info. Translated by Enough 14.

Freiburg (Germany): Squatted former police station evicted after 45 hours

Eviction of the F52 in broad daylight +++ 25 arbitrary controls +++ Masked policemen jog through child day-care centre +++ State government favours misappropriation and speculation with batons

“Attention, attention. This is the first, second and final announcement…” With these words, the head of police operations, Harry Hochuli, started the eviction of Fehrenbachallee 52. There was no willingness to negotiate, the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg had already filed a criminal complaint in the evening the occupation started. We criticize the ruthless actions of the Freiburg head of operations, also in the face of the fact that the adjacent kindergarten would have been empty an hour later. The children could easily have been spared the traumatizing appearance of a masked and helmeted riot squad. Now the spacious property was returned to its inglorious state of vacancy.

The demand for affordable living space and self-organised district centres continues to grow, and not only in the western part of the Stühlinger district. We still demand the construction of a large rest house for people with refugee experience and more than ever it is necessary to fight for anti-fascist district centres and social perspectives through direct action. We will be everywhere. “At the latest since last summer, this property has been alienated from its purpose in excellent condition, the mills of capitalist real estate exploitation are running much slower than those of repression,” says Janine Dreyer from the squatting campaign “Die WG”. “We continue to take our future into our own hands and defend ourselves against the growing state apparatus, which continues to distance itself from people’s needs.

The rumour that the property had been sold to Stadtbau was too plausible. If only it could extend the planned demolition of the Metzgergrüns to the Fehrenbachallee, and thus cut a path of devastation through a district characterised by diversity and neighbourhood, if further deals were made. But in the end it was the state that decided to end the initiative in the twinkling of an eye – the Freiburg cops ended an open space which was warmly welcomed in the neighbourhood with helmeted aggressors. Even apparently uninvolved persons who were in the street were captured, individually searched and subjected to an identification measure. The occupation of the former trade and environmental police station was a renewed encouraging experience of solidarity among us and the connectivity of our ownership criticism and intervention, especially in less noble districts. Thus, many residents who were affected by the ruthless actions of the police units were standing with us until the end. Even after yesterday’s elections, the city and the state fail to meet the challenge of the housing issue and instead focus on a divided society by expanding repressive political means. We, on the other hand, will continue to give the necessary expression to our criticism in events and actions. We call for Day X+2 on Wednesday, May 29 (see separate call) and look forward to the next occupation with you!

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Netherlands: JaKra! squatting yearbook 2018 released

JaKra! is initiated by KSU Den Haag (The Hague Squatting Info Centre). In this book project we would like to look back on a number of developments and events in the past year, together with squatters and housing activists in different places.
It turns out that squatting is still necessary and useful — as some of the stories in the first JaKra! issue (squatting yearbook 2018) demonstrate. Housing is a necessity. There needs to be space for autonomy. Protests against speculation, social degradation, and miserable urban regeneration are necessary. We must fight for an inclusive city with sufficient affordable housing and non-commercial places to go out and meet people.
By sharing some of our successes and setbacks on an annual basis, we hope to contribute to creating more intercity involvement and solidarity between squatters and housing activists in the Netherlands and beyond and to inspire more people to become active themselves, helping to build an effective movement for the housing struggle.
In the Netherlands JaKra! #1 will soon be available for 5 euros in the subversive bookshops Rosa (Groningen), the Opstand (Den Haag) and the Fort van Sjakoo (Amsterdam) and soon also available to download. The book is bilingual, Dutch-English.
Maybe you want to contribute to JaKra! #2 (yearbook squatting 2019) in text, illustrations and (photo) reports? Contact the editors.

jakra [at] riseup [dot] net

KSU Den Haag
ksu-denhaag [at] riseup [dot] net

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Madrid: Statement of the anarchist compañeras arrested on May 13

In the early morning of May 13, an anti-riot unit was breaking into our homes and the anarchist space La Emboscada (The Ambush) – three weeks after its inauguration – together with the 21st group of the Provincial Information Brigade of Madrid, dedicated exclusively to spy and hunt anarchists. We were informed that they were bringing a search and arrest warrant for two of us on terrorism charges. During the search, which lasted approximately 6 hours, comrades from all over Madrid came to show their support.
Meanwhile, the police seemed especially interested in taking clothes with them: coloured and black coats, concrete coloured scarves, scarves, flower scarves, specific footwear; they were also interested in agendas, calendars, some notebooks, some annotations, notes between the pages of books, computers, hard disks, memory cards, usb, mobile phones, photographic and video cameras, CDs and DVDs, construction tools and, especially, hammers; as well as stickers, patches and T-shirts of the brand M.A.L.P.; posters and propaganda in relation to the G20 counter-summit in 2017.
During the investigation, which has been ongoing since March 2017, emails, mobile phones, tablets, whatsapp, icloud, dropbox and communications in general have been tapped. For now we have no more information, as the investigation continues under secret summary. We were held for 32 hours and, although there were times when the situation was confusing and unfavourable, any sadness or fear became insignificant when we came out and saw the support and solidarity we received from our compatriots and friends.

Because although the State comes for us, the ideas and practices they pursue are unstoppable and multiply in each gesture of solidarity. And although we do not know what we are accused of, we are very clear about what we are and why we are being persecuted: and we do not regret nor will we ever regret being anarchists.

Repression has always been on the lookout for those who fight but throughout our lives it has given us strength and encouragement to know that there were anarchists all over the world and people who shared our affinity and, to live this in the first person and meet so many people, it has been very nice and meaningful for us.

No anarchist will be alone as long as there are compas who continue to fight.

A hug to Embers, who was arrested on May 1st in Paris and is still in prison along with many others. And to all the other anarchist prisoners and prisoners in struggle, which we do not forget.

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Original statement published in Spanish by Contramadriz

Night of rage in the streets of Bern in response to repression and eviction of Fabrikool squat

On Friday May 17 there was a demo against the eviction of Fabrikool. On May 18 there was a night of rage and resistance against the eviction and the recent wave of repression started in the Swiss capital.

May 17
On May 17 about 400 people marched through the streets of Bern loud and self-determined. It was a strong and clear sign to oppose the decision of the canton and shows that free spaces like the Fabrikool are necessary and must be fought for. During the whole demonstration we were fed with the finest food.

AGG, f*ck you! Hebeisen und Vatter: You really f*ck up!
Ps. Full speech on (German)

In the night from Saturday to Sunday we participated in the offensive actions against the police in the area around the Reitschule (riding school). We see today’s move as a necessary response to the recent repression in the Bern area. Today our anger was so big that the police had to withdraw several times. We see this as a sign of success and as an emerging motivation to continue to stand in the way of the state and the police.

We are people who show solidarity with the evicted Fabrikool. We would like to point out that the Fabrikool was fought for within the militant actions around the Effy29 eviction. The state’s fear of a new conflict ultimately led to the Fabrikool not being evicted. Today’s actions should recall the time around the Effy29 eviction. Every eviction has its price!

We place the Fabrikool eviction in the context of a repressive armament that has taken place in recent months. Thus, raids were repeatedly carried out around the riding school, people were threatened and harassed by the police, and almost political sprayers and guests of the riding school were run over by a plain police patrol. The state is also trying to strike with legal means. Thus, dozens of people are currently receiving orders of punishment for the Afrin demo that was surrounded last year. With the new police law, more repressive arrows are waiting in the quiver of the judiciary and police.

As desperate as the state tries to oppress and smash us, resistance to the recent repression manifests itself in various ways. Today it was with stones and burning barricades, for months it has been flowers on the orphanage square for the murdered K. and soon it could be new occupations.

The power and energy we have experienced today will be carried into our future struggles. At the same time such attacks need a phase of reflection and criticism. So we cannot fight for a world free of domination if on such evenings sexist expressions and actions of some are displayed and self-staging is seen as the central reason for such actions.

We greet the arrested in Indonesia.
We greet all who are currently affected by the repression of the Afrin demo.
We greet all people with whom we show solidarity far too rarely.

“Rhubarb affinity group”, May 19, 2019

Bern (Switzerland): Fabrikool evicted

Since the early hours of the morning, the squatted Fabrikool house in the Länggass in Bern has been evicted by representatives of the canton and cops. The building is closed off on a large scale and surrounded by about 25 riot cops with dogs. All the trees around the building are cut down, a scaffold erected, all the windows screwed up from the inside with boards and everything outside, from pizza oven to trampoline to outdoor kitchen, is dismantled and cleared away. Again and again cops with bolt cutters and sledgehammers were sighted, eagerly working on their destructive work in the building. The highly motivated cantonal representative Beat Keller is, of course, personally on site and is not too sad to help clear away.
Many people in solidarity – also from the neighbourhood – are on site and observe what is happening. Throughout the morning, several people were subjected to person checks, district bans were imposed and two young people were arrested after being searched and detained by a bunch of robocops.
Just because the authorities think they can let off steam in our house is not the end of it! Therefore: Keep your eyes and ears open, more information will follow.

Ps: Note from the Furia on the edge – the books are doing well in exile. Solidary greetings from your anarchist infoshop – on the next 50 years!

Fabrikstrasse 16, 3012 Bern, Switzerland

Anarchist infoshop Furia
furia [at] immerda [dot] ch

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Ljubljana: Open call of The Autonomous Factory Rog

Against violence of the City Municipality of Ljubljana – for Open Dialogue

The users of the Autonomous Factory Rog are observing the statements and moves of the management of the City Municipality of Ljubljana with concern. By denying dialogue, refusing recognition of users’ activities, with financial sanctions and open threats of eviction, it suggests that the repetition of the 2016 conflict is expected.

Let us remember, at that time the Municipality attempted to vacate the factory premises and establish a construction site in the middle of the night with private security officers, but encountered a large number of users who wanted to protect those premises, in which they developed alternative culture, social and political organization, a sports program and other activities free of charge since 2006. Following up, these users appealed to their adverse possession rights and did not want to leave. The rights were later acknowledged by the district court in Ljubljana. From that moment on until the conclusion of the property rights lawsuit the construction work had to be discontinued.

The core of the dispute lies in the Center Rog project, which MOL is planning in the area, a concept with which Rog’s users disagree. After the unsuccessful attempt at violent evictions, they tried to find a compromise in the negotiations, according to which new projects would include the contents and organizational principles that were established in Rog in more than a decade of operation, but MOL refused any such adaptation of the project and instead, by unclear criteria, offered 500 square meters in new premises. Since the offer would throw out numerous vital collectives, Rog’s users rejected it, after which MOL has refused any further negotiations and attempted to rid itself of the users with property claims and steep court costs – 8 individuals who performed voluntary activities in Rog were loaded with a fine of 50,000 euros. It is problematic that the largest, legally and financially most supported municipality, disproportionately punishes citizens who seek to act in the public interest.

Not only is such sanctioning and blackmailing of the users unethical, it’s also unproductive, as it doesn’t resolve the conflict in any sense. At the end of the court proceedings, which would ban the activities of eight individuals, more than 100 activists, artists, athletes, skaters, refugees and young and socially deprived individuals will still remain in Rog, to whom these activities and participation at Trubarjeva 72 represent an essential part of life, and who maintained the facilities and associated infrastructure with their own work. Likewise, there would be hundreds of works of art, installations, and a multitude of musical and recreational equipment owned by the aforementioned collectives, left in place. It is impossible to imagine that after all the work invested they would agree to an expulsion without compensation, nor that the municipality could empty the premises by force without serious damages. In addition, this mandate is not granted by the court. Without dialogue and compromise, therefore, the dispute can only escalate into physical confrontation again – a scenario that wouldn’t benefit anyone in Ljubljana, and one which both sides certainly wish to avoid. It is for this reason that we, the users of AT Rog, wish re-emphasize the need for dialogue between the municipality and Rog. Unfortunately, the municipality is rejecting this since 2016 and behaving as if the users in Rog are nonexistent or that they would dissolve into thin air after the court cases would conclude.

In order to avoid new conflicts, we call on MOL to suspend the legal persecution of individuals and to agree to an open discussion of the future of Rog and the solution of the situation. We are convinced that violence can not and must not resolve a political dispute, and that it is in the best interest of the inhabitants of Ljubljana to find a peaceful, transparent and collective search for a solution.

Autonomous Factory Rog
Trubarjeva 72, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Wassenaar: Rust Vreugd Terreur, benefit festival in support of legal costs

May 17th & 18th 2019, Rust Vreugd Terreur at Huize Ívicke, Rust en Vreugdlaan 2 in Wassenaar, a benefit festival in support of legal costs for WH7 Amsterdam, AC Den Haag, and K19 Zeist in corporation with ]LAG(

With legal fees and bills to pay and anniversaries to celebrate, Rust Vreugd en Terreur brings together an eclectic coagulation of visual and sonic experiences. Analogue and digital conjoin in outbursts of DIY and antifascist spirits, resonating sweet harmonics and harsh noises. Two days of performances, workshops, bands, vj’s, dj’s and more in the subverted pinnacle of bourgeois decadence that is Huize Ivicke. All capital accumulation will be redistributed towards the below three court cases.
Two arrestees of the Wijde Heisteeg are in threat by time in jail, fines and DNA samples. Four arrestees of the Autonomous centre in The Hague are still proceeding against fines and probation. Five arrestees of Zeist are summoned.
All arrestees of the above cases were temporarily taken into custody for squatting and are now being prosecuted. Their living spaces remain empty, or partly used by anti squat. They were evicted from places in which active autonomous subculture was thriving without any governmental support or interference. Instead of being grateful for their social function, they are put aside and criminalized

Meanwhile, the wet kraken en leegstand (squatting and vacant property act) is not being used to attempt a real fight on emptiness, which actually was a condition of this piece of trash act. Instead there seems to be a hard-lined choice for the neglecting owner. Hence the gross of the places are left empty, sad, alone and deserted, sometimes with one or two anti-squatters, renters with no renting rights and shitty privacy. Obviously, placing anti squat after an eviction means eviction for emptiness, an event of which the governance claims is not happening.

This non-corrective behavior from the law is clearly a sign of trias politicas (separation of powers) failing, the so called pillar of the democracy. The (according to many of us failing) system is vividly declining. But, not for the rich house speculants and owners, the ones to have had a huge champagne and caviar orgy when the anti squat law got accepted, a law totally undermining the positive effects that squatting has have had on the society.

Now it looks like it is being used to suppress us, local authorities are taking an active role in addressing only the side effects of emptiness and not as they should be doing, to focus the problem of emptiness itself. And whilst the housing shortage thrives prices exorbitantly high, instead the authority would rather prosecute in hope to stop autonomy and make us slaves of the system.

Let us feast on the rich in terreur. Rust, vreugd en terreur.

info [at] laglab [dot] org

Radio Papillon
papillon [at] adm [dot] amsterdam

Huize Ívicke
ivickeautonoom [at] riseup [dot] net

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Athens: Open Discussion of Bouboulinas squatters with the neighbours

As an open structure and community, aimed at strengthening and developing the co-organization of our daily life and common struggles, we invite all residents of this neighbourhood and beyond to join us in putting our visions into practice. In the end it is everyone’s responsibility to take sides either with the word of community and of free self-organization or with the side of fascism and repression.

We are living in a time of war. Terror, poverty, political and economic violence, those are the consequences. By closing borders, persecuting and massacring at the borders, and mass incarceration and isolation into concentration camps with no prospect of freedom, Europe is waging a war against migrants.

Since February 2019, a mass eviction operation of squats has began, with the migrant squat Arachovis 44 in Exarchia being the first one to be evicted. At 11/4, at 6 in the morning, an army of cops evicts the housing squats Azadi and New Babylon, from where 120 people are detained. Just one week later, another operation takes place against the migrant squat Clandestina, and the anarcho-feminist squat Cyclope.

During the operations, the police violently and forcefully entered people’s homes in the early morning, kicking in doors and entering people’s rooms with weapons. After arresting residents, including crying children trembling in fear, and taking them away to police stations and prisons, the police proceeds to enter their homes once again, humiliating the residents further by throwing their belongings into disarray. As we recaptured the ground of Boumboulinas squat and cancelled the events of the state, we found people’s homes destroyed and their belongings spread all over the floors of the building. The state left the former residents not only homeless, but also without any of their possession, including their papers and whatever little money they might have had. The state’s centralized organization of matter devoid of life is exposed in its full cruelty in the condition of dehumanisation, which the squatters experience through their forced exile and dispossession. The separation of the human beings from their space, time and material references, otherwise known as naked life, is the way in which the manipulation of life, as a financial and logistical matter, is forced upon the oppressed. While the state, in the warehouses of biopower, suspends all the inherent tensions of society in terms of self-organization, the reality of liberation begins with the experience of a naked life that poses the common potential for realizing our aspirations for liberation.

The continuing repression of squats, which means the closing of self-organised spaces, the displacement of the residents away from the neighbourhoods, and into concentration camps, is a part of this war.

The operations against the housing squats were accompanied with operations in houses that were known to be drug smuggling spaces, so that the state could legitimise these squat evictions as part of the ‘war on drugs’. This is hardy a new practice. The state has always pushed drugs into poor neighborhoods, and particulalry into neighborhoods where the radical grass-roots movements are the most vibrant, so as, on the one hand to control these areas, and on the other to have an excuse to pursue its war against the opressed.

Criminalisation of migrants is an intentional state practice, through keeping people in an illegal and underclass status. This demonstrates how Europe is turning towards fascism. This repression is part of the state terrorism against the struggles and the self-organisation of the oppressed. It is in this context that the recent governments, both left and right, make their polemic announcement to the squats of the movement, that “we will take all the ground away from you.”

At the core of this repression of migrant housing squats is the intention to isolate and separate migrants from locals, to cut any contact with local radical struggles, to prevent the common organization of the proletariats. Because the common struggle of the oppressed is a threat to authority. This is why our decision to reoccupy the embattled ground of Bouboulinas 42 is the answer that we, locals and migrants together must give to the violence of the repression, so as to house our common struggle for a free life.

Here in this house, we have already began to build a new community. We, migrants, squatters and internationalist comrades gathered in the aftermath of the recent squat evictions in the neighborhood of Exarchia, with the goal to organize the resistance to this state repression. As a response to the immediate need for housing, we took the initiative to occupy Gini building in Polytechneio. Our intent is to build community, as a co-organisation of heterogenic subjects, which reflects the open diversity of our practices in this neighbourhood and in other struggles. This community is based on the common agreement of struggle of the oppressed people against the state, against exploitation, and against mafia organization and control, which is in fact complements the segregation policies of all other state agents. The commitment to horizontality and mutuality targets the core of the authoritarian and patriarchal structures which form the foundation of the state and its mafias. Here we intend to house our common struggles, but also, a number of structures, open to the neighborhood and to the movement: a school for learning languages and skills, the self-organization of women, the self-management of food, and more.

Our aim is to create a space for sharing and exchange through our diverse cultures and languages. A space for defending the oppressed: migrants, proletarians, women, and for freedom from sexual and gender opression. We fight against racism, sexism, patriarchy, rape culture, and the business of mafias and NGO’s that profit from the condition of weakness of migrants.

As an open structure and community, aimed at strengthening and developing the co-organization of our daily life and common struggles, we invite all residents of this neighbourhood and beyond to join us in putting our visions into practice. In the end it is everyone’s responsibility to take sides either with the word of community and of free self-organization or with the side of fascism and repression.

Open Discussion of Bouboulinas squatters with the neighbours + Free food, Saturday 11 May 7.30 pm

Bouboulinas & Metsovou, Exarcheia

Self-organized Community of Squatters, Migrants and Internationalist Comrades from the Ground of Squatted Bouboulinas

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Hamburg: Two occupations during #MietenMove demo against gentrification and high rents

On Saturday more than 6000 people took the streets against high rents and gentrification on a rainy day in Hamburg (German territory) [May6]. During and after the demo there were two occupations. A reportback.

The demo started in front of city hall and marched through downtown Hamburg. When the demo marched into the completely gentrified Haven-City (Harbour-City) disitrict I had to smile… People are paying huge amounts of mony to live here but can hardly sit outside on their terraces and balconies because of the smell of diesel from the cruise ships in the harbour.

When the demo arrived in Haven-City a big group went straight, while the rest of the demo marched to the Elb Philharmonie. Out of the group that went straight Sandtorkai 28a was squatted.

The occupation ended after about 45 minutes. The demo continued marching to Landungsbrücke where the official part ended.

In the evening hours a group of people squatted the 10.000m² big Soul Kitchen area in Hamburg’s Wilhelmsburg district.

Around 03:30am (May 5) the occupation ended voluntarily after more and more riot squads arrived.

Source –

Berlin (Germany): Attack against an office of the leftist party „Die Linke“ – Solidarity to Squats in Athens and Berlin

Late saturday evening, May 4, we commited an attack with stones against the store front of the office from Sebastian Schlüsselburg, member of the Committee on Justice and Secret Service, parliamentarian of „Die Linke“ in the district of Berlin-Lichtenberg. Most of its windows were smashed.

This is our direct answer to the latest events for which these political representatives of pure social-darwinism hold responsibility. To be mentioned first is the voting in the parliament of the district (BVV) Lichtenberg for the plans of construction of the stupid waterpark in the Rummelsburg Bay, which is another project for the city of the rich and tourists. This includes the eviction of homeless people, who squatted an area in the bay with their tents. It is clearly visible what role the leftist parties play in this process. After their usual approaches towards the resistance, finally ALL of them voted for the construction.

But our attack was also a revenge for the destruction of the small huts on Mariannenplatz in Kreuzberg, which left their inhabitants homeless. Imagine this: the only reason for this violent eviction was to create space for „Die Linke“ during the pro-government festival „Myfest“ on the 1st of May in Kreuzberg.

Finally we dedicate the attack to the resistance in the battlegrounds of Athens, where Syriza, the sister-party of „Die Linke“, confronts the self-organized and combative communities by launching waves of evictions against squats, especially those of migrants. On Friday, one of the evicted houses, Bouboulinas 42, was taken back by this movement.

When the state and the capitalists are fighting side by side, it is necessary to have a common struggle for freedom with our friends in Greece and everywhere.

Autonome gruppen

[, May 6th, 2019.]