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Glasgow protesters celebrate after blocking immigration raid – video

Immigration Enforcement officials released two men after a day-long standoff with local residents. Hundreds of people surrounded the officials’ van in a residential street to prevent the detention of the men during Eid al-Fitr, chanting ‘these are our neighbours, let them go’

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Protesters block immigration van from leaving after Glasgow raid

Standoff unfolds after detentions during Eid al-Fitr in apparent escalation of hostile environment policy

Glasgow residents are involved in a tense standoff with immigration officials after surrounding their van in a residential street to prevent the detention of individuals during Eid al-Fitr.

Staff from UK Immigration Enforcement are believed to have swooped on a property in Pollokshields, on the Southside of Glasgow, early on Thursday morning and detained a number of people.

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India’s Covid anguish fuels calls to release rights activists from jail

Protesters against Narendra Modi’s controversial citizenship law remain detained in prisons rife with coronavirus

An ashen-faced Natasha Narwal emerged on bail from Delhi’s notorious Tihar jail on Monday evening. It was the freedom one of India’s most prominent feminist activists had spent a year fighting for, but this was an exit steeped only in sadness; it had come 24 hours too late.

A day earlier, Narwal’s 71-year-old father, Dr Mahavir Narwal, had died of Covid-19, alone in a hospital intensive care unit in the city of Rohtak – another victim of the devastating second wave that has swept India in recent weeks. So far the country has registered more than 20m cases and a quarter of a million deaths, though most experts believe the true toll to be far higher.

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‘You might die because you desire peace’: Colombians split on protests

Guardian readers in Colombia comment on scenes of violence while some say they can finally speak their minds as others believe the unrest has gone too far

Nearly two weeks after mass anti-government protests kicked off in Colombia at the end of April, President Iván Duque has promised a national dialogue over issues raised by young demonstrators, including free university tuition.

“We know we must take urgent steps to generate hope and a future for our youth,” Duque said during a brief visit to Cali, a city of over 2 million that has beeen the setting for violent clashes.

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UK’s deep-sea mining permits could be unlawful – Greenpeace

Licences given to arms firm Lockheed Martin said to go against government’s stance on exploiting seabed

Deep-sea mining exploration licences granted by the British government are “riddled with inaccuracies”, and could even be unlawful, according to Greenpeace and Blue Marine Foundation, a conservation charity.

The licences, granted a decade ago to UK Seabed Resources, a subsidiary of the US arms multinational Lockheed Martin, have only recently been disclosed by the company.

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LA protester accuses uncle, an LAPD officer, of ordering projectiles fired on him

Asim Jamal Shakir Jr is suing the Los Angeles police department after he was injured during a George Floyd demonstration last May

A 23-year-old Los Angeles film-maker has sued the Los Angeles police department, alleging that his uncle, a Los Angeles police department officer, ordered him to be shot by projectiles during the George Floyd protests last summer.

On the evening of 29 May 2020, Asim Jamal Shakir Jr had joined the demonstrations in downtown LA and was live-streaming when police formed a skirmish line, and he spotted his uncle, Eric Anderson, among the officers, according to a complaint filed on Monday. Anderson allegedly told his nephew to go home and then later motioned for an officer to shoot a “less-than-lethal” rifle at Shakir.

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Defiance in the face of Israeli aggression gives Palestinians everywhere hope | Ziad al-Qattan

The violence in Jerusalem is part of a plan to repress Palestinian life in the city. Yet there is a heartening refusal to be cowed

As a Palestinian watching the scenes unfold in my homeland on social media, I have been consumed by a range of conflicting emotions. I have felt pain and despair at these violent restrictions on basic Palestinian rights and freedoms; but I have also noticed a spirit of care and solidarity among Palestinians that has been inspiring.

How did we get here? Over the past week, thousands of Palestinians have been gathering to pray at al-Aqsa compound – one of the holy sites of Islam – in East Jerusalem, which has been occupied by Israel since 1967. But they have also been standing alongside the residents of Sheikh Jarrah, the neighbourhood from which numerous Palestinian families are facing eviction, in a move by Israel the United Nations has described as a possible war crime, given that it involves the transfer of “an occupying [power’s] civilian population into the territory that it occupies”.

Ziad al-Qattan is a London-based writer and policy member at Al-Shabaka: The Palestine Policy Network

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Thirty people dead as Netanyahu vows to intensify Gaza attacks

Medics on both sides put death toll at 28 Palestinians and two Israelis after day of fierce confrontation

Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to increase the intensity of attacks on Gaza, after a day of ferocious confrontations that left 30 people dead as Israeli jets and Palestinian militants traded airstrikes and rockets.

As medics on both sides put the death toll at 28 Palestinians, including 10 children, and two Israelis, the Israeli prime minister said there would be no pause. “It was decided that both the might of the attacks and the frequency of the attacks will be increased,” he announced.

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Jerusalem seethes as the rockets begin on day of rising tension

A series of events come together to inflame an already volatile situation in the holy city

It was strikingly clear that the most dangerous moment in Jerusalem’s worst unrest for years would arrive on Monday. After weeks of mounting anger, a series of provocative events were all set to spiral together at once, creating a tinderbox situation that world powers warned needed delicate handling.

The European Union had called on authorities to “act urgently to de-escalate the current tensions in Jerusalem” while the US said the Israeli government should “pursue appropriate measures to ensure calm”.

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Israeli police clash with Palestinian protesters at al-Aqsa mosque – video

Officers in riot gear clashed with Palestinian demonstrators outside al-Aqsa mosque in East Jerusalem, in on-going violence that has raised international concern. 

Tensions were particularly high as Israel marked Jerusalem Day, its annual celebration of the capture of the city, including the walled Old City that is home to Muslim, Jewish and Christian holy places, in 1967.

Al-Aqsa, an Islamic holy site, has been a focal point of violence in Jerusalem at the height of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Video showed Palestinians hurling rocks at police and police firing stun grenades

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Israeli police clash with Palestinians at al-Aqsa mosque – video

Israeli police broke into the prayer room at the mosque in East Jerusalem as several hundred Palestinians stayed on after Friday prayers to protest against potential evictions of Palestinians from homes on land claimed by Jewish settlers.

At least 178 Palestinians and six officers were injured in the night-time clashes at Islam’s third-holiest site and around East Jerusalem.

Israel’s supreme court will hold a hearing on the long-running eviction legal case in Sheikh Jarrah on Monday, as nightly clashes have continued during Ramadan

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Putting Extinction Rebellion activists on trial isn’t in the public interest, so let’s stop | Peter Hain

After the recent acquittal of climate activists by a crown court jury, it’s clear public sentiment is on their side

In the face of resistance by juries, surely there is a strong case to halt all the pending trials of Extinction Rebellion activists? With nearly a thousand trials still waiting to be heard in the courts, six members of the group were recently acquitted at Southwark crown court in XR’s second trial by a jury.

They had been charged with criminal damage against the oil giant Shell, yet the jury decided that all six were not guilty, despite the judge ruling that only one had any kind of defence in law.

Lord Hain is a former Labour cabinet minister and anti-apartheid campaigner

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‘They can’t take it any more’: pandemic and poverty brew violent storm in Colombia

Demonstrations that began with a general strike on 28 April quickly descended into violence, with as many as 37 protesters killed across the country

Yina Reyes, a 39-year-old nurse from the downtrodden neighbourhood of Siloé in the Colombian city of Cali, knows only too well what Covid-19 can do to a person – and to a community. Her mother was hospitalized with the disease, and came close to death.

As a home care nurse, she has seen patients get sick and neighbours die. In the early days of the pandemic, her husband lost his job as a chauffeur, leaving her to provide for their daughter and his parents, who share their home.

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Who was the face of implementing those lockdowns? It was the police

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To win tomorrow, we have to lose today

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Spy cops joked about sexual relationships with women, inquiry told

Managers turned a blind eye to ‘gross and offensive’ comments, says former undercover police officer

A former undercover police officer has told a public inquiry that his colleagues made “gross and offensive” jokes about the women they were deceiving into having sexual relationships.

The officer, Graham Coates, said the jokes and banter were said in the presence of managers who knew about the relationships but deliberately turned a blind eye.

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Colombia enters second week of violent unrest as police crack down on protests

As many as 37 people have died and at least 89 reported missing since protests began on 28 April

Colombia has entered its second week of violent unrest as riot police continued a brutal crackdown on nationwide protests against poverty and inequality exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Hong Kong court jails three on riot charges despite no evidence of rioting

Activist Joshua Wong separately sentenced over Tiananmen vigil protest in 2020

A court in Hong Kong has sentenced three people to years in jail on riot convictions, despite no evidence they were actually involved in rioting. In a separate case, the activist Joshua Wong and three others were also given jail terms over a Tiananmen massacre vigil held in breach of Covid restrictions.

The three protesters, all in their 20s, were jailed by the district court judge En-nest Lin on Wednesday, for terms of up to four years and three months. Lin said even though there was no evidence the trio were involved in any rioting, their presence at the rally in October 2019 encouraged other protesters, RTHK reported.

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‘No food and no fuel’: Colombia torn by protests and violent crackdown

23 protesters and one police officer killed after general strike over unpopular tax reform met with heavy-handed response

Mass protests were held across Colombia on Wednesday after a night of unrest the capital city, as street violence continued after more than a week of angry anti-government demonstrations.

23 protesters and one police officer have been killed in the unrest that began with with a general strike over an unpopular tax reform but has grown into an outburst of rage over poverty exacerbated by the pandemic, human rights abuses and the authorities’ heavy-handed response to protests.

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Colombia protests: what is driving the deadly unrest? – video report

The UN has condemned the violent repression of protests in Colombia after clashes between police and demonstrators left at least 18 dead and 87 people missing. The demonstrations began with a general strike last Wednesday over an unpopular tax change but quickly escalated when protesters were met by riot police armed with teargas, bean-bag rounds and billy clubs. The now-axed policy would have hiked taxes on individuals and business during a coronavirus pandemic that continues to ravage public health and the economy

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