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Women’s Day: A Day of Protest Against Femicides in Mexico State

Translated from Másde131 by Aldabi Olvera Groups, collectives and family of murdered women staged a day of action in the municipalities of Ecatepec, Nezahualcoyotl and Chimalhuacán to visualize the rampant epidemic of femicides in the State of Mexico. With whistles to grab attention, the collective Las Enredadas coordinated “Whistle, Shout and Organize” at the Metro CiudadRead More

Refugees: EU Agrees On Closure Of Balkan Route

Austrian daily newspaper “Standard” reports that they received a secret document which reveals that the EU will close the so-called Balkan route for refugees during tomorrows EU summit. Refugees who don’t have a chance to achieve asylum according to the rules of EU states shall be deported to Turkey. According to “Standard” the draft conclusion of tomorrowsRead More

Germany: Erdogan Gets Green Light For Human Rights Violations

Last night Turkish police forces stormed the headquarters of conservative daily news Zaman in Istanbul. The newspaper is under state control now. The Erdogan regime seems to be able to do whatever they want as there is a deafening silence in European Union (EU) member states about the massive human rights violations in Turkey. German federal interiorRead More

Only 6-Months for State Trooper Rapist

Former Alabama State Trooper Samuel McHenry II was given a 6-month misdemeanor plea deal that he can serve in any increments that suit him after prosecutor dismisses original charges of rape and sodomy. McHenry raped, sodomized and forced a car accident victim to perform oral sex after threatening to take her to jail over some pill bottlesRead More

200 Indigenous Conflicts Remain Unresolved in Argentina

About 200 indigenous conflicts over territory, the environment, violence, evictions, legal status and criminalization remain unresolved in Argentina according to the latest report by Amnesty International which warns that the rights of these communities should be respected. The annual report The Situation of Human Rights in the World 2015-2016 denounces the lack of resolution ofRead More

Yellowstone National Park Begins Bison Slaughter

After Hundreds Killed in Boundary Hunt, Park Service Captures 150 Wild Bison for Slaughter Yellowstone National Park – Park rangers have begun capturing wild bison in the Stephens Creek trap within Yellowstone National Park. Since February 20, approximately 150 of America’s last wild buffalo have been trapped. According to park officials, all are destined forRead More

US Marshals Enforce Eminent Domain for Constitution Pipeline

Pennsylvania – The land of the free got a little smaller this week when cutters from Williams Partners Company began clear-cutting trees on the Zeffer-Holleran property, readying it for construction of the Constitution pipeline. Five acres of the property were condemned under eminent domain to build the natural gas pipeline. A dozen Pennsylvania State policeRead More

Calais: French Authorities Are Determined To Close The Jungle

On February 29th, the French police started to evict the so-called “Jungle” refugee camp in Calais, France. Refugees resisted the eviction by climbing on roofs and some started a hunger strike. Others have sown up their mouths. A volunteer who is supporting refugees in Calais, Markwin Kobus said yesterday: “Today had the most intensive, shocking impressions so far.Read More

Transnational Mobilisations After Police Violence Against Refugees In Idomeni And Calais

After yesterdays police violence against refugees in Calais (France) and at the Greek / Macedonian (FYROM) village Idomeni, activists started an transnational mobilisation against European border policies or as they call it: Fortress Europe. Video: Eviction of refugee camp in Calais, France:  "Authorities destroy people's shelters whilst they are in the toilet" – Philli Boyle, @HelpRefugeesUK #CalaisJungle More

Fight for the Future Statement on Apple vs FBI Congressional Hearing

Group behind nationwide Apple vs FBI protests tells Congress: backdoors in encryption make us less safe, secure phones save lives WASHINGTON, DC––Ahead of today’s Congressional hearing featuring the director of the FBI and Apple’s general counsel, Fight for the Future, the group behind last week’s nationwide protests at Apple stores opposing the FBI’s demand forRead More

White Supremacists Attack Latino Teens with Knives While Screaming ‘Heil Hitler’ in LA

Three white supremacists launched an attack against innocent teenagers, men, and women at Stephen Sorensen park last Sunday. The incident happened just one day after the Ku Klux Klan stabbed 3 people in nearby Anaheim during a planned KKK rally. Around 4:30, police began getting numerous calls about white supremacists violently attacking people at Stephen Sorenson park.Read More

Powerful Demonstration Against Construction of a Hotel On La Tejita Beach in Tenerife

On Saturday, more than 1000 people demonstrated against the construction of a 5 star hotel on La Tejita beach in Tenerife. Local authorities of Granadilla de Abona are considering legislation that would allow a 26,000 square meter hotel to be built near the natural reserve. #salvarlatejita !! Hasta bailando te lo decimos!! #Canarias #Tenerife — Carlos González RuizRead More

KKK Stab Multiple Counter Protestors in Anaheim

Three people have been stabbed, at least two of them counter protestors, during a KKK rally today at Pearson Park in Anaheim, California. Confronting racism & bearing witness at the KKK rally in Anaheim, CA. @latimes — Melodye Shore (@MelodyeShore) February 27, 2016 For everyone asking about the “claim” I was just tweeting what theRead More

New “Free Virginia Movement” Founded by IWW Prisoners

Free Virginia Movement Declaration Our Purpose The Free Virginia Movement (FVM) is an Inside-Out, multiracial statewide movement founded and organized by people incarcerated in Virginia prisons affiliated with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) Union and sentenced under the so-called “no parole” or “85%” law. The function and purpose of the FVM is toRead More

Mother Demands DOJ Investigate Police Killing of India Kager

Washington, DC – Gina Best, the mother of India Kager, who was killed by Virginia Beach Police, delivered a petition to the Department of Justice on Thursday, to investigate her daughter’s killing. She was accompanied by Black Lives Matter activists, and demanded an “independent parallel investigation”. Six months after her daughter was killed she hasRead More