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Chained Protestors Block Entrances to Oakland Trump Rally

Protestors in Oakland don’t fuck around, not only have they come out in massive numbers to oppose racist Republican frontrunner Donald Trump – they’re blocking streets where his motorcade is supposed to pass. Other protestors moved to block the front doors. Crowd moves to surround folks chained together. Some leave to support group blockading secondRead More

All White People in KC Royals “Salute to The Negro Leagues Day” Ad

We’ve seen consistent ignorance from the authorities and upper class of Kansas City when it comes to racial issues, and this promotional ad is another brick in that wall. Get your outfits ready, Salute to the Negro Leagues Day & #DressedtotheNines returns May 15! — #VoteRoyals (@Royals) April 28, 2016 An all whiteRead More

‘Send him home! Check his papers!’: Watch Trump Supporters Expose Blatant Racism

Today’s Trump rally in Costa Mesa was a clusterfuck to be sure – thousands of protestors came out to confront the stadium-sized rally, who clashed with police and Trump supporters. Donald Trump stepped up his hateful rhetoric tonight, particularly against Muslims. Trump began his Costa Mesa rally by bringing people on stage who allegedly had familyRead More

Sandra Bland’s Mother to Congress: “Step Up Or Shut Up”

Sandra Bland’s mother Geneva Reed-Veal just delivered a scathing speech at the Library of Congress, which is part of a new Congressional Caucus on African American women and girls. Bland was charged with assaulting a public servant after a Texas Department of Public Safety officer named Brian Encinia pulled her over for allegedly improperly signaling toRead More

Protests Against EU Border Closures in Germany & Italy

On April 23rd-24th, several protests occured in Germany and Italy against border closures in the European Union (EU). More than 50,000 people are stuck in Greece, and many more in Turkey and Northern Africa as a result of EU border policies and the creation of what activists call Fortress Europe. The “Over The Fortress” campaignRead More

Stone Mountain, GA: All Out Atlanta Speaks

Statement by All Out Atlanta Protest a Success, Unsurprised by police militarization, Calls for Revolution Atlanta – Stone Mountain, Georgia can now be added to the growing list of places – Columbia, Olympia, Anaheim, Chicago… – at which determined people have blocked the consolidation of white supremacist forces. Today, two thousand people converged at StoneRead More

Mexico: GIEI Final Report on the Ayotzinapa Case

On Sunday April 24, the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (“GIEI” Grupo Interdisciplinario de Expertos Independientes) of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) presented its final report on the Ayotzinapa case. Live tweets tagged #InformeGIEI from the report as it was presented are translated below. The report is 608 pages and can be downloadedRead More

Rally Against Armenian Genocide Countered by Turkish Nationalists

Today, dozens of Armenian, Kurdish, Jewish, Assyrian, Union, and other activist groups came together to protest against the Armenian genocide in Los Angeles. However, genocide denying Turkish nationalists who were likely sent by the Turkish consulate have shown up to counter them. The small group of Turkish nationalists was completely eclipsed by the solidarity “RALLYRead More

Video: Cars of Hope Inside the Idomeni Refugee Camp

In Idomeni more than 10,000 refugees have been stuck at the Greek/Macedonian (FYROM) border for over 6 weeks now. On Thursday, a refugee passed away in a hospital in Thessaloniki after a police van ran over him. There are conflicting reports on what happened, as the man was hit by the police van last Monday. The Aid DeliveryRead More

Anti Racists Clash With White Supremacists & Cops in Georgia

Fights have broken out between white supremacists and counter-protestors in Georgia this morning according to a local reporter. Fight breaks out as competing protests get underway at Stone Mountain Park. @AudreyWSBTV and @SteveGWSB LIVE at 12. — WSB-TV (@wsbtv) April 23, 2016 Large group protesting "pro-white" rally at Stone Mountain Park. @wsbtv —Read More

IMMI: A Safe Haven for Media in Iceland

Iceland: The International Modern Media Institute (IMMI) is working to create a Safe Haven for freedom of expression, freedom of information, the right to privacy, the protection of whistleblowers and freedom of the media. We need to protect those rights online and offline, every time, everywhere. In 2010, the Icelandic Parliament unanimously adopted a resolutionRead More

Nuclear Waste Leak at Hanford Site is ‘Catastrophic,’ Worker Warns

WFAA video report: catastrophic event at Hanford prompts emergency response.   Common Dreams – A leak at the Hanford nuclear site in Washington state has prompted warnings of “catastrophic” consequences, as workers attempt to clean up more than eight inches of toxic waste from one of 28 underground tanks holding radioactive materials leftover from plutoniumRead More