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Jewish-Americans are at a turning point with Israel | Arielle Angel

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I felt alone as a Jew attending a Palestine solidarity rally in 2014. I don’t feel alone any more

On Nakba Day, 15 May, amid the outbreak of war in Israel/Palestine, I attended a rally in Bay Ridge in Brooklyn, to commemorate the expulsion of more than 700,000 Palestinians from the new Israeli state in 1948, and to protest against the oppression of the Palestinian people in the land between the river and the sea. From the signs I saw as part of that crowd – “This Jew will not stand by” or “Another Jew for a Free Palestine” – and from monitoring my social media feeds, it was clear that there were thousands of Jews taking part in these protests in cities all over the country.

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These questions taken in aggregate paint a striking portrait of a community at a turning point

Arielle Angel is the editor-in-chief of Jewish Currents

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UK animal rights group blockades four McDonald’s depots

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Activists plan 24-hour protest in attempt to get company to turn fully plant-based by 2025

Animal rights protesters have set up blockades at four McDonald’s distribution centres across Britain, which they say will impact about 1,300 restaurants.

Activists from Animal Rebellion used trucks and bamboo structures to blockade distribution sites at Hemel Hempstead, Basingstoke, Coventry and Heywood from about 4.30am on Saturday, the group said.

Locked on for workers rights, animal justice & to end the climate emergency. We take action to let global corporations know they have to change.

THIS IS HAPPENING NOW. Since 430am. Support our activists: #ClimateAction #G7UK @McDonaldsUK

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Glasgow politicians call on Home Office to halt immigration raids

The Guardian | Protest -

Campaigners demand greater transparency over police operations week after protest foils detention of two men in city

Leading Glasgow politicians have written to the Home Office telling officials to stop unannounced immigration raids, as the Scottish Refugee Council urged Police Scotland to “push back” against further operations.

Their demands came a week after a peaceful protest prevented the detention of two men in the south of the city.

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Israel should take note: the weight of opinion is turning against it | Jonathan Freedland

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Thanks in part to a global focus more intense than on any other conflict, western attitudes to the Middle East may be shifting

It’s not over, because it’s never over. But there is at least the hope of a pause. After less than a fortnight in which nearly 250 people have been killed, both Hamas and Israel agreed late on Thursday to hold their fire, each crafting a victory story to tell the world and themselves.

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Jonathan Freedland is a Guardian columnist

Jonathan Freedland will be in conversation with Gordon Brown as part of our digital festival on Wednesday 9 June. Book tickets here

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US campuses become a growing front in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The Guardian | Protest -

Pro-Palestinian students are increasingly visible at US colleges but face well-funded opposition from supporters of Israel

On 10 May, on a day in which Hamas launched rockets into Israel and Israel responded with strikes on Gaza as the Middle East descended into devastating violence, student leaders at the University of Michigan put out a statement on the crisis addressed to the campus community.

The central student government (CSG) didn’t mince words. The Israeli occupation amounted to war crimes, they said, subjecting Palestinians to “Israeli settler-colonialism, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid”.

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Jewish students are being personally targeted and subjected to hatred online for expressing their personal support for Israel

People paint campuses as burning over this issue, and anti-Israel activity as ubiquitous, but the data doesn’t bear that out

The false accusation of antisemitism seeks to distract from what is happening in Palestine

We never thought of using this as a way to censor speech on campus

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The pro-Palestine movement is broad but it can’t be a home to antisemitism | Keith Kahn-Harris

The Guardian | Protest -

Antisemitic incidents in London on the same weekend as protests underline the need for an honest reckoning

Last Sunday saw one of the most dramatic antisemitic incidents in the UK in recent years. A convoy of cars, flying Palestinian flags, drove through Jewish neighbourhoods in north London and their occupants were filmed shouting antisemitic and misogynistic threats (aimed at Jews, not just Israelis).

An upsurge in violence in Israel-Palestine is always accompanied by an upsurge in antisemitic incidents in the Jewish diaspora, including in the UK. As well as the convoy incident, we have also seen a number of others, including graffiti on a messianic Jewish synagogue in Norwich.

Keith Kahn-Harris is a sociologist and author of Strange Hate: Antisemitism, Racism and the Limits of Diversity

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‘You can’t block the M5’: police prepare for mass protests at Cornwall G7 summit

The Guardian | Protest -

Local force says it has identified more than 30 groups planning some kind of action during event

Activists are expected to disrupt next month’s G7 summit in Cornwall by blocking main roads into the county, trying to obstruct convoys carrying world leaders and perhaps even targeting a cruise ship that will be anchored off the coast as extra accommodation for police officers.

Devon and Cornwall police are preparing for thousands of protesters to head to the far south-west of Britain for the 11-13 June event, which is centred on the seaside village of Carbis Bay and the towns of St Ives and Falmouth.

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Millionaires who support taxing the rich protest in front of Jeff Bezos’s homes

The Guardian | Protest -

Demonstrations organized by Patriotic Millionaires, whose members earn incomes of over $1m or have assets worth over $5m

A group of millionaires took to the streets on Monday, protesting in front of homes in New York and Washington owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, the richest man in the world.

The protest organized by Patriotic Millionaires, a coalition of wealthy individuals who push for progressive policy changes, was staged to mark Tax Day, on which Americans submit their income tax returns to the federal government.

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Conservative MP condemned for ‘racist’ tweet about Israel protests

The Guardian | Protest -

Michael Fabricant, the MP for Lichfield, called pro-Palestine demonstrators who clashed with police ‘primitives’

Tory MP Michael Fabricant has been criticised for describing pro-Palestinian demonstrators clashing with police as “primitives”.

Anti-racism campaign Hope Not Hate called for the Conservative party to suspend the backbencher on Sunday, accusing him of “hateful racism that stirs up division”.

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Universities are failing to tackle rape culture on campus, students say

The Guardian | Protest -

Sit-in protest over sexual misconduct at Warwick University enters its ninth week

Students at a sit-in protest over sexual misconduct at Warwick University that is entering its ninth week have said universities are still failing to tackle rape culture on campus.

Student group Protect Warwick Women has been camping in tents outside the student union building since March to protest over what they see as the university’s failure to tackle an “ingrained” problem of rape culture and sexual harassment on campus.

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Why are Palestinians protesting? Because we want to live | Mariam Barghouti

The Guardian | Protest -

Just as the Black Lives Matter protests were not only about one killing, we are facing a whole regime of oppression

I started going to demonstrations when I was 17. At first, I went to protests against Israel’s military occupation. Then we also began to protest against the authoritarianism of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, and the sickening rivalry between Palestinian political factions. For Palestinians, protest has become a way of life – a way to be steadfast, to persevere.

Over the past decade, much of this burden of protest has been borne by individual Palestinian families facing expulsion or violence at the hands of soldiers and settlers. The threat of evictions or demolitions will spark a local protest, in the hope of preventing this or that particular outrage. But right now the attention of the world is on us not as individuals, but as a collective, as Palestinians. It is not only about one village or one family or “only those in the West Bank” or “only those in Jerusalem”.

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Mariam Barghouti is a Palestinian writer and researcher

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Aids and Act Up: Sarah Schulman puts women and people of color back at the heart of the story

The Guardian | Protest -

The activist’s new book, Let the Record Show, is a rejoinder to works on the HIV epidemic by and about white men

Sarah Schulman is ready to have her say about the history of US Aids activism.

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In America, change happens through coalition. Any history of Aids that focuses on the heroic individual is a distortion

Is it nefarious to try to find a way through that archival footage that will bring an audience to this history?

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Let the Record Show: A Political History of Act Up New York, 1987–1993 is published in the US by Farrar, Straus and Giroux

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Mayor of Jackson, Mississippi apologizes for 1970 police killings amid student protest

The Guardian | Protest -

  • Graduation ceremony held at Jackson State 51 years late
  • Philip Lafayette Gibbs, 21, and James Earl Green, 17, were shot

The mayor of the Mississippi state capital and a state senator apologized on Saturday for shootings 51 years ago by police officers that killed two people and injured 12 on the campus of a historically Black college.

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Thousands join London march in solidarity with Palestine

The Guardian | Protest -

Organisers of Hyde Park event say UK government needs to act immediately after at least 126 people killed in Gaza

Thousands of people have begun to march through Hyde Park, central London, in solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Organisers say immediate action is needed from the UK government to help end the “brutal” violence against the Palestinian people.

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The chips are down: Belgium counts the cost of betting all on the potato

The Guardian | Protest -

A row over a huge processing plant has exposed flaws in the country’s reliance on a single crop. In Frameries, campaigners call for farmers to diversify

A humble frite with a dollop of mayonnaise is a revered thing in Belgium but, thanks to campaigners against a new mega-processing plant, the environmental and social costs of its mass production are being newly questioned at the highest levels of government.

For three years, residents in Frameries, a town in French-speaking Hainaut in the south-west of the country, have battled against the proposed construction of a €300m (£258m) factory, which it is said would increase Belgian production of processed potato products by a third. Belgium is already the world’s largest exporter of pre-fried potato products.

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The Ground Breaking review: indispensable history of the Tulsa Race Massacre

The Guardian | Protest -

On the centenary of the attack on ‘Black Wall Street’, one of the worst racist outrages in US history, Scott Ellsworth has produced an impeccable work

Under the subtitle “An American City and Its Search for Justice”, Scott Ellsworth has produced a much-needed book that acts like a mirror. Though documenting a particular place and time, it helps us understand the race-based and sectarian turmoil that is so pervasive today. Oprah Winfrey has hailed it as one of “20 of the Best Books to Pick Up”.

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If not a utopian Wakanda, Greenwood was at least a Black expression of the American Dream

True racial reconciliation runs through millions of whites, whose hearts would be changed if they only knew our history

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The Ground Breaking: An American City and Its Search for Justice is published in the US by Dutton Books

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Glasgow protesters celebrate after blocking immigration raid – video

The Guardian | Protest -

Immigration Enforcement officials released two men after a day-long standoff with local residents. Hundreds of people surrounded the officials’ van in a residential street to prevent the detention of the men during Eid al-Fitr, chanting ‘these are our neighbours, let them go’

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Protesters block immigration van from leaving after Glasgow raid

The Guardian | Protest -

Standoff unfolds after detentions during Eid al-Fitr in apparent escalation of hostile environment policy

Glasgow residents are involved in a tense standoff with immigration officials after surrounding their van in a residential street to prevent the detention of individuals during Eid al-Fitr.

Staff from UK Immigration Enforcement are believed to have swooped on a property in Pollokshields, on the Southside of Glasgow, early on Thursday morning and detained a number of people.

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India’s Covid anguish fuels calls to release rights activists from jail

The Guardian | Protest -

Protesters against Narendra Modi’s controversial citizenship law remain detained in prisons rife with coronavirus

An ashen-faced Natasha Narwal emerged on bail from Delhi’s notorious Tihar jail on Monday evening. It was the freedom one of India’s most prominent feminist activists had spent a year fighting for, but this was an exit steeped only in sadness; it had come 24 hours too late.

A day earlier, Narwal’s 71-year-old father, Dr Mahavir Narwal, had died of Covid-19, alone in a hospital intensive care unit in the city of Rohtak – another victim of the devastating second wave that has swept India in recent weeks. So far the country has registered more than 20m cases and a quarter of a million deaths, though most experts believe the true toll to be far higher.

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