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Charlotte Church sings outside Shell's London HQ in protest at Arctic drilling

The Guardian | Protest -

Singer takes part in performance organised by Greenpeace aimed at persuading executives at oil giant to lift lid on plans to drill in Chukchi sea

The trains rumbled overhead, the rain drove in sideways and the buses steered through the crowds. But despite the distractions, Charlotte Church carried on singing the blues song This Bitter Earth.

She was performing metres from the oil giant Shell’s headquarters beside the Thames in London, in an effort to persuade company executives to blow the whistle on its Arctic drilling.

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Starbucks and palm oil, wake up and smell the coffee

The Guardian | Protest -

Consumer action is vital if we’re going to tackle deforestation and social exploitation in the palm oil supply chain

Two years after Starbucks stated publicly that it was committed to using 100% RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified sustainable palm oil in products such as its raspberry chocolate chip scone and Mallorca sweet bread by 2015, customers are in the dark. Has or hasn’t the coffee giant eliminated conflict palm oil from its supply chain?

Starbucks’ public commitment, made in 2013, followed a shareholder resolution requesting the board of directors adopt and implement a comprehensive sustainable palm oil policy.

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Jackass star Steve-O facing criminal charges for 'SeaWorld Sucks' protest

The Guardian | Protest -

The 41-year-old climbed a crane 100 feet high on Sunset Boulevard, inflating a killer whale balloon emblazoned with ‘SeaWorld Sucks’ and lighting fireworks

Jackass star Steve-O will face five criminal charges after he climbed a crane in Hollywood to protest SeaWorld and drew dozens of emergency responders to a construction site earlier this month.

The city of Los Angeles will also seek financial restitution for the cost of the police and fire response, said Frank Mateljan, spokesman for the City Attorney’s Office.

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International court rules in favour of Greenpeace activist Colin Russell

The Guardian | Protest -

Tasmanian man held prisoner for two months after Russian commandos stormed Arctic Sunrise in 2013 says ‘I’m vindicated’

A Tasmanian man held prisoner for two months after Russian commandos stormed a Greenpeace ship is feeling vindicated after an international court ruled in his favour.

Colin Russell was held in a Russian prison after the Dutch-flagged Arctic Sunrise was boarded in September 2013 and the 30 Greenpeace activists and journalists were detained.

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Sea Shepherd anti-whaling ship Bob Barker refused entry to Faroe Islands

The Guardian | Protest -

Territory says it banned activist group’s entry after it had ‘deliberately attempted to disrupt the legal and regulated activity of driving and killing pilot whales’

Denmark’s autonomous Faroe Islands announced on Monday that they had refused entry to a ship carrying 21 activists from the militant conservation group Sea Shepherd who were trying to disrupt traditional whale hunts.

The territory’s government said in a statement that it had barred the ship, the Bob Barker, “with a basis in immigration legislation and in the interests of maintaining law and order”.

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The protest movement is failing: it's fighting the same old battles with the same poor results

The Guardian | Protest -

Activists’ tendency to turn every issue into a fight against government or big business won’t create long term change

Does campaigning work? I’m often asked this question. In 2010, when I was director of the World Development Movement, I was interviewed by the Ecologist magazine and was optimistic about the rise of activism and the opportunities to build solidarity under a Tory government. But I’m increasingly convinced that either we’ve been using the wrong methods in our campaigns, or we’re missing something altogether.

The evidence? Environmental groups fighting U-turns on hard fought policies, like renewable energy; garment factory workers still facing working conditions that were highlighted two decades earlier; strong anti-World Trade Organisation campaigns, but yet another unjust free-trade policy, the Transatlantic Trade Partnership, looming on the horizon. We win a few campaigns, some of which I’m proud to have been involved with, but the overall direction of travel remains the same.

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NAACP's Journey for Justice: why a disabled veteran is marching 860 miles

The Guardian | Protest -

Middle Passage, 68, is joining walk across five states for the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement, to call for ‘better jobs, better schools, better justice’

Nearly every day in August, Middle Passage has started his morning the same way: eating some grits and bacon, putting on his walking shoes and hitting the pavement before sunrise. Roughly 20 miles of marching follows.

After walking hundreds of miles through Alabama and Georgia, the 68-year-old disabled veteran is now in South Carolina, on his way to Washington DC.

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Topless protesters march through Manhattan in call for equality

The Guardian | Protest -

Activists take to streets of midtown after Mayor Bill de Blasio and other top officials condemn body-painted women seeking tips in Times Square

Broadway put on a very different kind of matinee on Sunday: bare-chested men and women parading down the Great White Way.

The GoTopless Pride Parade took to the streets of midtown Manhattan to counter critics who are complaining about topless tip-seekers in Times Square.

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Protesters unveil demands for stricter US policing laws as political reach grows

The Guardian | Protest -

Leaders of influential civil rights movement release most comprehensive set of policy proposals yet calling for federal and state laws to combat police killings

Leaders in the new civil rights movement campaigning against the killings of African Americans by police set out their most comprehensive set of policies and demands so far on Friday, as they moved to intensify their rapidly increasing influence on US politics.

The coalition of protesters outlined proposals for new laws at federal and state levels such as restricting the use of deadly force by officers, outlawing the supply of military equipment to police departments, instituting training to prevent racial bias and forcing the US government to keep a comprehensive record of fatal incidents.

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Matthew Herbert's political music playlist

The Guardian | Protest -

The house musician picks six tracks that pack a message – from Charlie Puth’s ‘witting soundtrack to economic and ecological collapse’ to Billy Bragg’s anti-capitalist rants

• Matthew Herbert interview: ‘I can make music out of a banana or David Cameron or Belgium’

I first heard this on the Annie Nightingale show at some point in the early 80s. Her show came immediately after the Top 40 on Radio 1 and it was a shock to hear such an engaged political position after the shiny pop stuff like Belinda Carlisle. It’s amazing there isn’t a similar, well-known track like this around these days when we need it most. Instead, we get Billionaire by Bruno Mars – a political gesture of a different kind.

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Protesters flood streets after St Louis police shoot man dead in home search – video

The Guardian | Protest -

Crowds take to the streets in protest, angry over the continued use of deadly police force after officers shot and killed an African American man on Wednesday in St Louis. The shooting comes 10 days after protests took place in nearby Ferguson, marking the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s shooting death by police. Wednesday’s incident occurred when officers tried to execute a search warrant.

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Footage shows Black Lives Matter activists confronting Hillary Clinton

The Guardian | Protest -

Democratic candidate says her aim is to change laws, not hearts, in awkward exchange blaming Clinton and her husband for mass jailing of black Americans

Hillary Clinton told Black Lives Matter activists her priority was to change laws, not hearts, after two confronted her at a campaign event with accusations that she was, in part, personally responsible for the mass incarceration of black Americans, footage released on Monday reveals.

The awkward exchange event was captured by a cellphone camera, and activists shared the video with MSNBC. Massachusetts activists had arrived at the New Hampshire event to confront the Democratic presidential frontrunner as other protesters had confronted her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders, earlier this month.

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The war on Görli: could cleaning up Berlin destroy the reason people love it?

The Guardian | Protest -

A police crackdown on drug dealing in tiny Görlitzer park has sparked protests against anti-migrant racism – and raised fears that as Kreuzberg gentrifies, the city’s liberal values and counterculture are under threat

From Berliners, mention of “Görli” elicits a knowing look, somewhere between suspicion, affection and amusement. Among the many green spaces for which Berlin is known, Görlitzer Park is neither the biggest, the most beautiful nor of the greatest historical significance. Yet this seemingly unremarkable park, built in the early 1990s on the site of an old train station, has become infamous.

The park sits on the edge of Kreuzberg, the area known during the cold war as the epicentre of counter-culture in West Berlin, today a major tourist hotspot. Set between the city’s two major nightlife areas, by day Görli is full of the evidence: clubbers sprawled in the mid-morning sun, ageing punks bringing in the day with Berliner Pilsner, bottle collectors rattling by with teetering castles of plastic and glass. The drug dealers get to work before the first morning commuters.

Berlin has a problem with racism, but nobody wants to talk about it. Even using the word ‘race’ is taboo

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Tianjin blasts: Communist party insists there will be no cover-up as anger grows

The Guardian | Protest -

Party newspaper’s insistence that explosions in northern Chinese city will be thoroughly investigated comes as protests break out for third day

Anger and confusion is mounting in China over last week’s warehouse blast that killed 114 people in the northern city of Tianjin, with the Communist party’s official mouthpiece vowing there will be no cover-up.

“The central government’s attitude is both clear and firm: there is no doubt the case will be thoroughly investigated,” the People’s Daily newspaper wrote on Monday, nearly five days after the disaster.

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Brazilian president under fire as tens of thousands protest in 200 cities

The Guardian | Protest -

  • Dilma Rousseff faces calls for impeachment and accusations of corruption
  • Demonstrators take on leaders: ‘We don’t have politicians – we have thieves’

Tens of thousands of Brazilians took to the streets in cities across the country on Sunday, to protest against President Dilma Rousseff.

Angered by a massive, unfolding corruption scandal, an economy mired in recession and harsh austerity measures, many of the protesters called for the president’s impeachment.

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In terms of public safety, we are treated as statistics. Don’t talk to me about education. They think we are all stupid

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'We're winning': Jesse Jackson on Martin Luther King, Obama and #blacklivesmatter

The Guardian | Protest -

From Selma to Ferguson and Charleston, the civil rights leader marched with Martin Luther King, prayed with Bill Clinton and ran for president before Obama. So what does he think of the black activist movement now?

“There is a false narrative that the movement stopped and then started again,” says the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr, when I ask whether he feels in or out of step with the Black Lives Matter movement. “We never stopped,” the 73-year-old civil rights activist says, chiding me subtly for questioning whether there was any sunlight between his decades of activism and today’s activists.

Birthed in the wake of Trayvon Martin’s killing in 2012 in Florida and kicked into high gear a year ago with the killing of Michael Brown in St Louis, Black Lives Matter is a political movement largely led by young protesters unattached to organisations such as Jackson’s Rainbow/Push (People United to Save Humanity) coalition. It has flourished during the time of the nation’s first black president – a historic achievement that Jackson once hoped would be not Barack Obama’s, but his own.

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NBC silences Janelle Monáe during Black Lives Matter speech

The Guardian | Protest -

Singer talks about police brutality after Today show performance of new protest song Hell You Talmbout and anchor cuts her off

Singer Janelle Monáe was in effect silenced during an appearance on NBC’s Today show on Friday morning, shortly after saying in a speech in support of the Black Lives Matter movement: “We will not be silenced.”

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Brazilians take to streets for protest as pressure builds on Rousseff

The Guardian | Protest -

Hundreds of thousands expected at nationwide rallies protesting against corruption and economic slowdown, and calling for president’s impeachment

Brazilians have taken to the streets across the country for an anti-government protest that is seen as a barometer of popular discontent with the president, Dilma Rousseff.

Called out mostly by activist groups via social media, Sunday’s protests assailed Rousseff, who is fighting for her political life amid a snowballing corruption scandal that has embroiled politicians from her Workers’ party, as well as a sputtering economy, spiralling currency and rising inflation. It was the third nationwide day of protests against Rousseff’s government this year, following large-scale demonstrations in March and April.

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