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Republicans 'cautious' about confronting Black Lives Matter on campaign trail

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... and they’re not alone. Democrats agree criminal justice reform is needed but the movement is proving challenging to all candidates for the White House

There are few areas of bipartisan consensus in the 2016 presidential election. Criminal justice has emerged as one. Republicans and Democrats are agreed: reform needs to happen.

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It is troubling that there are groups and rhetoric out there now that is encouraging people to demonize law enforcement

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Whoever will be the next president of the United States will need to address issues of race and equity

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The other KKK: how the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift tried to craft a new world

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George Orwell thought they were ‘sex maniacs’. They thought they were spiritual samurai, rebuilding Britain after the Great War. With their magical rituals, outdoor living and utopian vision, they are the most fascinating of forgotten youth movements – and their ideas still resonate

Young men and women strike ritualistic poses on Stonehenge, Silbury Hill, the White Horse of Uffington and the Long Man of Wilmington: stark figures wearing strange, hieratic clothes in the elemental landscape. Taken in 1929, there is something disquieting about these black and white photographs. You feel as though you have intruded on the rites of a secret society that may or may not be benign, that indeed intends to be ambiguous and unsettling.

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They were not, as George Orwell alleged, a bunch of 'sex maniacs': promiscuity was frowned upon, the atmosphere puritan

After the 1929 crash, John Hargrave restyled the group for a harsher decade as the Green Shirts … and the marching began

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Student protest over free education expected to draw thousands

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Organisers say London march is part of a revolt against Tory policy, boosted by Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader

Thousands of young people are expected to take to the streets of central London this week to voice their anger over the government’s “attacks on free education”, in what organisers are describing as a resurgent movement of student protest following the Conservatives’s election victory in May.

Organisers of the march on 4 November, called to protest against plans to axe the remaining education maintenance grants, also say that increasing numbers of students have attended meetings at universities and colleges since Jeremy Corbyn’s election as Labour leader in September.

Last night Jeremy Corbyn endorsed our national demo after we bumped into him on a bus. @JMorganTHE @jgro_the

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‘Scumoween’ ravers clash with London riot police – video

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Halloween revellers clash with riot police on Saturday night as police attempt to shut down an illegal rave in central London. A number of revellers were arrested when police became involved in six hours of skirmishes as hundreds of people tried to get into Halloween event, dubbed ‘Scumoween’. The rave was eventually shut down at 6am

Warning: contains strong language

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FBI planes that flew over police protests had sophisticated surveillance cameras

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Full capacity of flights that monitored unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore are unknown but would have needed warrant to use infrared cameras, ACLU reveals

The FBI flew surveillance flights over Baltimore during the unrest that followed the death of Freddie Gray and over Ferguson, Missouri following the death of Michael Brown, using advanced surveillance techniques including infrared cameras, documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have revealed.

The internal documents from the FBI and the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) show that one Cessna aircraft circling over the Baltimore protests – which was registered to an FBI shell company named “NG Research” – carried an infrared camera mount as well as an FLIR Talon multi-sensor camera system, which includes thermal imaging technology and laser illumination.

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We must resist the market forces destroying our universities | Deborah Hermanns

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The Conservatives’ ideological vision is working towards a US-style, fully private education system: students will march against this next week

After the shock of the general election result, we are entering a new phase in the Cameron administration. Unrestrained by the Liberal Democrats, the process of changing British society to fit the Conservatives’ ideological vision is under way. Cuts to tax credits, wildly unpopular and targeting the most vulnerable in society, are the most prominent example, but there are many more. Five years after the release of the Browne review – the document that paved the way for the tripling of tuition fees – higher education is once again becoming a battleground, as reforms threaten to take the market experiment in the sector to an entirely new level and destroy higher education as a public service.

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There’s more bleak news for young people – but there is also a ray of hope | Owen Jones

The Guardian | Protest -

It’s official: the worst decline in living standards for those aged under 34 began under Tory rule, according to an EHRC report. But this government-led attack can be confronted with organised strength

The government-led attack on young people is an act of vandalism on the future of the country. The Tories don’t seem to care very much, knowing that young people are less likely to vote and, if they do, unlikely to plump for them: back in May, David Cameron’s party only had a lead among those aged over 44.

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Manchester chief constable airs fears of ‘thought police’ over counter-extremism

The Guardian | Protest -

Ian Hopkins says freedom could be threatened if police enforce measures too aggressively, as he confirms force’s numbers will be dramatically cut

The new chief constable of Greater Manchester police has warned that forces risk being seen as the “thought police” if they do not tread carefully under the government’s new counter-extremism strategy.

Ian Hopkins, who replaced the retiring Sir Peter Fahy this week, said there would be a threat to free speech if police enforced too aggressively measures that include banning orders on non-violent extremists.

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Environmentalists appeal to Spanish parties ahead of December elections

The Guardian | Protest -

Spanish NGOs, incensed at the controversial ‘sun tax’ that charges citizens for creating their own energy, have called for a new ‘vice-presidency’ on sustainability, reports El Pais

The five main green organisations operating in Spain have launched an environmental appeal to political parties in the run-up to December’s general elections. 

Friends of the Earth, Ecologists in Action, Greenpeace, SEO/BirdLife and WWF have stressed the urgent need for any new government to create a vice-presidency for sustainability, that would be able to coordinate and oversee cross-sector policy making. 

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Raif Badawi wins Sakharov human rights prize

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Saudi Arabia urged by EU lawmakers to free blogger jailed for ‘insulting Islam’ amid international criticism of its airstrikes in Yemen

Raif Badawi, the Saudi blogger and activist sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes for insulting Islam, has won the EU’s Sakharov prize for human rights.

The announcement was greeted on Thursday with a standing ovation at the European parliament in Strasbourg, France, but will be seen by Saudi Arabia as another diplomatic slight at a time when its domestic and international policies are coming under growing criticism.

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Urgent: Flogging of Raif Badawi will Resume , I Hope That Mr. @JustinTrudeau Will stand for Raif Like Before!

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President Erdogan might be surprised by who is protesting against him | Alev Scott

The Guardian | Protest -

The Turkish government’s pre-election media crackdown has been so unpopular it has created unlikely alliances on the streets

Today is the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic, which promised rule of law and democracy for future generations of Turkish citizens. Yesterday, a media company critical of the Turkish government broadcast its own demise. Viewers watched in disbelief as plain-clothed police stormed the control room of Bugün TV, while besieged journalists provided a tense, Titanic-like commentary of the mother ship going down: “The police are coming … They’re here …They have no injunction … And we’re going dark.” Footage of the raid froze on a blurred, split-screen image of swarming police and a huddled group of anchors. Channel: off-air.

This surreal event has a complex backstory, but it essentially shows – in forensic, immortalised detail – the latest step in a crackdown on the media in Turkey ahead of snap elections on Sunday. The summary reads like an Islamic episode of the Sopranos spliced with House of Cards: Bugün TV is part of Koza Ipek, a company with links to the Islamic cleric Fetullah Gülen, once a close friend of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan but now wanted by police for heading a “terrorist organisation”.

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China protesters in 'heavy-handed' arrest released without charge

The Guardian | Protest -

Question raised in parliament over treatment of Tiananmen Square survivor Shao Jiang

A Tiananmen Square survivor whom police were accused of manhandling during President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the UK will face no further action after his arrest.

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It was quite a physical, violent attack by the police and he was just standing there holding pieces of paper

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Greenpeace and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall launch John West tuna protest

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Art installation accuses Britain’s largest tuna importer of broken sustainability promises and human rights abuses by parent company

Greenpeace and the TV presenter and environmental campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have launched a protest targeting Britain’s largest tuna importer John West and its parent company Thai Union Frozen Products over the firm’s alleged backtracking on promises to source its fish more sustainably.

A group of around 30 people erected a sculpture of a talking can of tuna fish outside John West’s headquarters in Liverpool early on Wednesday.

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Wife of Xi Jinping protester criticises Met police over arrests

The Guardian | Protest -

Johanna Zhang, who is married to Chinese dissident Shao Jiang, says she has no idea why he was held or when confiscated computers will be returned

The wife of a UK-based Chinese dissident arrested last week for waving placards at the visiting Chinese president has said the couple still do not know why he was detained or when computer equipment seized from their home will be returned.

Johanna Zhang, who is married to Shao Jiang, a survivor of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre who left China in 2003, said she had been unable to even make contact with the Metropolitan police detectives who searched their home after Shao’s arrest.

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Air France executive: shirt-shredding attack was 'price to pay for democracy'

The Guardian | Protest -

Xavier Broseta says he bears no grudges over Paris attack by airline workers but insists redundancy plans must go ahead

An Air France executive who was forced to flee shirtless from a staff meeting after he was attacked by protesting workers has described his ordeal as “the price to pay for democracy”.

Xavier Broseta, the airline’s vice president of human resources, was pushed to safety over a fence – minus his shirt and jacket – at the airline’s offices in Paris on 5 October after 100 workers angered by a redundancy programme forced their way into a meeting of the airline’s senior management.

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'Dear Jacob Zuma, white people haven’t made us angry. You have' #FeesMustFall

The Guardian | Protest -

After days of student protests that rocked South Africa, Athambile Masola warns the president that he ignores the younger generation at his peril

South Africa’s student movement scored an historic victory on Friday when President Jacob Zuma finally announced he was scrapping plans to raise university fees after a week of protests rocked the nation.

Related: Thousands of South African students protest in Pretoria against tuition fees rise

Unlike your generation, white people haven’t made us angry. You have

Related: Students' attack on Cecil Rhodes statue leads to soul searching in South Africa

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Riot police clash with pro-refugee activists at King's Cross – video

The Guardian | Protest -

Riot police were deployed and used batons to force back 200 No Borders protestors trying to enter the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras station on Saturday night. Protestors used smoke grenades in an attempt shut down the Eurostar in protest of recent deaths of refugees, killed inside the Eurotunnel while trying to reach the UK

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Charlotte Church: ‘The Welsh are quite surreal – maybe it’s the magic mushrooms on the hills’

The Guardian | Protest -

The Welsh star on her new film role in Under Milk Wood, the courage of Jeremy Corbyn and why she just follows her nose

Kevin Allen who adapted Under Milk Wood calls it “radically surreal and erotic”. Rather different from the set text we studied at school?
It’s totally mad. When we were filming I was like “how the fuck is this going to come together?” because lots of the settings are so individually surreal. But when I saw it I was so pleasantly surprised. I never did it at school – but Kevin bringing out the eroticism of some of the words was really smart. Looking at it today it seems glaringly obvious because it’s really, really horny. Obviously everything is exaggerated, but you see the eccentricities of an ordinary Welsh town.

How were you cast?
I hadn’t done any acting for a long time. I was a bit, “I can’t do it, that’s not my forte, I shouldn’t take jobs off really good actors.” But Kevin asked me in for a chat and the way he spoke about it got my interest. I heard later he did lots of mad auditions where he was really probing people about their own sexual lives and asking them to make love to the sofa just to see how comfortable they were. So I got off scot-free – we just had a conversation.

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Ai Weiwei swamped by Lego donation offers after ban on use for 'political' artwork

The Guardian | Protest -

Chinese artist receives offers on social media to crowdsource enough bricks for him to complete an artwork about free speech for an exhibition in Australia

Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei has been inundated with Lego brick donation offers after the Danish toy maker refused a request for a bulk order of the plastic toys on political grounds.

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I say we all donate our #LEGO to @aiww. Lego ban Ai Weiwei from using their bricks in his art.

LEGO won't support @aiww, label his art "political".James wants to send lego to @aiww to make his brilliant art.

.@LEGO_Group this is about 10% of our #Lego collection. We won't be buying more. @aiww you're welcome to borrow it.

@aiww use mine, more than happy to make it.

Dear @LEGO_Group, I read that you want to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. I have found your man! @aiww

Copenhagen 2008: @LEGO_Group gave bricks for public art project so we could build anything. VERY political. @aiww

Yup it's personal @LEGO_Group let @aiww build #legopolitico #LegosForFreedom

1/2 用三岁儿子儿童Lego 为@aiww 做了手指 Lego Duplo finger for Ai Weiwei #lego

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Pro-refugee activists scuffle with police at London Eurostar terminal

The Guardian | Protest -

London’s St Pancras station sees second protest this month against UK’s response to migration crisis in which thousands have died while travelling

Activists threw smoke bombs in a clash with police at London’s Eurostar terminal during a pro-refugee demonstration on Saturday night.

About 100 protesters broke through a police cordon in an attempt to reach the platforms at St Pancras station. Police in riot gear used teargas and batons against the No Borders demonstrators, according to activists.

Protestors break through police lines at Kings Cross St Pancras. Protest in solidarity with refugees

Hearing now of one protester potentially having a broken arm following baton strike?! #NoBorders demo clearly involved police violence

St Pancras #NoBorders demo ended with kettle of 20 demonstrators. 2 arrests and others (illegally?) forced to give details and given summons

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