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Hong Kong museum commemorating Tiananmen Square protests closes

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Row with landlord comes amid concern about what activists see as growing restrictions on Hong Kong’s freedoms by China

China’s only museum commemorating the 1989 crackdown on protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square is to close temporarily after a long-running legal battle with the management and owners of the building it is housed in.

The museum opened in April 2014. Unlike in mainland China where the 1989 crackdown on student-led protests remains taboo, the museum – and an annual candlelight vigil attended by tens of thousands every year – is legal in Hong Kong.

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'She was making her stand': image of Baton Rouge protester an instant classic

The Guardian | Protest -

Photo which shows Iesha L Evans standing still in the face of two Louisiana state troopers in riot gear has drawn comparisons to other historic protest images

As tens of thousands of people protest with renewed vigor following the police shooting deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling and react to the five Dallas police officers that were killed by a sniper, one photograph has emerged from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as a symbol of the civil unrest that has spread across the nation.

The image, taken by Jonathan Bachman for Reuters, shows a woman, who has been identified as Iesha L Evans, standing in a long dress in the face of a line of Louisiana state troopers dressed in riot gear outside of police headquarters. Evans looks calm and poised and almost seems to repel the two officers who are charging towards her.

This photo was taken at the #BatonRouge protests. Wow.

extraordinary moment from Baton Rouge, photo by Jonathan Bachman @reuters #BlackLivesMatter

Powerful image of protester being detained near HQ of the Baton Rouge PD. via @reuters

Jonathan Bachman of @Reuters is doing such strong work in #BatonRouge. Powerful images.

This photo made by Jonathan Bachman of Reuters from the protests in Baton Rouge is incredible.

Mugshot released of Ieshia Evans, 35, whose Baton Rouge protest pic went viral (Jonathan Bachman of @Reuters)

@RohdeD @nprscottsimon @Reuters History and what we can bend at the root with love instead of fear humbles me

When you see this image you think thank God America won the Cold War and defeated tyranny


Behold Lady Liberty #LeshiaEvans

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Dallas police chief calls for public to adjust its expectations of officers

The Guardian | Protest -

Chief David Brown vents frustration amid escalating protests across US, as calls for law enforcement reform are met with frustration from police organisations

Several American cities lurched into investigations and reflection on Monday, after a week of killings and confrontation. As they did so, details began to emerge about Micah Johnson, who on Thursday wounded nine police officers and killed five, during a protest march in Dallas.

Related: Police and black Americans: a relationship worse than in the 90s | Al Sharpton

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Protests against police brutality held from Louisiana to California – video

The Guardian | Protest -

Widespread protests against the police shootings of two black men continued in cities across the US on Sunday night. In Memphis, hundreds of demonstrators shut down the bridge that connects Tennessee and Arkansas after a Black Lives Matter rally earlier in the day. Demonstrations were also held in Atlanta and on the west coast in California, where protesters made a human peace sign in Inglewood

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Armed with smartphones and memes, Zimbabwe's protesters find their voice online

The Guardian | Protest -

Activists say social media has given them the collective courage to speak out against Robert Mugabe’s 36-year rule

Zimbabwe’s protest movement is gaining momentum as social media provides citizens with the collective courage to speak out against president Robert Mugabe’s government.

Online discontent has been growing since April after Zimbabwean pastor Evan Mawarire posted a video rant about his economic struggles using the hashtag #ThisFlag.

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#ShutdownZim2016 like we did last week let ALL Twitter/ FB activists push our memes, pictures, videos, msgs to WhatsApp. #ThisFlag

Our weapon of mass destruction is a smartphone and $1 data bundle

I’m struggling to take care of my family because of the selfishness of a few architects of our country’s failure

I live in a country where I can be abducted for calling an incompetent government incompetent! #ThisFlag

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Historic Moreton Bay fig being felled to make way for Sydney light rail

The Guardian | Protest -

Environmentalists and eastern suburbs residents rally outside prime minister’s electorate office to protest against demolition of ‘irreplaceable’ tree

Environmentalists rallied outside Malcolm Turnbull’s Sydney office on Monday morning to protest against the removal of a 150-year-old Moreton Bay fig, affectionately known as the “Tree of Knowledge”.

Arborists began chopping down the historic tree at the entrance of the University of New South Wales on the corner of Wansey Road and High Street in Randwick on Sunday night to make way for a CBD light rail project that will run through Sydney’s south-east.

Tragic! 150 yr old Tree of Knowledge nearly gone! Join us Monday 10am outside PM's electoral office #sydney #nswpol

Related: Data is the secret weapon in the battle to save Australia's urban forests

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Black Lives Matter rallies hundreds in second UK day of protest

The Guardian | Protest -

Traffic brought to standstill in Brixton while in Birmingham protesters join demonstration against death in custody of Kingsley Burrell

Hundreds of people in the UK have demonstrated against the killing of two black men – one in Minnesota and one in Louisiana – in the United States.

Related: The Counted: people killed by police in the United States – interactive

This is for our brothers and sisters in the states. From London. We here youStop police brutality #blacklivematters

Related: Student restrained by police died from neglect, inquest finds

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#Zimshutdown2016 and the new protest politics taking root in Zimbabwe

The Guardian | Protest -

Even Robert Mugabe’s most ardent supporters are beginning to voice support for the widespread anti-regime demonstrations

After a mass strike in Zimbabwe this week, the country’s 92-year-old president was forced to convene an emergency meeting as the nation came to a standstill.

The strike, dubbed #Zimshutdown2016 on Twitter, was not only unprecedented, but it was a rare moment of public defiance in a country that has been ruled by Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party for more than 35 years.

Related: Zimbabwe shuts down in peaceful protest against corruption

The entire crisis that has befallen our country is a result of poor governance and endemic corruption

POWERFUL! Zimbabweans standing together against "corruption, injustice & poverty". #ThisFlag #ZimShutDown2016

Related: Zanu-PF tried to destroy Zimbabwe. Now we are fighting back | Evan Mawarire

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'We were ignored': anti-war protestors remember the Iraq war marches

The Guardian | Protest -

Millions marched against the Iraq war, but were ignored by those in power. We ask those who demonstrated how the protests changed their lives

Anti-war protestors gathered in towns and cities around the world to oppose the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In the UK, the movement became the biggest public protest the country had ever seen. Yet despite mass public opposition, the invasion went ahead a little over a month later.

Evidence in the Chilcot report published on Wednesday is vindication for all those who were passionately opposed to the war, specifically those against British involvement.

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Did you march against the Iraq War? Share your memories

The Guardian | Protest -

Millions of people marched around the world against the invasion of Iraq. Were you one of the protestors? Share your memories, photographs and reflections

Anti-war protestors gathered in towns and cities around the world to oppose the 2003 invasion of Iraq, which despite public opposition went ahead a little over a month later. Evidence in the Chilcot report published on Wednesday, is vindication for all those who took part in anti-war protests, specifically those opposing British involvement.

Demonstrators reached the hundreds of thousands in central London, in what became the UK’s biggest public protest, with smaller protests taking place across the country including in Belfast, Glasgow and Manchester. Outside of organised protests, many people held their own local gatherings, displayed posters in windows, distributed leaflets and wore badges and t-shirts as a mark of opposition.

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Were you involved in the Zimbabwe shutdown? We want to hear from you

The Guardian | Protest -

As the #ThisFlag movement gathers momentum, we’re asking whether this is a turning point for the country’s politics

Zimbabweans stayed away from work yesterday as part of a mass protest against endemic corruption at the hands of Robert Mugabe’s government.

The protest, known #ZimShutDown2016, was coordinated by the #ThisFlag movement which has seen thousands of people take to social media to voice their criticisms of the widespread corruption, injustice and poverty in the country which has been ruled by Mugabe for 36 years.

As the nation takes stock of #ZimShutDown2016 a moment of solidarity please with this original warrior #ItaiDzamara

First #ThisFlag was a "fad" then they said it was "politics" now they say its funded by the west. The citizens movement is surely alive.

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University of Papua New Guinea cancels academic year after student unrest

The Guardian | Protest -

Cancellation comes as a boycott of classes and violent protests continue around the country in response to the shooting of students demonstrating against the prime minister

The University of Papua New Guinea has cancelled the academic year after student boycotts and protests saw the murder of one man and the shooting of eight students by police officers.

Weeks of protests, centred around the prime minister’s avoidance of a police inquiry into corruption allegations, escalated when police fired into a Port Moresby protest march at the University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG) last month.

Related: Papua New Guinea shootings: university wins injunction banning further protests

Related: Papua New Guinea's students have a point. Peter O'Neill should talk to them, not send police | Jonathan Pyke

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Kenyans protest over alleged extrajudicial killings of trio by police

The Guardian | Protest -

Protesters gather in the capital Nairobi following discovery of bodies of lawyer Willie Kimani, his client and their driver

Hundreds of people have marched in Kenya to protest against the apparent extrajudicial killing by police of a human rights lawyer, his client and their driver.

Demonstrators in Nairobi carried a mock coffin emblazoned with the words “stop extrajudicial killings”. Others wore T-shirts bearing the slogan “stop police executions”. Some carried placards demanding the resignation of senior officials.

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Thousands march in London for Brexit protest - video

The Guardian | Protest -

Thousands have taken the streets of London to protest against the EU referendum results on Saturday. The march, started at Park Lane and directed to Parliament Square, saw many protesters waving EU flags and banners saying ‘We love EU’, ‘March for Europe’, ‘Can’t live without EU’ and ‘Don’t go Brexit my heart’

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'We are the 48%': tens of thousands march in London for Europe

The Guardian | Protest -

‘We’ve been disenfranchised and hoodwinked,’ say protesters as hotel chambermaids come to the windows to cheer

The hollow, bitter wit of the banners and placards was a fair indication of who took to the streets of London, in their tens of thousands, on the March for Europe on Saturday, hastily scrambled on Facebook. “And if this isn’t big enough,” said Jonathan Shakhovskoy, who is with a marketing firm in the music industry, “we’ll do it again next week, and the week after. Normalise the mood, make it less ugly.”

“Un-Fuck My Future”, “No Brex Please, We’re British”, they read. Pictures of Whitney Houston with “I Will Always Love EU”, “Europe Innit” and “I wanna be deep inside EU”. “All EU Need is Love”, “Fromage not Farage”, “Eton Mess” and, more seriously, “Science Needs EU”. “Hell no, we won’t go!” they shouted, rounding Piccadilly Circus.

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Brexit live: thousands 'march for Europe' in post-referendum protest

The Guardian | Protest -

People take to the streets of London and other centres across the UK to demonstrate against the vote to leave the EU

11.46am BST

The Conservative leadership contender Andrea Leadsom appears to have taken a swipe at the frontrunner, Theresa May, saying the next leader must be a Brexit supporter rather than someone “who is reluctantly following the wishes of the people”.

11.45am BST

Brexit is coming...

Game of Thrones themed anti-Brexit artwork...

11.42am BST

Guido Fawkes reports that the Daily Telegraph has taken down an article by Jonathan Foreman headlined Theresa May is a great self-promoter, but a terrible Home Secretary after pressure from her campaign.

11.31am BST

More scenes from the march.

Crowds are swelling on Park Lane at the start of the anti-Brexit march to parliament

#marchforeurope - we are standing up against liars, broken promises and racism

11.26am BST

Crowds are swelling in Park Lane at the start of the march to Parliament Square against the Brexit vote. Protesters waving EU flags and clutching home-made banners and placards are preparing to walk through the streets of central London.

11.19am BST

The finest wits in Britain have been busy with their placards for today’s march it seems.

Frontage Not Farage #marchforeurope #fromagenotfarage

11.15am BST

Momentum, the grassroots movement that supports Jeremy Corybn, has dismissed claims that the Labour leader could resign after being offered a settlement that would ensure his top priorities were maintained under his successor.

11.05am BST

Still confused by what must rank as one of the wildest weeks in UK politics? Let Michael White take you by the hand and explain the Brexit vote aftermath.

Related: The Brexit vote aftermath, explained: a wild week in UK politics

11.02am BST

And they’re off - the London march starts on Park Lane near Hyde Park Corner and will proceed down Piccadilly, Pall Mall and Whitehall before ending at Parliament Square, where speakers will address the crowd.

Marching once again of a Saturday #marchforeurope

10.58am BST

The Liberal Democrat leader, Tim Farron, is attending the march in London today.

Looking forward to talking at the #marchforeurope rally tomorrow - lots of @LibDems members coming

10.53am BST

Welcome to our Brexit live blog, with full coverage of the March for Europe taking place in central London and other towns and cities around the UK today.

Labour’s David Lammy, the MP for Tottenham, tweeted this call to arms last night:

Join me @OwenJones84 and @CatherineWest1 and many thousands more tomorrow. Make your voice heard #marchforeurope

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Are you protesting against Brexit this weekend?

The Guardian | Protest -

Thousands are expected to march against the EU referendum result. If you’re taking part, share your experiences with us

Thousands of people are expected to march against the Brexit vote in central London this weekend, with smaller protests planned across the UK.

The London protest, organised on social media, is gathering pace. So far, 23,000 people plan to attend, according to Facebook. It hopes to build on a rally earlier this week in Trafalgar Square, and others in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow, which attracted tens of thousands of participants despite bad weather.

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Boris Johnson heckled outside his home – video

The Guardian | Protest -

After leading the campaign for Britain to leave the EU but then announcing his decision not to stand for the Conservative party leadership, Boris Johnson is accosted by a heckler and reporters outsides his home in London on Friday

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